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Private Members Bill: Replacement of the Dangerous Dogs Act

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10/08/2010 7:35 am

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10/08/2010 9:37 am

Laws are useless unless they are enforced. My local council has now decided to scrap dog warden posts due to budget cuts. But then they never visited our area anyway. Similarly our local police will not apply for ASBO's because they say they dont have the resources to enforce them. The will of Parliament is being quietly undone.

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10/08/2010 10:21 am

I agree with anonymous above.   The police have already got immense powers as it is.  However they have also grown addept at findingthe best excuses not to use them to protect the public.

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Sidney Webb

Sidney Webb

Location: South East England
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10/08/2010 4:21 pm

Was the original dangerous dogs act really way back in 1871?

Can anyone remember when dog licensing was abandoned?

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Posts: 104

10/08/2010 11:00 pm

Police will act if it's easy to do so and if arrests result in convictions as convictions turn into brownie points for promotion and pay rises. Try to think like a member of the Police Federation as that's how they think. The DDA is notoriously difficult to get convictions under and is widely acknowledged as a flawed piece of legislation rushed through by the Major government as a result of the usual DM hysteria. It targets specific breeds of dog rather than the owners. Always a mistake. It's like banning racing bikes because some racing bike owners ride through red lights. Reform is long overdue,..

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11/08/2010 8:38 am


so you are saying that the main reason the police have noty been  effective  on antisocial issues is because even if the police have evidence of antisocial activity, they will not get convictions?

Who is protecting the the victims then? 

That's what happened in Fiona Pilkington case and millions of other cases.  It looks to me like the police, landlords and courts are all passing the buck from one to another leaving the victims they are supposedto protect to suffer even more and longer.

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Location: Progressive Solutions Required
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11/08/2010 9:32 pm

Nothing will happen as a result of this.

The Bill will no doubt be passed because it will make good headlines, appear to be a government taking action, and be lapped up by the governments supporters who are growing more desperate by the day to be convinced that they were perhaps correct to want this government in the first place.

The outcome will be little or no change, although the RSPCA etc will maybe have a little more responsibility, unfunded of course. The cuts in the police force, and in the courts will ensure that legal enforcement is not improved. The proposed dismantling of all things public sector will mean that there will not be any local government action or dog wardens to call on. So unless Joe Public is going to enforce the law, nothing will happen.

The devilish side of me argues - what about individualism, but I'll allow the individualists to join a call for joint action in the interests of the common good when it suits them. There, I can have double standards too.

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Posts: 104

12/08/2010 0:55 am

kass - yes, nobody, and that's right, respectively.

CW - oooh, you are cynical!!

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Location: Progressive Solutions Required
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12/08/2010 9:53 am

Cynical - often; Realistic most of the time though!

Inappropriately humoured - too often (humbly apologise to so many)

Prone to blood rushes - hence the previous

Angered by false facts and blatent tribalism - always

Correct - most of the time

So, there are my buttons for all who care to push, but note I'm rarely bothered by lables applied but often engaged by factual opinion and argument.

Meanwhile - the dog issue really will not be resolved regardless of the proposals for their to be a socialist style action to control owners. The reason is that the cultural deformation of our society over successive governments will first need the will to reverse, and then secondly the action to cause, and finally the time to have the effect.

Whilst we continue to labour under the individual is paramount ideology then social breakdown and ills will continue. For instance, how can you have anti-social behaviour when there is no society to be against? The reigning in of individual interest and the comprimise towards social values is required across all social and economic spheres before any single issue action can have a positive and lasting outcome.

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12/08/2010 11:38 am

That's all we need - a bar-room bore with delusions of being a philosopher.

It's the dogs, stupid.

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Location: Progressive Solutions Required
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12/08/2010 12:04 pm

Wonderful level of argument Anonymous - everyone now understands your points so well made, and your ability to perceive how matters may be interlinked is truly predictable.

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