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Housng Officers Unreasonable Criticism of Medical Professional

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14/04/2009 5:44 pm

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Joe Halewood

Joe Halewood

Posts: 247

14/01/2010 1:09 pm

Do the TSA have a remit to deal with such problems and complaints? I doubt it and like any of the Ombudsman services they will likely require that you exhaust the internal complaint procedure of the landlord as a first step.

A few points. If a consultant offers to write a professional opinion as to your health or other condition, take it up and forward to your landlord.

Secondly, if you have a verbal conversation with a housing officer as above, then as soon as possible after the conversation put the conversation in writing and submit to the landlord asking them to confirm that this is their view. [This avoids the I dont recall that conversation scenario].

Thirdly, putting any request in writing is a good idea generally. Keeping a copy of all of these helps too. State your views and any facts without as emotiveless as possible - avoid name calling etc.

Fourthly, always request a copy of the complaint policy and procedure of the landlord. More often than not, complaints are more likely to be upheld if the landlord doesnt follow their own procedures than on the actual merits of the case. In simple terms showing they didnt follow procedures is easier to prove than the substance of the complaint.

Finally, check who can deal with the complaint. While the Ombudsman services usually will want you to exhaust complaint procedures of landlord, there are some circumstances in which they can deal with complaints without this (if person involved is particularly vulnerable etc.) Councillors, MPs, external auditors (waste of public funds line) and a few others external to the landlord may have a remit to look at any complaint.

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john williams

john williams

Posts: 629

13/01/2010 1:51 pm

Have you brought this to the attention of the TSA?

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jacki tbuckley

jacki tbuckley

Posts: 14

05/10/2009 9:41 pm

am not sure who this message was for? was it for me?

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Dyane Jackson

Dyane Jackson

Posts: 1

05/10/2009 1:55 pm

This sounds like hearsay to me.

Before you make an official complaint, I would advise that you speak to the Housing Officer to confirm what s/he acutally said.

It's not impossible that your consultant may have got hold of the wrong end of the stick.

Any complaint will be investigate, and it's likely that your Housing Officer may deny what the Consultant says.


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teddy mcnabb

teddy mcnabb

Posts: 11

05/10/2009 12:42 pm

Seems yet another case of arrogant jobsworth pen-pushers we know them well here in northampton, and they are "sheltered housing management!"

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jacki tbuckley

jacki tbuckley

Posts: 14

05/10/2009 11:16 am

hi I was just looking thru all these posts and saw yrs.. it seems quiet simlar to mine..
i also have problems with the housing with regards to medical transfer..
like you and yr wife. my psychiatrist evidence has not mad one bit of difference . they can over ride what our proffesionals say... i also want to know how they justify this.. in my book what isw the point of having a psychiatrist if in the death the housing medical team seem to be above him...and totally dismiss his letters about my health..

i have a thread on hear with regards to breach ofhousing act..... dont know if these people will be able to help you but iam goin to see them tomoro they are called CHAS
they ar members of the housing law practitioners ass.
they give you advice and can take your case on if they feel youneed to. please try and contact them to see if they can help you both or if they can point you in the right direction..
i have been trying for over 5years and more to move from here....
but even though i had a high court judgement stating i should be top priority transfer they take no notice ...
i am at stage 3 complaints, and dont expect them to change their minds now. so am prepared to go onto the ombudsman after..
but hope that i can take them to court for breach of housing act....which states if someone health is bieng adversedly affected they can be moved to cat A priority transfer.. please check these CHAS people out.. they may help
pls let me know if you are successfull.

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04/10/2009 3:24 am

I would question whether personal opinion was considered to be warrented by the HA (housing association)
and if so for them to provide you with the reason why as it mayde challenged with the view that both you the residents and the medical proffesional donot consider the housing officer to have worked to good practice

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Posts: 19

03/10/2009 4:48 pm

The Council have taken away medical points from my mum. They claimed they sent out a letter regarding a court case a while ago, where it was judged that they can do this. I asked the Housing Officer who was the plaintiff or what the court case was specifically about. She then said, 'Erm...well...erm...erm...well I have to speak to my manager .......erm...erm'. I then said to her, 'So you know of a case but nothing with regard to it's nature or even when it was.' Amazingly she has ignored all my requests for more information.

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Owen Hart

Owen Hart

Posts: 104

30/07/2009 0:39 am

A housing officer at an RSL overstepped the mark? No ****. Well that hardly ever happens does it?!

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martin t

martin t

Posts: 67

21/04/2009 7:05 pm

I'd complain, the Housing Officer appears to have overstepping the mark here, and i speak as someone who works in Housing Management.

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Eva Silver

Eva Silver

Posts: 649

14/04/2009 5:55 pm

First go on the website of your landlord and look under ever Formal Complaint Procedures or may be under Stage 1 Complaint Procedure whereby ensure you have a letter from the Medial Consultant and keep telephone bill to proof rung the Housing Association and also ensure you write ever by email or by Recorded Delivery Letter or if near to Housing Office hand deliver the letter and ensure you get a receipt. You may have to go onto Stage 2 Complaint Procedure if you do not get a satisfactory answer and again onto Stage 3 Complaint Procedure whereby both the Chief Executive and members of the Board and Tenant's may be on the Board and still if no satisfactory answer can take to the Housing Ombusman if and only if you have a strong case and evident to back up what your saying (please cannot be hearsay and gossip just like a court of law evident speaking louded that words). But I first see if you have a surgery whereby can see a Director or Chief Executive to look into your complaint. Also do you beyond to a Tenant and Resident Association if not check with your Resident Involvement Manager to get the phone number of the Chairman of the Tenant and Resident Association and they may be able to help you with you case.

It would be nice to know what the complaint you have will the Housing Officer

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