What was happening in social housing history

From the archive - week of 27 February


Inside Housing looks back at what was happening in the sector this week five, 15 and 25 years ago

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Breaking the cycle Video

24/02/2017 | By Steve Sampson

Gang violence is a growing problem in our inner cities but councils’ youth services budgets have been cut. Can housing associations fill the void? Steve Sampson finds out

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The rise of the medium-merger

23/02/2017 | By Pete Apps

While mega-mergers have stumbled, there is growing consolidation among medium-sized associations. Pete Apps investigates

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New Era: one year on Video

22/02/2017 | By Sophie Barnes

A year ago, the new landlord of a Hackney estate ripped up the rental rulebook. Sophie Barnes returns to Hoxton to find out how the personalised rents model has bedded in


From the frontline - Lynsey Tomlins


Aspire Housing’s housing support and well-being advisor tells Inside Housing about the ups and downs of the job

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From the archive - week of 20 February


Inside Housing looks back at what was happening in the sector this week 10, 20 and 30 years ago

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The Housing White Paper: piecing together the puzzle

17/02/2017 | By News team

The White Paper called on the sector to link up to tackle the housing crisis. But what do the participants make of it? Inside Housing’s news team joins up the pieces

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Wisdom of crowds Video

16/02/2017 | By Kate Youde

Crowdfunding has allowed millions of people to raise money for causes they care about, including homelessness. But what role is left for charities and social landlords in the age of direct action? Kate Youde finds out

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Do frameworks work? Video

15/02/2017 | By Jess McCabe

Procurement frameworks are meant to be a hassle-free way for social housing providers to club together and make savings. But are they the shortcut to efficiency they’re touted as? Jess McCabe investigates


From the frontline - Fern Smith


Alliance Homes’ support caseworker, Fern Smith, explains why Hollywood’s loss is housing’s gain


Homelessness funding vacuum


Despite offering support to the Homelessness Reduction Bill in the Lords, Labour does not share the optimistic view that committed funding will be sufficient, says Andy Slaughter

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From the archive - week of 13 February


In a new series of nostalgia pieces, Gavriel Hollander takes a look at what was happening in the sector five, 15 and 25 years ago this week

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Circle of despair Video

10/02/2017 | By Pete Apps

The inside story of Circle’s recent repairs troubles holds a cautionary tale for the sector. Pete Apps reports


The land grabbers

09/02/2017 | By Nick Johnstone

L&Q’s acquisition of Gallagher Estates is a milestone in the housing association sector’s march into the land market. Nick Johnstone looks at the risk and reward


Forty years of co-operation Video

08/02/2017 | By Michael Lloyd

Lister Housing Co-operative in Edinburgh was founded by activists 40 years ago. Michael Lloyd finds out what happens when direct action hits middle age


Full speech: Sajid Javid introduces the Housing White Paper


WHITE PAPER: Read communities secretary Sajid Javid’s full speech to parliament introducing the Housing White Paper.


From the frontline - Jim Playle


BPHA’s community development officer tells Inside Housing how he channels the A-Team at work, but would quit in a heartbeat if one particular Hollywood star came calling

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From the archive - week of 6 February


In a new series of nostalgia pieces, Gavriel Hollander takes a look at what was happening in the sector 10, 20 and 30 years ago this week

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Rising Stars 2017


This year’s search to find the brightest emerging talent in the housing sector is now under way. Here’s your guide to the competition and how to enter

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The benefit cap tightrope

03/02/2017 | By Sophie Barnes

In the opening investigation in our new series, IH Spotlight, Sophie Barnes unveils the first exclusive analysis of the lower benefit cap

Julie Fadden CIH housing crisis

Full speech: Julie Fadden at the CIH presidential dinner


The full transcript of Chartered Institute of Housing president Julie Fadden’s speech in London tonight

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The troubleshooters Video


Housing associations are not the organisations they once were, and boards need to adapt. Gavriel Hollander asks three of the sector’s most travelled interim directors what governance issues boards need to look out for

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Homeless for 13 years: Grant's story Video

01/02/2017 | By Danielle Aumord

The homelessness debate can often be caught up in facts and figures. As the Homelessness Reduction Bill makes its way through parliament, Danielle Aumord talks to one man about life in the system

JO ELLIS 643px

From the frontline - Jo Ellis


Jo Ellis, Aldwyck Housing Group’s floating support area services manager, talks about supporting tenants, funding security and having superhuman speed

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From the archive - week of 30 January

30/01/2017 | By Gavriel Hollander

In the first in a new series of nostalgia pieces, Gavriel Hollander takes a look at what was happening in the sector 10, 20 and 30 years ago this week

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The homelessness frontline Video

27/01/2017 | By Sophie Barnes

Today MPs are set to debate the Homelessess Reduction Bill, amid wrangling from councils over the costs. As the debate takes place, Sophie Barnes reports back from one outreach team’s nightly fight against homelessness in south London

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From the housing crisis to BAFTA success Video

25/01/2017 | By Martin Hilditch

Daisy-May Hudson’s film about her family’s homelessness has won praise from BAFTA. She talks to Martin Hilditch about it, and about what she is looking for from entrants to Inside Housing’s Reel Homes film competition, which she is judging


Investing in people Video

25/01/2017 | By Martin Hilditch

While other landlords are cutting frontline costs, Martin Hilditch meets one that is taking a different approach

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From the frontline - Kieran Buchanan


Midland Heart’s multi-trade operative tells Inside Housing about his passion for stargazing and how he’d take a more relaxed approach to running the country

RTB dreams 643

Right to Buy: dreams and nightmares

20/01/2017 | By Pete Apps

An analysis of the Right to Buy extension pilot contains stark warnings about affordability and communication around exemptions. Pete Apps sifts through the detail

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The money game Video

20/01/2017 | By Martin Hilditch

Housing associations are under more pressure than ever to demonstrate their efficiency – particularly following the 1% annual rent cut in England. Martin Hilditch investigates the impact on repairs and maintenance budgets

A question of cost 559

Changing how we think about repairs


Some housing associations are challenging received thinking about the way the sector approaches repairs and maintenance. Gavriel Hollander finds out why they think the sector could save itself a packet

Nina Egge Daborn 559

From the frontline - Nina Egge-Daborn


Sentinel Housing Association’s first contact team leader tells Inside Housing why call centres can be stressful places and how she fancies a second career in law

HR roundtable 643px

The HeaRt of the matter Video

13/01/2017 | By Joe Dart

Talent retention, cost cutting, flexible working, Brexit? Joe Dart hears from six housing association HR experts about what challenges they’re tackling in 2017

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Meeting the innovators Video

12/01/2017 | By Mark Smulian

Digital innovation is set to change the way the sector operates, as seen at Housemark’s Evolve pitch day. Mark Smulian finds out what the future holds

Need to know analysis 643px

Funding programmes: an all you need to know guide

11/01/2017 | By Nick Johnstone , Sophie Barnes , Luke Barratt

With the details of four government funding programmes released last week in a flurry of New Year announcements, Inside Housing’s news team presents a guide to what’s on offer, who can bid and what people think of the schemes


From the frontline - Lauren Picton


Genesis volunteer manager Lauren Picton on how she helps residents get back into work and why she’s secretly hoping for a royal wedding…

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The year ahead

06/01/2017 | By Pete Apps

Pete Apps looks ahead at the big stories and key players for 2017, while sector experts share their predictions for the year

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The mystery of the missing data Video

04/01/2017 | By Patricia Arthurs

There are puzzling inconsistencies in the way English councils record cases of homelessness prevention and homelessness relief. Patricia Arthurs investigates


Homelessness on film Video

03/01/2017 | By Kate Youde

From I, Daniel Blake to A Street Cat Named Bob, films about housing and homelessness are entering the mainstream. But have they made a difference to people working on the frontline? Kate Youde finds out


The year in numbers




Counting the cost

22/12/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

Homelessness prevention duties are closer than ever to making it onto the statute books. Sophie Barnes asks what this might mean for English councils

Bob 643px

A director's tale: Q&A with Roger Spottiswoode

21/12/2016 | By Kate Youde

The director Roger Spottiswoode’s filmography features box office hits including Tomorrow Never Dies, starring Pierce Brosnan as 007, and the Tom Hanks comedy Turner & Hooch alongside smaller films covering topics such as the AIDS epidemic, Hiroshima and the Rwandan genocide. His latest cinematic release, A Street Cat Named Bob, tells the story of a homeless busker and Big Issue seller in London who befriends a stray cat while recovering from ...

GEM 643px

Out of the classroom Video

20/12/2016 | By Joe Dart

Fifty years after Cathy Come Home, Joe Dart finds out what the next generation of housing professionals are being taught about homelessness

most read news

Inside Housing's most read news stories of 2016


2016 was another busy year of housing news. Assistant editor Carl Brown counts down Inside Housing’s most read news stories of the year in reverse order.

town hall

Stepping up to the plate

16/12/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

Council companies are the newest players in the housebuilding sector. Sophie Barnes analyses the growth of this quiet, but rapidly expanding, new sector.

Inside Housing pictures of the year

Pictures of the year 2016


Our art editor Sonny Dhamu picks his favourite Inside Housing pictures from 2016


Johnnie Johnson: back from the brink

09/12/2016 | By Simon Brandon

The story of Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust’s dramatic turnaround

Review of the year 2016

Review of the year 2016 Video


In our last issue of 2016, Inside Housing looks back at the year’s social housing headlines


From the frontline - Tom Whittaker


EMH care and support engagement and communities operations manager Tom Whittaker tells Inside Housing about the challenges and rewards of working with some of the sector’s most vulnerable residents


Coping with the cap

08/12/2016 | By Simon Brandon

After a year of rumours, promises and fears, Simon Brandon asks what the future will look like for supported housing once the new funding mechanism kicks in


Housing quiz 2016



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The mindset after the mega-merger

06/12/2016 | By Nick Johnstone

As the long-awaited merger of L&Q and East Thames completes, Nick Johnstone sits down with the leaders of the newly expanded association to talk about the future

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Autumn Statement: what we still don't know

02/12/2016 | By Pete Apps

After last week’s Autumn Statement, Pete Apps rounds up the unanswered questions.


From the frontline - Michele Parry


Michele Parry, business improvement officer at Halton Housing Trust, tells Inside Housing about why digital connectivity is so important and how she’d like to beat the commuter traffic

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The downsizing dilemma Video

01/12/2016 | By Emily Twinch

Too few older people are downsizing, meaning families are missing out on homes with more bedrooms. Emily Twinch finds out if and how the housing sector can overcome the problem.

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The right kind of home Video

30/11/2016 | By Kate Youde

Patients leaving hospital with unresolved housing issues are costing the NHS hundreds of millions a year. Kate Youde meets one housing provider that is addressing the problem


Off the streets

25/11/2016 | By Nick Johnstone

Housing First has all but eradicated rough sleeping in Finland. Nick Johnstone looks at how it is catching on in the UK

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A town transformed Video

24/11/2016 | By Gavriel Hollander

Following the closure of Consett’s steelworks, a housing-led regeneration changed the face of the town. Gavriel Hollander finds out if the model can be replicated


From the frontline - Jonathan Samai


Compliance officer at Hyde Housing, Jonathan Samai, tells Inside Housing about risk management and why he has to be on the lookout for cockroach eggs