Thursday, 27 April 2017

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  • Anger over funding ‘chaos' following grant demise


    The government has found a further £75 million for debt-free councils in its third concession over the ending of local authority social housing grant.

  • Associations making 'too many assumptions' about low demand pathfinders


    A review of northern housing associations' finances has highlighted a mixed set of messages for the sector.The analysis of the accounts of 109 ‘lead regulated bodies' and 301 smaller associations is contained in a Housing Corporation briefing paper.

  • Growth area diary: Homes harvest


    Within three years the empty field pictured here should be home to hundreds of families. Siân Gibson introduces the Springhead Quarter project in the first of our series following its intended progress from open space to thriving community

  • Holding the fort


    Angiolina Foster may be Communities Scotland's acting boss but she tells Rebecca Evans that no one should doubt her commitment to the agency's housing agendaRebecca Evans spoke to her

  • Inspections are too harsh, claim critics


    The National Housing Federation is carrying out an investigation into Audit Commission inspections of housing associations following concerns that they were taking criticism ‘too far'.Some in the sector expressed concern this week at the tone of two i

  • Market in transition


    North Staffordshire is showing the tell-tale signs of housing market failure. But there are reasons to be cheerful about its prospects for revival. Renew North Staffordshire director Brendan Nevin introduces the area

  • Model could protect against financial failure


    A task force set up by the National Housing Federation has recommended that the sector considers setting up a central fund to protect its borrowing terms against individual association default.The NHF's Housing's Better Future economic and financial m

  • One of a kind


    Retirement Lease Housing Association is not really like other social landlords. Gemma Charles visits a housing pioneer that owes its existence to an act of outstanding idealism

  • Tenant to be excluded from Gainsborough


    A housing association has won what it believes to be the longest-lasting anti-social behaviour order yet granted.Acis Group, a Lincolnshire stock transfer association, won an ASBO excluding tenant Pamela McLaggan from Gainsborough for five years.Linco

  • UK manifesto for tenant participation


    Tenants organisations representing the United Kingdom's four nations are developing a manifesto for the future of tenant participation. The Tenant Participation Advisory Services of England, Cymru (Wales) and Scotland, as well as its Northern Ireland

  • Warning over investment timetable


    The timetable for the Housing Corporation's pilot of its new approach to investment could be too tight to deliver effectively, the sector has warned.The bidding round for the two-year funding programme, which has been launched after weeks of delay, wi

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