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Graham Collie

Graham Collie

Edinburgh, UK.

4th year University student, currently writing my BSc Dissertation on Social Housing.

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  • Social Housing Dissertation (2)

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    In Ask the Experts | 23/02/2011 11:00 am

    Hi there,
    I thought it was best to start a new thread as the other one seems to have gone a bit off track.
    I've completed my survey and invite you to take it at this address:

  • Social Housing Dissertation

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    In Ask the Experts | 07/02/2011 9:00 pm

    Hello everyone,
    First of all, I'd like to say this is an impressive website and one I wish I discovered a few months ago. I'm currently writing my Literature Review for my Dissertation. Wh

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  • Posted in: Social Housing Dissertation (2)

    Graham Collie's post | 23/02/2011 11:00 am

    Hi there,

    Please excuse me, I'm just bumping this thread a little bit. I'd like to thank anyone who has so far completed my survey.

    I'm still in need of more responses and would really appreciate if anyone could take 10 minutes to fill it in.

    So far it's been sent to local authorities, housing associations, the Govt, housing charities and the regulators such as the Scottish Housing Regulator.

    If you have any questions about it, please feel free to ask me. Thanks in advance.


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    Graham Collie's post | 11/02/2011 6:34 pm

    Hi there,

    I thought it was best to start a new thread as the other one seems to have gone a bit off track.

    I've completed my survey and invite you to take it at this address:


    I hope this isn't against the rules or anything, if so please let me know and I'll take this down immediately. The questionnaire will be completely anonymous and no names will be shown within my dissertation.

    The survey is centred around Scotland but input from other members would still be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or comments please do let me know.

    I'm also looking to interview (by telephone or email) just to expand on the surveys a bit. If anyone would be willing to help me out with this I would greatly appreciate your time.

    I really appreciate any survey completions as it's of great importance for my research and want to thank you all in advance. The advice from this forum has been priceless and I thank you all again for the support so far.


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    Graham Collie's post | 04/02/2011 4:03 pm

    Easter Bunny,

    My Dissertation focuses on the funding aspects, completely separate from tenant issues. There isn't enough time/space to cover those aspects unfortunately.

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    Graham Collie's post | 03/02/2011 8:56 pm

    Hi Christopher,

    Many thanks for your quick response. I appreciate that they are not for profit etc but I picked up this idea from

    "Rather more significant is the trend in real management costs. If real costs per unit continued to rise at 2% p.a., output capacity would fall by nearly 40%, to only 1,505 units p.a. However, a sustained 2% p.a. reduction in management costs would have a similar positive effect, pushing up capacity to 3,381 units p.a."


    This is more geared towards the Local Authorities but the Scottish Housing Regulator suggests that RSLs had operating costs (EXCLUDING debt servicing) of 90% (07/08). They say:

    "6.5 Figure 9 shows that, although the rate of increase has not been uniform, there is a clear emerging trend that is not sustainable over the next ten years. We are exploring the factors that underpin this trend.

    6.6 Apart from operating costs, RSLs have to service the debt that has been used to finance their activities. Figure 10 (below) illustrates the relationship between turnover and total costs. The graph shows that in 2007/08 total costs (operating costs plus interest costs) amounted to more than 100% of aggregate turnover."

    (Social Landlords in Scotland: Shaping up for improvement July 2009)

    I just thought that was interesting and wondering if they are planning on any 'efficiency plans' to help boost capacity in light of grant reductions.

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    Graham Collie's post | 03/02/2011 7:56 pm

    Hi again all,

    I've now completed my literature review and could use your advice in the crafting of the questionnaires. I'm having a bit of writer's block at the moment.

    Two of the big points for me after my research is the quite high (90% of turnover) management costs for RSLs. A couple of my questions would therefore be along the lines of "Do you think lowering management costs are feasible?", "It has been suggested that RSLs and Local Authorities combine their resources (IT, call centres etc) to lower costs, would you consider this?"

    I know this focuses on RSLs but my research has split me between investment and also RSLs (mainly because they contribute/have contributed the vast majority of new builds the past few years). Other questions concerning investment could be "Do you have a strategy for funding new homes in the next few years after the housing grant reduction?", "An author suggests that if rent increased by RPI+1% p.a. that housebuilding capacity could be greatly increased, is this something you'd consider?"

    Any critique/thoughts would be most welcome from you. My aim is to have around 15 questions and some fresh ideas/thought provoking comments would be most gratefully received.

    Kind regards,

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