Thursday, 24 April 2014

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Mutual Exchange delays 1 Last Post By Rose007 30/09/2013 11:05 pm
dog being forcibly removed 4 Last Post Posted Anonymously 25/09/2013 3:14 pm
incomplete repairs 0 n/a
secure tenancy 1 Last Post Posted Anonymously 20/09/2013 1:23 pm
Housing Assoiation's, ASB and Evidence Gathering 2 out of 5 stars 69 Last Post Posted Anonymously 20/09/2013 8:34 am
Confused about whether I have the Right to Acquire or Right to Buy?? 3 Last Post By I am The Secret Housing Officer 19/09/2013 2:17 pm
mutual exchange refusal 3 out of 5 stars 12 Last Post By michael cardona 18/09/2013 12:07 pm
Repairs 0 n/a
Fire risk or not? 2 out of 5 stars 5 Last Post By Colin Walker 12/09/2013 10:25 am
Getting out safely! 2 Last Post By Colin Walker 12/09/2013 10:02 am

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  • From Ruth Hall, 24/04/2014 5:55 pm in new homeswap tenancies instead of inheriting previous tenants?

    Ah, thank you!

  • posted Anonymously, 22/04/2014 10:06 am in Mutual Exchange Help

    Mazza, you must say "I'm sorry you are feeling uncertain about it, but the exchange is completed now. I wish you well. Goodbye".

  • posted Anonymously, 10/04/2014 8:27 am in Signed new agreement, but mistake in rent

    No they shouldn't, they should build new homes or invest in current stock improvements

  • From Housing Troll, 09/04/2014 11:08 am in Joint Tenancy

    You are not being bullied, the council is fulfilling its legal duty, although perhaps they have not explained this well enough?

  • From Housing Troll, 04/04/2014 3:40 pm in Mutual Exchange Withholding of Consent to Exchange

    Yes. It may well be the case the son succeeded due to a legal or contractual term, depending on the tenancy agreement. Perhaps it was even a policy decision which did not take the adpatations into account (unlikley but possible). 

  • From Miss Muffett, 02/04/2014 2:47 pm in Help with challnege of Service Charges??

    Sorry, typo in title - should obviously be challenge!!

  • From Eve Steadman, 25/03/2014 6:51 am in Terrible service from housing assoc

    Further to my previous post: I would like to form a contact/pressure group of Metropolitan residents (South), which includes my own area, Cambridge. Please spread the word and provide ideas as to how all those residents may be contacted, and how we could establish communication independedently of this forum. Do many or any residents read Metropolitan's Facebook page?

  • From Macca57, 24/03/2014 4:10 pm in Tenancy succession

    Many thanks for your reply, much appreciated

  • posted Anonymously, 24/03/2014 10:29 am in Service Charge Increase Legal? Moral?

    Legal: It is alawys a mistake to think of change of service charge cost as an increase - is it the correct cost for the services provided? & are those costs reasonable (i.e. for the service you recieve are the costs in the right ball park)

  • posted Anonymously, 21/03/2014 4:31 pm in Please help... Mutual exchange