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Housing Heroes shortlist unveiled

The shortlisted entrants for awards that recognise the unsung ‘heroes’ of the housing sector have been announced.

The Housing Heroes awards, which are jointly run by Inside Housing and the Chartered Institute of Housing, were set up last year to acknowledge the work of front-line housing practitioners.

For the 2010 awards there are 14 trophies up for grabs, recognising everyone from the best HR, maintenance and finance/procurement team to the inspirational board member and tenant.

The full shortlist is below, and the winners will be announced at a ceremony at London’s Hilton Hotel on 14 May.

For more information on Housing Heroes see our awards page.

2010 Shortlisted Finalists

Financial or Procurement Team of the Year 

  • Advantage SW – Procurement Consortium
  • Birmingham City Council – Rent Team
  • Generate Procurement Group
  • Nottingham City Homes – Procurement Service
  • The Guinness Partnership – Centre of Procurement Excellence (CoPE)
  • Wolverhampton Homes – Grounds Maintenance Service

Development Team of the Year

  • Birmingham City Council – Housing & Regeneration Service
  • Derbyshire Dales District Council
  • Erimus Housing
  • Gentoo Homes
  • Hastoe Housing Association
  • Plus Dane Group

Maintenance Team of the Year

  • Bromford Group – Repairs Team
  • Housing Plus: Property Care
  • Kingstown Works Limited
  • London & Quadrant Housing Trust – Stock Transfer Team
  • New Charter Housing Trust Group – Responsive Maintenance Team
  • The Wrekin Housing Trust – Managed Services Team

HR Team of the Year

  • First Choice Homes Oldham
  • L&Q 
  • Monmouthshire Housing Association
  • Shepherds Bush Housing Group
  • South Tyneside Homes
  • Thames Valley Housing

IT Team of the Year

  • Accord Group
  • The Cadarn Housing Group
  • Fabrick Housing Group
  • First Wessex
  • Kingstown Works Limited
  • South Liverpool Housing

Frontline Housing Team of the Year

  • Brent Housing Partnership – Neighbourhood Warden Service
  • Gloucester City Homes – Customer Services Team
  • Liverpool Mutual Homes (LMH) – Intensive Community Payback Team
  • RCT Homes – Community Safety Team
  • Riverside – Kensington Community Wardens
  • West Lothian Council – The Repairs Improvement Team

Tenant Empowerment Team of the Year

  • Aldwyck Housing Group – Community Involvement Team
  • Hackney Homes – Resident Participation Team
  • High Peak Community Housing – The Xpress Yourself Tour ‘09
  • Newydd Housing Association – Tenant Powered Performance Team
  • Poplar HARCA – Resident Empowerment Support Team (REST)
  • Sentinel Housing Association – Hampshire & Districts Residents Forum

Ground Breaking Service Team of the Year

  • Derwent & Solway HA – DRAMA (Debt Recovery and Money Advice)
  • Family Housing Association (Birmingham) – Community Investment Team
  • Glasgow Housing Association – Common Systems-Common Sense
  • Hafod Housing Association – Moneyline Cymru Steering Group
  • Parkway Green Housing Trust – PG Turnaround
  • St Vincent’s Housing Association – Social Investment Team

Support/Care Team of the Year 

  • The Cyrenians – Adults facing Chronic Exclusion (ACE) Project
  • Grove House – Staff Team
  • Northern Ireland Housing Executive – Belfast Area Roma Response Team
  • Orbit Care & Repair (Coventry)
  • Riverside – Single Persons Accommodation Centre for the Ex-Services (SPACES)
  • Sandwell Homes - Tenancy Support Team

Inspirational Leader of the Year

  • Stephen Bell – The Cyrenians 
  • Neil Biddiscombe – Advantage SW
  • Carol Carter – Circle 33
  • Charlotte Graves – Hackney Homes
  • Garry King – Two Rivers Housing
  • Mac McKechnie – Grove House

Inspirational Mentor of the Year 

  • Twilight Bey – Catalyst Housing Group
  • Robert Butler – Genesis Community 
  • Christine Flanagan – South Liverpool Housing
  • Craig Fletcher – Helena Partnership
  • Richard Husband – Worcester Community Housing
  • Helen Spencer – Great Places Housing

Inspirational Colleague of the Year 

  • Gill Bettam – Wolverhampton Homes
  • Paul Dow – South Liverpool Housing
  • Julie Howard – Housing Solutions
  • Francis Kabia – Brent Housing Partnership
  • Stephen Pettit – Home Group
  • Henry Quinney – Bournemouth Churches Housing Association (BCHA)

Career Development Star of the Year 

  • Irene Antwi-Buasiako – Southwark Council 
  • Dawn Aston-Adams – Wolverhampton Homes
  • Kate Bradbrook – Monmouthshire Housing
  • Mark Nalewaj – Ealing Homes
  • Edson Rabole – Citywest Homes
  • Dave Yoxall – Weaver Vale Housing Trust

Inspirational Board or Cabinet Member of the Year 

  • Alice Burke – Hackney Homes
  • Ernon Campbell – Family Housing Association (Birmingham)
  • Alf Chandler – Hounslow Homes
  • Pat Fordham – Phoenix Community Housing
  • Stella Wheeler – RCT Homes
  • Kate Willis – Glasgow Housing Association

Inspirational Tenant of the Year

  • Kaylee Austin - Stonham
  • Rui Jorge Octavio – Barnet Homes 
  • Terry Mullen – One Vision Housing
  • May Richards – Homes for Haringey
  • Sid Stairs – Chevin Housing Group
  • Cherie Tinenti – Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing

Readers' comments (36)

  • Is someone only entitled to an opinion when their job title, employee, pay level and inside leg measurement have been logged? What does it matter what they do - its opinion.

    Unsuitable or offensive? Report this comment

  • karen | Fri, 26 Feb 2010 14:00 GMT

    There you are. According to you posters are entitled to go about slagging tenants on the basis that they know they are tenants while tenants are denied the chance to say anything about them on the basis of their connection or lack of connection to social housing.
    Like you yourselves go on about London and Quadrant because you know I am a London and Quadrant tenant while constantly refusing to say the name of the social landlord or HA you are connected to. Probably because you terribly ashamed of it for being worse than L&Q.

    Unsuitable or offensive? Report this comment

  • hey Kass, it's your right to demand an end to free speech!

    Unsuitable or offensive? Report this comment

  • Yeah but we can judge why L&Q may or may not be over/underrepresented in the shortlists:

    Unsuitable or offensive? Report this comment

  • Kass, I could tell you what I do but then I'd have to kill you.

    Actually you have never directly asked me but you have presumed several times...

    How about putting me up for the International Man of Mystery award?

    Unsuitable or offensive? Report this comment

  • Kass

    1. I am very proud of my HA. You're assumptions are completely wrong.
    2. I have Never ever said its okay to "slag" off tenants. Most have my utmost respect.
    3. I don't "go on" about L&Q at all. If you cite them as a reason for your woes then how are people meant to advise or discuss unless mentioning them.
    4. Whatever your "issue" or personality dislike of me is, at least do me the curtesy of rational civil discussion rather than throwing accusations constantly.

    Unsuitable or offensive? Report this comment

  • """"Melvin Bone | Thu, 25 Feb 2010 15:51 GMT

    There are only three professions and only three sports.

    There really ought to be a name and shame award for Housing Associations much like the 'Rotten Borough' awards that Private Eye have...

    Worst Tenant, Worst Maintenance, Worst Excuse for failure, Most pointless Court Case..."""

    Cant see that happening, the nominees would take a month to list!!!!

    Unsuitable or offensive? Report this comment

  • "karen | Mon, 1 Mar 2010 10:27 GMT


    1. I am very proud of my HA. You're assumptions are completely wrong..."

    Any employee who wants to keep her job would say that. There is this constant attitude in social housing that these social landlords tell each other how good and proud they are...
    How come in all other industries it is the customer to decide who is good and who is bad and when it comes to social housing and social housing awards are given there is not a single tenant on the judges panel?...
    Has noone in social housing noticed yet that even for the sports personality of the year award it is the audience to vote nowadays?

    Unsuitable or offensive? Report this comment

  • Kass - Genius, pure unadulterated genius.

    Only you would have the logic that because: sports personality of the year award, contains the word "award", that these are comparable, at all related or could be awarded in the same way. There is a slim line between insanity and genius, i think you are teetering on the edge.

    Unsuitable or offensive? Report this comment

  • Kass - erm- how can I put this - if YOU post an assumption and I contradict that assumption, why am I "just keeping my job". That would make me a liar and I would say that its wildly accusatory to infer I lie.

    I am staggering proud of all my HA do. There is more work to be done, there always will be, but that doesn't stop me being proud.

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