Thursday, 17 April 2014

Scotland special

Looking at how housing policy changes could shape Scotland’s future, as well as some of the more immediate issues facing the sector

Recipe for success

With a pinch of creativity Scottish social landlords can build houses without government help

Nurture the young

Young people in Scotland face increasing difficulty getting jobs and homes. We must stop them becoming a lost generation

A vision for the future

The Scottish Government has published its new housing strategy. Kicking off our regional special, Clare Harris cranks up the time machine to see whether the future’s bright. Illustration by Barry Downard

Banning the bailiffs

New laws in Scotland will make it harder for landlords to evict tenants. It’s familiar territory for Stirling Council, which outlawed evictions two years ago. Tony Cain, head of housing services, explains how it managed

The new time stretcher

A new exemption to the 20-year rule will allow Scotland’s social landlords to lease properties for longer, says Derek Hogg, partner at Harper Macleod

A home away from home

Refugees in Glasgow are taking their first step towards a settled life in Scotland thanks to a special partnership between the Scottish Refugee Council and local housing associations. Clare Harris explains how.

2012 goal can be met

Abolishing homelessness by 2012 is achievable - councils just need to strike the right balance, says John Mills

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  • Paying the price

    13 September 2013

    Scotland’s courts have sent a warning to private landlords who fail to protect tenants’ deposits, writes Derek Hogg

  • Pots of gold


    Bonds and lease-based funding are becoming viable alternatives to high street banks, says Derek Hogg

  • Let down

    15 October 2013

    Mark Harper’s televised attack on an asylum seeker is just another example of how these often destitute individuals are being treated inhumanely and as political footballs, writes Heather Spurr

  • Planning ahead


    New Scottish building standards may increase building costs, but there is time to phase in the changes gradually, says Lee Murphy

  • Housing schemes shortlisted for RIBA prize

    18 July 2013

    Two housing schemes in England have been shortlisted for the prestigious Royal Institute of British Architects’ Stirling prize.


  • Packing it in


    Private landlords must now provide tenant information packs, bringing Scotland closer to a minimum standard, says Fiona Macdonald

  • Horse healers


    A Cornwall landlord is helping vulnerable tenants get back on their feet by using horses. Simon Brandon finds out that where there’s a will there’s a neigh

  • Rights law is an asset


    Without article 8, those in bedroom tax disputes will have an uphill struggle, says Giles Peaker, solicitor at Anthony Gold

  • On course for recovery


    St Mungo’s is helping people turn their lives around by getting them back into the classroom. Kate Youde visits recovery college to find out how

  • Safe pact


    Landlords leasing land to investors must address enfranchisement rights, say Simon Bagg and Philip Rainey QC