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Tenant group u-turns over gas access campaign

21/04/2015 | By Carl Brown

A tenants’ group has dropped its opposition to a campaign for greater gas access powers for housing associations.


Plans for new ombudsman criticised by sector

20/04/2015 | By Carl Brown

Plans to merge the functions of the Housing Ombudsman Service with those of other bodies to create a new ‘Public Service Ombudsman’ have been criticised by social housing sector figures.

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Repairing trust

17/04/2015 | By Pete Apps

When Circle Housing entered into a £350m repairs contract in 2013, little did it know that within 18 months the deal would be cancelled amid blistering criticism of ‘chronic failure’ from the regulator. Pete Apps reports

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Could a game make energy efficiency fun?

09/04/2015 | By Jess McCabe

Energy efficiency is important - but boring. Can a video game, designed and tested with the help of social tenants, change all that? Jess McCabe reports

New sustiainbility code

Star system to replace Code for Sustainable Homes

04/03/2015 | By Pete Apps

A star system for rating the sustainability of new homes, which will look at the impact on occupiers’ health and well-being, will be launched today.

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Fraser Gunn, apprentice

Accessible apprenticeships

10/03/2015 | By Maria Brett

Apprenticeships are a popular way for social landlords to boost employment opportunities – but how easy are they to access for disabled people? On national apprenticeship week, Maria Brett meets a young, deaf apprentice

Building site

Housing zone developer pledges homes increase

04/03/2015 | By Pete Apps

The developer of the London housing zone with the lowest percentage of affordable housing has committed to increasing it as the scheme progresses.

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IH Top 50 columnist

Asset generation

17/04/2015 | By Mark Henderson

Fail to listen to a community when you regenerate and they will become your biggest obstacle rather than an asset, says Mark Henderson


Vital foundations

13/04/2015 | By Joanne Roney

Effective housing strategies are not just about bricks and mortar - it’s about giving people a secure base from which to live their lives to support stable communities, says Joanne Roney

Newly built homes

Council plans huge housebuilding programme

02/04/2015 | By Daniel Douglas

A London borough has finalised plans to build 2,000 new homes in five years in partnership with housing associations and private developers.

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Financial district

Housing association's retail charity bond raises £27.5m

21/04/2015 | By Pete Apps

A housing association has raised £27.5m of unsecured debt at an interest rate of 4.4%, becoming one of the first to raise significant finance from retail charity investors.

Paragon issues £250m bond

Price of guaranteed debt falls again in latest deal

20/04/2015 | By Pete Apps

A housing association has sold £5m of government guaranteed retained bonds at a record low price, despite the deal completing just weeks before the general election.

Right to buy sell

Landlords 'only able to replace one in five Right to Buy homes'

17/04/2015 | By Pete Apps

Housing associations are only able to replace one in every five homes sold under the preserved Right to Buy, according to an exclusive snap poll by Inside Housing.

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