Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Mayor green lights Croydon tower

Plans for a controversial 54-storey development in Croydon have been given the green light by London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Building can now get underway on the £250 million four-building project, being developed by Menta, which includes the tallest residential tower in the UK.

The 54-storey main tower will be a 404-home residential block. There will also be a lower rise building, Cherry Orchard Gardens, which will include shared ownership units and a community centre. There are four family units and more many be provided off-site as the section 106 planning agreement is still being negotiated, a spokesperson for the developer said. The plans also feature a 165-bed hotel as well as office and retail space.

The development has been designed to integrate with a new entrance at adjacent East Croydon rail station, due to be completed in 2014.

Despite some local opposition, the council’s strategic committee approved the plans last month. The scale of the project meant that it was automatically referred to the Mayor, who said he was happy for it to go ahead.

Readers' comments (13)

  • Rick Campbell

    Wot, no barges?

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  • Alpha One

    Personally I'm in favour of high rise.

    It's a better use of the land and is the way the future will have to go.

    It is often forgotten today, but when people were given their homes in there high rises of the past they were so happy to have them. Beautiful modern constructions with views over London. That they turned into sink estates where only the dregs of society dwell is as much an indictment of the breakdown of society as it is the failure of tower blocks.

    Modern tower blocks though can address these problems, with light airy corridors, no dark corners or shadowy nooks for criminals to hide in, and lifts that work.

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  • I am not so keen on high rise blocks, it makes for a large concentration of people huddled together. Humans need a sense of space around them.
    All too often, these large developments greatly increase the localised population often without any major improvements to the infrastructure, such as new roads, transport improvements, school places and so on.

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  • Rick Campbell

    I live far away from London and if the postings on IH are to be believed it's neither a nice place to live nor easy to get truly affordable rented accommodation there.

    It is disappointing to read that only the dregs of society dwell in tower blocks -- I would have thought that there would be some really good people ;living in them but apparently not.

    London continues to sound a bad place, sadly.

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  • Some of London might not be the nicest, but some bits are. The chap that recently paid £140 milllion for a flat overlooking Hyde Park may beg to differ.

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  • Rick Campbell

    The impression I get of London via these threads is still not a nice one at all John B but I accept what you are saying.

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  • Chris

    I'd heard that begging can be lucrative John, but I think you exaggerate.

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  • The flat was at One Hyde Park, in Knightsbridge, close to Harrods. It has a direct link to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. I'm not exaggerating.

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  • Sexton

    London is the nicest capital city in Europe, as I have seen most of them. The issue is not whether London is nice or not, The issue is how people are being treated and have to accept housing in potentially future ghettos, which we may all regret in 30 years time.

    second question is what happened to localism? as many locals objected to this? Blond Boris resides in the most expensive part of North London and could not careless about this development as he is at least 15 miles away from croydon

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  • Chris

    I'm aware of the property John - I just never realised he'd afforded it on the proceeds from begging.

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