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Earls Court developer 'ignored house price rises'

30/09/2014 10:15 am

The developer of an £8bn regeneration scheme in west London ‘ignored’ future house prices rises as it sought to persuade a council to minimise the level of affordable housing, an independent report said.

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homeless London

Homelessness applications in Scotland fall

30/09/2014 3:19 pm

The number of homelessness applications and people accepted as homeless have fallen in Scotland over the past year.

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A rundown estate in Bradford

New anti-social behaviour laws delayed

30/09/2014 1:32 pm

The government has delayed the introduction of new anti-social behaviour injunctions in order to ensure minors have access to legal aid to challenge them.

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Landlords sign £500,000 deal to help explain patients' concerns

30/09/2014 1:19 pm

Three housing associations have signed a £500,000 deal with the Department of Health to pilot a scheme which aims to help health providers understand patients’ concerns.

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Chalkboard image for use in 3 October 2014

A living rent?

Mark Lupton and Helen Collins from Savills Housing Consultancy explain how their rent model linked to household income would work and and how it might impact on the business plans of social landlords

Solicitor, Child Poverty Action Group

Crisis loans rescued from crisis

Mike Spencer reflects on the charity Child Poverty Action Group’s recent win on funding for low income families in a crisis

Paul Anderson

Who benefits?

Government plans to increase barriers for young people to benefits could lead to more becoming homeless, argues Paul Anderson

Heather Spurr

Housing divides

The question of housing seems to be dividing opinion amongst Conservatives at their annual conference, says Heather Spurr

mould spores

Breaking the mould

Simon Brandon unearths an unexpected consequence of retrofitting social homes with energy-saving features

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  • Acting deputy features editor, Inside Housing

    Getting with the program

    Agatha Christie once wrote: ‘There’s a proverb that says “To err is human,” but a human error is nothing to what a computer can do if it tries.’

  • IHTV camera

    Chocolate bribery

    Typos, prop sharing and that box of Milk Tray

  • Jules Birch

    Visions and promises

    As the parties hold their final conferences before the 2015 general election, housing has a high political profile. Here are five themes I’ve noticed so far.

  • A man wearing a mask to lessen the effect of toxic, traffic pollution.

    A lot of hot air

    Paul Ciniglio reveals the results of research conducted by First Wessex and the Zero Carbon Hub into the installations of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery

  • Carl Brown

    Is Labour genuinely committed to social rent?

    Labour needs to explain the role it sees for genuine social housing after May

  • ANN_O_BYRNE_177px

    The right priorities

    Public engagement and enthusiasm in the housing sector are paramount to progress, says Ann O’Byrne

  • Chief executive, Habinteg Housing Association

    A long-term project

    Firm commitment is required to provide much-needed accessible housing

  • Pete Apps

    Five London homes Ed Miliband deems mansions

    Inside Housing has scoured Zoopla for £2m-plus properties that would pay his new tax - with some surprising results.

  • Barrister, Cornerstone Barristers

    Consumer regulations in perspective

    Lessons can be learnt from the Homes and Communities Agency’s latest review of how it regulates consumer standards, says Dean Underwood

  • Movers and shakers

    Bringing light in dark places

    The complex laws surrounding housing developments that impinge on a neighbour’s right to light should soon be clarified, says Andrew Shaw



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