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High Court orders landlord to pay £300k to contractor

27/05/2015 | By Corin Williams

A housing association has been ordered by a High Court judge to pay more than £300,000 to a repairs contractor following a long-term legal dispute.

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Welsh housing

Welsh government protects home improvement cash

19/05/2015 | By Pete Apps

The Welsh government has announced it will maintain its annual £108m pot of cash to improve social housing in Wales.

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Affinity Sutton takes repairs service in-house

18/05/2015 | By Pete Apps

One of London’s largest social landlords has officially taken its repairs and maintenance in-house.

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fuel poverty

2.4m families in fuel poverty, government says

28/05/2015 | By Heather Spurr

The number of families living in fuel poverty remains ‘broadly unchanged’ since 2012, despite government promises to tackle the problem.


Energy watchdog sanctions new pre-payment tariff

07/05/2015 | By Heather Spurr

Ofgem has given an energy supplier permission to offer a special pre-payment tariff to social housing tenants.

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Fraser Gunn, apprentice

Accessible apprenticeships

10/03/2015 | By Maria Brett

Apprenticeships are a popular way for social landlords to boost employment opportunities – but how easy are they to access for disabled people? On national apprenticeship week, Maria Brett meets a young, deaf apprentice

Building site

Housing zone developer pledges homes increase

04/03/2015 | By Pete Apps

The developer of the London housing zone with the lowest percentage of affordable housing has committed to increasing it as the scheme progresses.

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Editor, Inside Housing

Future solutions

22/05/2015 | By Emma Maier

Plans for a Lyons-style housing review to explore solutions to the housing crisis in the north promise to bring an ‘offer’ to put to government

The Lyons review

Landlords to launch 'Lyons-style review for the north'

21/05/2015 | By Pete Apps

Social landlords are set to commission a ‘Lyons Review for the north’ to seek solutions to the region’s ‘unique’ housing crisis.


Breathing new life


Communities willing to do their bit can breathe new life into urban areas. Jim McMahon tells of his council’s success tale in the Greater Manchester town of Oldham

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House juggling

Concern about housing 'highest for eight years'

29/05/2015 | By Carl Brown

The percentage of people citing housing as a ‘most important’ issue in an influential poll is at its highest since 2007.

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Drputy chief executive, CIH

Running risks

28/05/2015 | By Gavin Smart

Elements of the Queen’s Speech run the risk of making it more difficult to put a roof over people’s heads, says Gavin Smart

Editor, Inside Housing

Limiting the damage

28/05/2015 | By Emma Maier

In 1983, the government’s attempt to bring in Right to Buy for housing associations was dramatically rejected by the House of Lords

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