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Scottish regulator intervenes after association breaches loan covenant

TOP STORY: The Scottish Housing Regulator will continue its intervention at a Glasgow-based housing association after it breached a loan covenant last year.

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Sir Robin Young to stand down from Clarion

27/02/2017 11:02 am

Clarion chair Sir Robin Young has announced his intention to stand down from the organisation at the start of April.

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One in four London construction workers from EU

27/02/2017 5:19 pm

More than one in four construction workers in London are from EU countries, a report released today by City Hall shows.

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Major house builder profits up 23%

27/02/2017 11:32 am

House builder Persimmon has increased its profits before tax by 23% to £782.8m.

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Scottish minsters demand 'urgent reassurance' over housing benefit changes

27/02/2017 11:21 am

Scottish ministers have demanded “urgent reassurance” from the UK government over the scrapping of housing benefit for 18 to 21-year-olds.


Two homelessness charities to merge

27/02/2017 10:57 am

Two London-based homelessness charities, Evolve Housing and Support and Grenfell Housing and Training, have agreed to merge.


Peers back Homelessness Reduction Bill

27/02/2017 10:12 am

Peers have backed the Homelessness Reduction Bill but used the debate last Friday to set out concerns over the effect of wider government policy on housing.

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Oxford City Council plans to guarantee private tenants' rent

27/02/2017 9:58 am

Oxford City Council is planning to guarantee the rent of people at risk of becoming homeless, as it prepares for the introduction of the Homelessness Reduction Bill.

Fire in Southwark council block, 2009

Council pleads guilty to Lakanal House fire safety failures

24/02/2017 3:46 pm

Southwark Council expressed its “sincere regret” today as it pleaded guilty to fire safety failures relating to a tower block fire that killed six people.

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    We need to better understand our customers

    Being able to measure and act on customer satisfaction scores is increasingly important given growing pressures on landlords, says Jane Ashcroft


    LHA cap is just part of a much bigger issue

    The capping of housing benefit in line with Local Housing Allowance is just one part of a much wider issue, says Jules Birch


    Robust finance is crucial to developing new homes

    The continued good financial health of the sector is essential as associations look to build a more diverse supply of homes, says Julian Ashby

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    Homelessness bill is ground-breaking, but risks being undermined by cuts

    The Homelessness Reduction Bill comes before the House of Lords today. Lord Richard Best says this presents an opportunity to air some wider concerns.

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      • Breaking the cycle

        ANALYSIS: Gang violence is a growing problem in our inner cities but councils’ youth services budgets have been cut. Can housing associations fill the void? Steve Sampson finds out

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        OPINION: Despite offering support to the Homelessness Reduction Bill in the Lords, Labour does not share the optimistic view that committed funding will be sufficient, says Andy Slaughter

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