Fire alarm with GLA logo

Alarm bells ring for City Hall as affordable housing deadline looms

31/10/2014 0:00 am

Boris Johnson under pressure as providers struggle to hit affordable housing targets

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Aerial London

London Housing Strategy signed off by government

31/10/2014 12:07 pm

Boris Johnson’s flagship housing strategy to build 42,000-homes per year in London has been formally approved by government.

Elephant and castle

GLA announces major housing development in Elephant and Castle

31/10/2014 11:57 am

The Greater London Authority (GLA) has confirmed work is to begin to build 457 homes, including 278 for private rent, on land it owns in south London.

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Man fitting solar panel on roof

£10m urban energy fund to launch imminently

31/10/2014 11:36 am

A £10m fund for urban community energy projects, which can be accessed by housing associations, is set to be launched within the coming weeks.

Sean BIrrane

Contractor appoints new chief executive

31/10/2014 11:29 am

A contractor has appointed a new chief executive as it continues to remodel its business into four key divisions.



Anonymous columnist

Beware the rise of the robots

Inside Housing’s anonymous columnist warns landlords of the worrying impact of technology on customer relations

Image for use in 31 October 2014

Inside hoarding

Buried within the homes of social landlords all over the country are hundreds, if not thousands, of hoarders. Dawn Foster visits Magenta to find out how the housing association is helping tenants

Image for use in 31 October 2014

The crisis with prices

The affordability of housing in London has reached crisis point for most people on ordinary incomes. Inside Housing, in partnership with Keepmoat, assembled a team of senior housing professionals to talk about solutions. Corin Williams reports

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  • Reporter, Inside Housing

    Spot the difference

    Why is there a housing crisis in England? Two photos from 10,000 feet may just have the answer.

  • JUles Birch small

    Keeping it in the family

    How would the government’s own policies fare under the family test it sets out today?

  • Closed circuit small

    Art of Living businesses

    New names for housing associations and another Guinness World Record attempt by Bruce Moore

  • Wide angle view of an old abandoned factory building

    Brownfield sites could deliver 500,000 homes

    Inside Housing takes a colourful look at brownfield site avalability, using government data published earlier this week.


    The curse of right to buy

    Right to buy is the gift that just keeps taking.

  • Colin Wiles small

    A war job

    The output of social rented homes is now lower than at any time since 1945

  • Chief executive, Liverpool Mutual Homes

    Tigers in the north

    The Lyons report is all roar but needs more bite

  • Paula Squire

    Responding to Ebola

    Ebola is dominating the headlines, but social landlords should have an up-to-date policy on infectious diseases to protect employees

  • Sasha Butterworth small

    Time to re-evaluate pensions

    Social landlords who are part of the Social Housing Pension Scheme should ask themselves if they want to move away from defined benefits

  • Colin Wiles small

    A House Divided?

    Colin Wiles reports on his American road trip and his thoughts on the inequality of the housing system there



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