Supreme Court

Government to intervene on homelessness ruling

27/11/2014 8:32 am

Ministers are set to argue against homelessness charities in the Supreme Court over ‘vulnerability test’ criteria used by councils to prioritise people for homes.

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Lord Smith of Kelvin

Smith Commission: Westminster should retain power over housing benefit Video

27/11/2014 10:23 am

The UK government should retain the majority of welfare powers including housing benefit as part of universal credit, the Smith Commission report has suggested today.

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George Osborne

Social landlords hope for rent review in Autumn Statement

27/11/2014 8:39 am

A number of housing associations are hoping that the government will include greater flexibility on rent-setting in next week’s Autumn Statement.

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Homes in a third of London boroughs 'earned' more than a solicitor last year

27/11/2014 9:18 am

Homes in around a third of Greater London’s boroughs earned more than £70,840 in a year, exceeding the average salary of a typical solicitor in the city, research by the National Housing Federation (NHF) has found.

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Chief executive, Torus

The quiet revolution

Helena Partnerships will soon join forces with neighbouring Golden Gates Housing Trust, to form a new group structure called Torus with the aim of building more homes and creating jobs. Rob Young, its chief executive elect, talks to Jess McCabe about why the deal makes sense

Jules Birch

Devo questions

The devolution of new powers over the housing costs elements of universal credit raises questions not just for Scotland but for the whole of the UK.

Domestic violence

Spotting the signs

Sunderland-based Gentoo has been pushing social landlords to do more to safeguard tenants. Martin Hilditch finds out why and how it tackles the issue

Pete Apps

Two wrongs

Eric Pickles is wrong, but Myleene Klass isn’t as wrong as you might think. Peter Apps explains why.

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What's your fix?

The results of the Inside Housing and Wates Living Space survey into the state of landlords’ repairs and maintenance services are in. Alex Turner assesses a mixed but promising picture

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  • What's your fix?

    The results of the Inside Housing and Wates Living Space survey into the state of landlords’ repairs and maintenance services are in. Alex Turner assesses a mixed but promising picture

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  • Appreciating your assets

    The Homes and Communities Agency has been critical of the quality of landlords’ data. So how should they maintain the perfect asset register? Our experts reveal five steps to success

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  • Locked in deadlock

    Stormont has been in deadlock over the implementation of welfare reform. Padraig Reidy investigates the roots of the problem and what this means for social housing

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  • No gray areas

    Professor Paddy Gray on prefabs, politics and why he spent his first job going by the name ‘Peter’. Dawn Foster gets the lowdown from the former CIH president on all the topics that matter - including the future of the Northern Ireland Housing Executive.

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  • The enemy within

    Inside Housing has spent the last six years investigating life-threatening dangers on a number of housing estates following the death of a young woman from carbon monoxide poisoning. Today, following the conclusion of the UK’s largest ever gas safety prosecution, Martin Hilditch tells the full story of one of the construction industry’s darkest hours.

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  • Homes to order

    Factory-built homes are meant to be the next big thing. But what will the legacy be for those trying to maintain them? Jess McCabe reports

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  • Service charge recovery: 10 essential tips

    Service charge recovery is an essential part of the job for most landlords. Here, Nigel Goddard of Pellings sets out his roadmap to success.

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  • Making a house a home again

    John Taylor, managing director of housing management services at Mears Group, talks to Nick Duxbury about how the contractor’s recent £40m purchase of lettings management business, Omega Group, will help councils house homeless families

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  • Florrie's law

    The recently introduced cap on the amount social landlords can charge leaseholders could discourage major work on properties, warns Keith Searle

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  • The new power generation

    Our Power last week joined a growing number of social landlords that are entering the UK energy market for the first time. Pete Apps meets the newcomers and explores the risks they face

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  • Scotland will vote on their independence

    Devo minimum for the housing sector

    Scottish housing bodies should be disappointed by Lord Smith’s recommendations today, Heather Spurr writes


    The benefits sprint

    The race to fulfil government pledges on universal credit before the election may soon get frantic, says Heather Spurr

  • Paul High small

    A private function

    Social landlords need to develop a greater range of tenures to meet people’s needs

  • Jules for blog

    Map reading

    How should housing associations respond to the tantalising prospect of freedom? In uncharted territory you need something to guide you.

  • JUles Birch small

    Iain Duncan Smith's cat

    In the wake of yet more delays and questions about value for money, I wonder what Erwin Schrödinger would have made of universal credit.


    Making a safe house secure

    What steps can social landlords take to ensure they don’t inadvertently disclose information that puts domestic abuse victims at risk? Christine Land from Croftons explains

  • stewart davison

    The Internet of Things

    Are housing providers ready for the Internet of Things?, asks Stewart Davison

  • Closed circuit small

    Keeping it complex

    Complex questions, tardy Smart and the sector’s alleged hard-left tendencies feature in this week’s Closed Circuit

  • Managing director, Sustainable Homes

    Energy efficiency begins at home

    Can we afford not to invest in measures to boost energy efficiency?, asks Andrew Eagles

  • Director, Stockwell Park Community Trust

    Paying the price

    The poor of London are suffering - despite having parliament on their doorstep



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