Exclusive: Accountancy rule could wipe up to £500m from landlords' balance sheets

21/08/2014 0:01 am

Accountancy changes could impact landlords’ lending covenants

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Housing minister

Sheltered housing and hotels to be converted for homeless youths

21/08/2014 0:01 am

Exclusive: Department of Health to fund £41.5m homelessness scheme

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Right to buy sales

More than 20,000 homes sold under revised right to buy

21/08/2014 4:36 pm

More than 20,000 social homes have been sold off under the government’s reinvigorated right to buy scheme since 2012, with only 3,634 replacement homes started.

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building homes

Housing association starts and completions up 10%

21/08/2014 3:18 pm

The number of annual starts and completions for housing associations in England have increased by 10% year-on-year, government figures have revealed today.


Jon Neale

Giving cities planning freedom

If part of London’s success is its ability to make its own planning decisions, perhaps it’s time we let urban centres do the same, says Jon Neale

Slot machine graphic for use in HCA feature, 15 August 2014

Social landlords showing value for money

Value for money is the name of the game for social landlords preparing their annual results. After all, nobody wants to incur the wrath of the HCA. Carl Brown reports

Colin Wiles

Bungalow Brandon Lewis

The new housing minister’s call to build more bungalows is misguided, writes Colin Wiles


Update: New universal credit rules for tenants begin this week

An alteration meaning social landlords can now tell who is claiming universal credit began yesterday, Heather Spurr writes

House of style, Fashion, Kate Davies, Notting Hill Housing, Fabrickated

House of style

Notting Hill Housing chief executive Kate Davies has started a fashion blog for workplace attire. Jess McCabe joins the office catwalk

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  • Editor, Inside Housing

    Speaking to be heard

    Associations have long expressed concerns about the impact of universal credit on vulnerable tenants…

  • JUles Birch small

    Falling short

    Today’s house building figures show welcome progress but four years after taking power the coalition is still many miles away from matching its bold promises.

  • JUles Birch small

    Crisis? Quelle crise?

    The French housing market is ‘in meltdown’ after housing starts plunged to the crisis level of double what we are managing in the UK.

  • Kirsty Varley is a solicitor at Croftons

    21st century digital landlord

    The digital age comes with risks for social landlords as well as opportunities, cautions Kirsty Varley

  • JUles Birch small

    Mind the gaps

    Spot the gaps between rhetoric and reality in the speech by David Cameron about family-friendly policies.

  • JUles Birch small

    Feeling the pinch

    Mark Simmonds is not getting much sympathy after claiming that MPs’ expenses make it ‘intolerable’ to live in London. Has he revealed a deeper truth about our housing system?

  • Closed circuit small

    Universal credit is not just for Christmas

    Universal credit is becoming a bit of a turkey and the brick shortage is over (there is a picture of bricks prove it)

  • Editor, Inside Housing

    Funding the future of social housing

    Danish bank Danske has become the latest to set out plans to lend to English housing associations.

  • Leader, Brighton's Future

    Voice of renters

    Campaign group Brighton’s Future says not enough is done by politicians to tackle the housing crisis

  • JUles Birch small

    Housing benefit and the coalition

    What has happened to housing benefit in the four years since the government inherited a system it claimed was ‘out of control’?



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