Thursday, 27 April 2017

Hot air

From: Closed circuit

A Medway housing association was contrite this week after a stunt involving hundreds of balloons blew up in its face.

MHS Homes was celebrating Best Companies Day on Friday and released the ‘biodegradable’ balloons into the skies to see which would travel the furthest. This did not go down well.

“Er, what sort of Best Company initiates a puerile, littering, wildlife-endangering balloon release?” asked Arabella Sock on Twitter.

“Even biodegradable balloons cause harm & death to wildlife. Not a good ad for your company,” chipped in another Twitter-er, while @morgyface simply contributed “nit-wits”.

Credit though to MHS for holding its hands up and admitting the mistake.

“We’re extremely sorry, we made a mistake releasing the balloons. Priority now is to take some positive action,” it said. “We’ll offer a donation to environmental/wildlife charity and encourage staff to do litter picking on volunteer days.”

This went down well, with Twitter users praising the “great response”.

“We all live and learn,” said Ranger Jane.

Good to see a housing association response which is more than just, er, hot air.


Closed Circuit was also interested this week to see the speaker list at the National Housing Federation Leadership Summit 2017, which was opened by Pizza Hut chief executive Jens Hofma.

Closed Circuit can think of a lot of good questions for Mr Hofma, the most pressing being: “Why don’t you do that garlic dip you get from Domino’s?”

While he may seem like an odd choice for a housing conference, Closed Circuit is assured this was just one pizza much wider programme. Indeed, the talk was actually stuffed (crust) full of deep (pan) insights, and was a good topping on an already meaty conference.  

We hope the chief executives in attendance agreed, and thought it was a good use of their dough.


At the Tpas Awards last week, organisers paid homage to the Oscars by arranging a comedy skit, which involved pretending Derwent Living had won “best picture” and then pretending it was a mistake.

Great gag, Tpas. Perhaps you should organise the actual Oscars next year.

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