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  • Posted in: Retaining my service charge payments for over a year

    Wormstown's post | 14/03/2012 1:26 pm

    I was told the reason I had to pay interest is because of the clause 3.1 in the Leaseholder covenants, however when you read the clause is says it is rent related 'to pay specific rents', nothing about service charges incurring interest.

    However the officer then goes on to say, that and any other monies...
    I find this a bit ambiguous to say the least, seeing as there is nothing in the Leaseholder covenants for service charges that start at clause 7.

  • Posted in: Retaining my service charge payments for over a year

    Wormstown's post | 12/03/2012 9:21 am

    I have been retaining my service charge payments for over a year (as stipulated in my rights of my lease due to unreasonable charges) all monies are available to Nottinghill at the time all of the disputes and service are rectified and resolved, however as of 1st April 2012, they have informed me that they will now charge me interest on the outstanding balance until it is paid in full.

    Once example for retaining the payment is because Nottinghill have overcharged residents for over 3 years for two lifts in our building when the building actually only has one lift, and if it wasn’t for my own investigations they would still be charging us. We are still waiting for the rebate…

    If it wasn’t for there incompetents and bad management I wouldn’t be retaining the money at all…

    Are they legally aloud to charge me interest when the disputes are unresolved and they are at fault by their own admission?

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