Saturday, 29 April 2017

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  • Compulsory purchase rules 'bent'


    Local authorities are being forced to bend the rules to compulsorily purchase abandoned or obsolete homes, the Chartered Institute of Housing claims in its response to a government review of compulsory purchase procedures.It says the government ha

  • Glenda Jackson interview


    Where careers are concerned, Glenda Jackson's life has been a roller coaster. This is, after all, the woman who went from the heady heights of the Oscars, to a bit part in the British government, and who now finds herself homelessness advisor to London ma

  • Government urged to back transfer alternative


    The Association for Public Service Excellence has called on the government to explore securitisation as an alternative to stock transfer which offers better value for money.Under securitisation, future rent streams are 'sol

  • Liver Housing Association statutory inquiry


    The Housing Corporation has decided to cut up rough. It rarely uses its most draconian regulatory powers - there have been no statutory inquiries for most of the last decade, and some chief executives on hearing of last week's announcement reacted with 'w

  • Local government procurement probe


    Councils, contractors and organisations that work with local authorities have been invited by local government minister Hilary Armstrong to give evidence to the local government procurement taskforce, which began its review this week.The taskforce

  • New powers take effect today


    Part I of the Local Government Act 2000 comes into force in England today.Councils will gain a new power to work in partnership with other bodies to improve the quality of life of their communities.The new power is to promote or improve lo

  • 'Nimbys' impair rural housing


    Research into obstacles to providing rural housing has revealed that registered social landlords face difficulties in building affordable housing in villages due to residents' 'irrational fear' of outsiders. The research, by Worcestershire Housin

  • Perry urges stock rationalisation


    Transfers and management agreements between housing associations will be needed to deliver on government policy for community regeneration, according to new Housing Corporation chief executive Norman Perry.Corporation funding could be offered for

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