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Scale of arrears clawback plan sparks fears

21/11/2014 9:03 am

Government-enforced changes to how landlords recoup rent arrears under universal credit could force tenants into the arms of loan sharks, housing associations have warned.

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Newly built homes

EXCLUSIVE: Tenant satisfaction dips at UK's largest associations

21/11/2014 9:08 am

Research reveals 40% of the 50 biggest associations show fall

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John Prescott

Prescott issues devolution call to north-east housing professionals

21/11/2014 1:38 pm

Lord Prescott has called on housing professionals in the north east of England to ‘come together’ and capitalise on the political climate to secure devolution of powers to the region. 

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Wheatley Group

Scottish giant raises £300m on the bond market

21/11/2014 9:19 am

Scotland’s biggest social landlord has raised £300m on the bond market.

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Locked in deadlock

Stormont has been in deadlock over the implementation of welfare reform. Padraig Reidy investigates the roots of the problem and what this means for social housing

Professor of housing at University of Ulster

No gray areas

Professor Paddy Gray on prefabs, politics and why he spent his first job going by the name ‘Peter’. Dawn Foster gets the lowdown from the former CIH president on all the topics that matter - including the future of the Northern Ireland Housing Executive.

Jules Birch

Stuttering starts Video

Today’s penultimate housebuilding figures before the election will increase fears that the recovery is fading.

For use in Inside Housing, 21 November 2014

Figures of hate

Daniel Douglas investigates a recent increase in racist incidents in Northern Ireland and how housing providers are dealing with it

Ilo for use in Asset Management supplement, 21 November 2014

Homes to order

Factory-built homes are meant to be the next big thing. But what will the legacy be for those trying to maintain them? Jess McCabe reports

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