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  • Comment on: Housing remains outside voters' top 10 issues

    Roger Percival Murphy's comment | 23/12/2014 6:31 pm

    It is alarming to say the least, but most people only view housing these days in terms of "profit" therefore, the entire concept of a "Home" is now secondary.

    I agree completely with G Evans, Housing must be incorporated with Health, as one cannot exist without the other.
    It is incredible how quick;y we all forget the serious shortage of affordable housing post war, and even during the sixties.
    Complacency is endemic within the housing sector any way, and in particular with this current coalition government.

  • Comment on: Regulator continues to receive 'misdirected' tenant complaints

    Roger Percival Murphy's comment | 17/09/2014 4:22 pm

    This is an alarming trend and smacks of gross complacency by the HCA.

    Tenant's never have an impartial, accountable Watch-dog to approach when problems arise with their Landlord.

    The Housing Ombudsman is one such institution which is not fit for purpose, and always finds in favour of their pals in the housing assoication.

    When I had a complained againt a huge unaccountable H.A recently, and approached the Ombudsman service, I had to wait 19 months for the predictable response, and had to chase them up to see if they were still alive.

    What a rotten institution the Ombudsman Service is, who do you serve?
    you serve and support corruption and injustice, time for you to go.

  • Comment on: Home ownership will become 'exclusive members club'

    Roger Percival Murphy's comment | 17/09/2014 4:05 pm

    At last! someone has actually become conscious of the most iniquitous housing club in this Country.

    Not everyone can afford nor wants to own their own home.
    Good luck to all those who can. The rest of us have been forgotten.
    Indeed we are made to feel by this current government that "renting" from a Housing Association or other housing provider is undesirable, that we are a failure's who do not fit in Cameron's "the Big Tory Society".

    Let's not forget the serious housing shortage post war and that of the Sixties, (Cathy Come Home).
    We're right back there!

  • Comment on: Housing association surpluses soar by 60 per cent to nearly £1 billion

    Roger Percival Murphy's comment | 24/11/2013 11:47 am

    I notice even a2dominion has made a fat profit too.
    No wonder they can afford to behave so arrogantly towards tenant's abusing human rights.
    Still they need all the profits they can make for the all important office parties, and the oligarchs of arrogance.

  • Comment on: Hopkins: it’s easy to fill voids

    Roger Percival Murphy's comment | 24/11/2013 11:42 am

    Dear Michael Barratt

    Thank you your posting;

    Hopkins says that it is easy to fill voids, yet apparently not between his ears.

    was the best comment I've read in a long time.

    As we all know this evil Tory backed regime is hell bent on destroying the very concept of Social Housing.
    Their complacency and cowardice is legendary.

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  • Posted in: Ban "Anonymous" Posters to Forums

    Roger Percival Murphy's post | 18/10/2011 4:44 pm

    This post has been removed.

  • Posted in: Diferences Between Housing Officer and Neighbourhood Officer

    Roger Percival Murphy's post | 18/10/2011 3:50 pm

    Are there any differences between the terms Housing Officer and Neighbourhood Officer?

    The older term "Housing Officer" appeared specific and personal, whereas the newer term
    "Neighbourhood Officer" appears as non-specific ambiguous and impersonal.
    For instance where does the "neighbourhood" begin and end?
    We all know what "housing" is and can identify and relate this whether we rent or pay a mortgage.

    Or is it merely Sociological and cosmetic?

  • Posted in: Ban "Anonymous" Posters to Forums

    Roger Percival Murphy's post | 05/10/2011 10:26 pm

    I would like to suggest that IH consider banning those Poster's who hide behind their prejudiced and offensive comments by being "Anonymous".

    They are nothing but "Trolls" malicious and vacuous.

    Their comments contribute nothing of any value to any debate.

    Many Tenants who ask for help or advice on the IH Forum do so as they are at their lowest ebb, desperate for some constructive comments.

    But there are those twisted, spiteful individuals who enjoy peversely to gloat at someone elses problems. I believe it is called shadefreude .

    The Web is resplendent with Forums of all kinds, and of course these are patrolled by these parasites who are too cowrdly to identify themselves.

    Therefore, why should IH allow Anonymous posters? What have they to fear from identifying themselves

  • Posted in: How long should a Tenant have to wait for Housing Officer to Phone?

    Roger Percival Murphy's post | 05/10/2011 9:26 pm

    Well, it's so good to see rationality still exists within social housing.

    I suspect many of the "Anonymous" posters to my question are merely mindless trolls who despise social housing tenants anyway.

    Some comments were quite helpful and constructive, and I thank you for your intelligent thoughtful comments.

    But, as for suggesting I put my self in the housing officers shoes, yes gladly, give me his/her salary then I will empathise but not before.

    If you can not do the job don't take it out on your customers (tenant's).

    Finally, what makes you think I am an A2 Dominion tenant?

    Why is it my neighbour has a "hot line" to our housing officer and not us?

    More the case of Preferential treatment, deserving versus undeserving!

  • Posted in: Advice Regarding Landlords Discrimination

    Roger Percival Murphy's post | 29/09/2011 3:59 pm

    This relates to my recent post regarding "How Long Should it Take a Housing Officer to Phone".

    Well, since then I have discovered that my Landlord is actively involved in discrimination against us.

    They have taken side in a neighbour dispute, and I am angered and appalled.

    Earlier this year we saw the housing Manager and housing officer with our Solicitor, (and they had a solicitor too but did not mention one would be present a the meeting).

    At this meeting the Housing manager excalimed that they would not carry on with their persecution of us and would "draw a line" and treat us fairly. (Seems those were empty words).

    My question is this, is a landlord allowed to take side in a dispute, and discriminate against their Tenant's?

    What protection does a Tenant have against such tyranny?

    I would be garetful for any advice

    Kindest of Regards

    Roger P Murphy

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