Tuesday, 03 March 2015

Benefit cheat caught modelling on adult website

A glamour model who falsely claimed £62,747 of benefits while receiving money to pose for adult websites has been jailed for 10 months.

Clare Evans, 32, of Pill in Gloucestershire, illegally claimed £33,548.78 in housing benefit between 27 December 2004 and 17 January 2010.

She also claimed £4,378.72 council tax benefit for the same period and £24,819.84 for income support/jobseekers allowance between 22 December 2004 and 11 January 2010.

Ms Evans was caught after a visiting officer from South Gloucestershire Council spotted a new Audi TT car outside her home and an investigation was launched in October 2009.

It transpired that the car was registered to Ms Evans and further investigation discovered she was displaying herself on the internet under the name ‘Clare Lou’ and had hundreds of pounds of royalties paid direct into her bank account.

Ms Evans pleaded guilty to ten charges under the Social Security Administration Act 1992 at a hearing in June at North Avon Magistrates Court.

The charges included not reporting a change in circumstances and dishonestly making a false representation. Anyone in receipt of benefits who does not inform the council of a change of circumstances, such as income, risks a fraud prosecution or loss of benefits.

She was jailed for 10 months at Bristol Crown Court today (Wednesday).

Steve Downton, senior fraud officer for South Gloucestershire Council, said: ‘Benefits are provided to help the most vulnerable in society, and anyone abusing that system risks a hefty fine or a prison sentence, as in this case.

‘We acted on information received, including some supplied by a council official that an upmarket vehicle was regularly seen at Evans’ address. We then contacted DWP and gathered evidence resulting in this court case.

‘The clear message to fraudsters is that we will find them out, we do talk to other agencies such as the DWP [Department for Work and Pensions] and police, and we will prosecute.’

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  • No pictures.......?

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  • Outside Housing

    The obvious question is: How did South Glos LA get from an Audi TT to adult websites. I reckon one of their staff frequents the websites and the car was a red herring.
    On a more serious note: 10 months in prison can't be right when that is 10 months when a person who is no real risk to the world could in fact be doing something good i.e. community service.

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  • wildean

    I agree wiht Outside Housing's serious point. Seeing that the average annual cost of each prison place is £45,000, that will mean that it will cost £37,500 for the 10 months and that's 10 months (although I know likely to be only half of that served) in which she can't be earning to repay what she claimed.

    So if it had been a community sentence as well as doing something useful for the community, she also have started repaying the money.

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  • Chris

    The bare face cheek of some people.

    Property seizure seems in order as the smart car was obviously funded through the proceeds of crime, namely the defrauded sums.

    I agree with the earlier contributers that she should front up for the money owed, and that prison is not really helping, other than to make the message that those who break the law will loose their freedom. Perhaps she will share a cell with Rebekah Brooks!

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  • Eddie, very good, i'd like to see some snapshots of her as well

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  • Hi Antony,

    Pictues in the Daily Mail. She's 5 months pregnant. And she's got two other kids.

    Happy now?

    There's vacancy for a snooper/private detective (aka phone hacker, completely amoral and ability to invade the privacy of any other human being) at all the tabloids.

    Suggest you apply.

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  • Is that a Daily Mail reader stereotype I hear?

    Uptight, No sense of humour AND judgemental.

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  • McMadman

    Nice one. Next time the missus catches me red handed (ahem), I can justify it by saying I've been tipped off that one of my tenants is posing for such websites and I have a duty to the tax payer to report her for benefit fraud, if only I can actually get some visual evidence !

    Given that 80% of the web plus is of an "Adult" nature it may take some years before my researches are complete.

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  • Good luck McMadman i think i need to do some market research myself, purely for the purposes of catching benefit cheats of course!!

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  • How heavy they hand judgement to individual tenants and how leniently they treat those in positions of authority who are pulling much greater scams, such as the married couple running a Lambeth Council property management company. Sentencing was too harsh and as pointed out, a total waste of money.

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