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  • From the archive - week of 27 February

    FROM THE ARCHIVE: Inside Housing looks back at what was happening in the sector this week five, 15 and 25 years ago

  • Breaking the cycle

    ANALYSIS: Gang violence is a growing problem in our inner cities but councils’ youth services budgets have been cut. Can housing associations fill the void? Steve Sampson finds out

  • The rise of the medium-merger

    ANALYSIS: While mega-mergers have stumbled, there is growing consolidation among medium-sized associations. Pete Apps investigates

What was happening in social housing history

From the archive - week of 27 February

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Inside Housing looks back at what was happening in the sector this week five, 15 and 25 years ago

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For single use only on 3 February 2017

The benefit cap tightrope

03/02/2017 | By Sophie Barnes

In the opening investigation in our new series, IH Spotlight, Sophie Barnes unveils the first exclusive analysis of the lower benefit cap

For use in Inside Housing, 14 October 2016

A 21st century Canterbury Tale Video


Redbridge Council has leased 147 homes in an old army barracks in Canterbury – more than 60 miles away – to help rehouse people on its waiting list. But neither council is overjoyed about the situation. Gavriel Hollander investigates the strains pitching local authorities into competition with each other to house their homeless residents

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The gas fright homes Video

28/07/2016 | By Simon Brandon

In April, Conars Court received a full set of gas safety certificates. Almost immediately, the gas supply had to be cut off. Simon Brandon investigates

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For use in Inside Housing, 8 July 2016

Raiders of the HRA Video

07/07/2016 | By Keith Cooper

Councils are increasingly using their Housing Revenue Accounts to fill gaps in their back-office budgets. While this has helped cope with wider budget cuts, Keith Cooper investigates the impact on housing resources

For use in Inside Housing, 24 June 2016

How safe are you at work? Video

24/06/2016 | By Heather Spurr

Reported assaults on housing workers are falling, but do the figures disguise under-reporting? Heather Spurr reveals the results of Inside Housing’s research

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For single use only on 17 February 2017

The Housing White Paper: piecing together the puzzle

17/02/2017 | By News team

The White Paper called on the sector to link up to tackle the housing crisis. But what do the participants make of it? Inside Housing’s news team joins up the pieces

From the archive 643px

From the archive - week of 13 February


In a new series of nostalgia pieces, Gavriel Hollander takes a look at what was happening in the sector five, 15 and 25 years ago this week


The land grabbers

09/02/2017 | By Nick Johnstone

L&Q’s acquisition of Gallagher Estates is a milestone in the housing association sector’s march into the land market. Nick Johnstone looks at the risk and reward

RTB dreams 643

Right to Buy: dreams and nightmares

20/01/2017 | By Pete Apps

An analysis of the Right to Buy extension pilot contains stark warnings about affordability and communication around exemptions. Pete Apps sifts through the detail

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A question of cost 559

Changing how we think about repairs


Some housing associations are challenging received thinking about the way the sector approaches repairs and maintenance. Gavriel Hollander finds out why they think the sector could save itself a packet

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MPs launch inquiry into benefit cap

23/02/2017 | By Sophie Barnes

MPs have launched an inquiry into the benefit cap and have re-opened an inquiry into Universal Credit amid growing concern over delays.

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Housing associations 'built half of all London homes in 2016'

03/02/2017 | By Nathaniel Barker

Housing associations built almost half of the new homes completed in London last year, according to a report from the National Housing Federation (NHF) published yesterday.


Social rents have increased faster than earnings

19/01/2017 | By Sophie Barnes

Social housing rents have increased faster than earnings over the last 15 years, according to a National Audit Office (NAO) report published today.


IFS: rising house prices create 'lucky half'

05/01/2017 | By Luke Barratt

Rising house prices and the generational gap in homeownership mean a “lucky half” of young people will get the vast majority of inherited wealth, according to a study by the Institute for Fiscal Studies.


More sites needed to help Traveller community, says report

14/12/2016 | By Clare Mullooly

More sites must be made available to Gypsy and Travellers communities to help alleviate the “poor health, anxiety and disconnect” they suffer as a result of a lack of suitable accommodation.

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Salary calculator

Salary calculator

Is pay for housing professionals weathering the storm? See how your salary compares.

For single use only on 27 January 2017

From the housing crisis to BAFTA success Video

25/01/2017 | By Martin Hilditch

Daisy-May Hudson’s film about her family’s homelessness has won praise from BAFTA. She talks to Martin Hilditch about it, and about what she is looking for from entrants to Inside Housing’s Reel Homes film competition, which she is judging


From the Frontline - Cara Headon


Radian’s customer service advisor Cara Headon tells Inside Housing about a day on the coalface of resident support

For single use only on 4 November 2016

The change agent Video

02/11/2016 | By Martin Hilditch

After becoming Accent’s chief executive, Gordon Perry was faced with pulling the housing association out of a crisis. Martin Hilditch finds out how he transformed it

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Greg Campbell

Why medium-mergers in the sector are motoring


Greg Campbell and David Williams of Campbell Tickell explain more about the trend towards ‘medium-mergers’

Editor, Inside Housing

Ministers must be prepared to listen to the evidence of rent cut impact

24/02/2017 | By Emma Maier

Councils are resorting to increasing charges, rents and cutting costs to cope with the rent cut – impacting on real lives, says Emma Maier

Lord Richard Best 600

Homelessness bill is ground-breaking, but risks being undermined by cuts

24/02/2017 | By Lord Best

The Homelessness Reduction Bill comes before the House of Lords today. Lord Richard Best says this presents an opportunity to air some wider concerns.

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  • Do frameworks work?

    27/02/2017 4:08 pm

    I agree with your view of the obvious selling points of frameworks: saving money, avoiding lengthy and potentially expensive tendering processes, and complying worry-free with the procurement rules of the EU. What I believe was missing were the subtle advantages that frameworks offer that counter some of the criticisms that were mentioned. You rightly asked the question; if the concept of frameworks is so good, why don’t competitive organisations, like car makers, use them? The answer is they do! Car makers work on sharing platforms (which is the chassis and related engineering) to reduce costs. That allows them to concentrate on the specific design cues of each model. This is the subtle advantage of frameworks offered by Procure Plus in an approach we call mass customisation. What we mean by this is that we create frameworks that meet the generic needs of all RPs, but then we work closely with customers to ensure their call offs, meets their individual requirements that allows RPs to be distinct, even though they face common issues. Like car makers, frameworks also allow RPs to invest greater time in adding value (ie planning and executing works) facilitated by part of the exercise (ie sourcing labour and materials) already being taken care of. Mike Brogan - CEO Procure Plus

  • MPs to debate associations' duties to private neighbours

    27/02/2017 12:33 pm

    How very timely for the Honourable Gentleman that Parliament has updated its guide to 'Tackling ASB in social housing'. http://researchbriefings.files.parliament.uk/documents/SN00264/SN00264.pdf I would suggest he reads it and in particular section 1 which should help clarify matters.

  • Another landlord quits NHF over RTB deal

    26/02/2017 6:52 pm

    It was a pragmatic deal, which wasn't perfect, but helped to position housing associations as useful partners of the Conservative government. We're seeing some benefits now from this as the anti-HA rhetoric of the Cameron era is ratcheted right down, with even some modest funding available for new development. The NHF can take quite some credit for the change of direction that has taken place.