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Refurbishment contract ruling boost for landlords

31/07/2015 | By Corin Williams

Social landlords could make significant savings on refurbishment works, following a landmark legal ruling freeing them to enter into more cost-effective contracts while recovering service charges from leaseholders.


Council votes to drop landlord as partner

29/07/2015 | By Corin Williams

One Housing Group is holding urgent talks with Tower Hamlets mayor John Biggs after the council passed a motion calling for the housing association to be suspended as its preferred development partner.


Rent changes burn £42bn hole in council plans

17/07/2015 | By Nick Duxbury

Exclusive modelling shows council 30-year business plans will be undeliverable.

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Loft insultation

Landlords seek talks over energy efficiency

30/07/2015 | By Corin Williams

Landlords are seeking talks with ministers over how housing associations can deliver energy-efficiency improvements to their stock after the government axed green subsidies last week.

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Government ends new Green Deal funding

23/07/2015 | By Pete Apps

The government will stop funding the Green Deal after ‘low take-up and concerns about industry standards’, leaving the energy efficiency sector ‘battered and bruised’.

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carousel manchester centre

CIH Housing 2015: highlights


With the Conservatives’ shock election win and issues around tightening finances setting the tone, this year’s conference has a lot of ground to cover. We take a look at some of the key themes and highlights

Fraser Gunn, apprentice

Accessible apprenticeships

10/03/2015 | By Maria Brett

Apprenticeships are a popular way for social landlords to boost employment opportunities – but how easy are they to access for disabled people? On national apprenticeship week, Maria Brett meets a young, deaf apprentice

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Solid wall insulation

26/06/2015 | By Mitch Gee

Solid wall insulation has great potential to improve tenants’ lives. But, says Mitch Gee, technical director at SPSenvirowall, it also must be designed well


The extra mile

26/06/2015 | By Barry Boxall

Social value should be second nature to service providers, argues Barry Boxall, divisional director, Building Solutions South, VINCI Facilities


Working together

12/06/2015 | By Colin Middlemass

A joined up approach to asset management can help every pound go further, says Colin Middlemass, chief operating officer at Mears Group

Sweets way

Show home Video


Activists who are occupying homes on the controversial Sweets Way estate in north London decided to renovate one of the boarded-up houses slated for demolition. The aim was to create a ‘show home’.


Top 60: Market Sale Developments of the Year  

31/07/2015 | By Michael Atherton

Inside Housing is showcasing the best 60 developments of the last year. This year, our list is split into 10 categories of excellence which we will reveal over the next few weeks. Michael Atherton reports on the best market sale developments of the year


Top 60 Developments: Extra Care Developments of the Year

24/07/2015 | By Michael Atherton

Inside Housing is showcasing the best 60 developments of the last year. This year, our list is split into 10 categories of excellence which we will reveal over the next few weeks. Michael Atherton reports on the best extra care developments of the year.

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Welsh Assembly

Welsh landlords told to model for Osborne-style rent cut

03/08/2015 | By Pete Apps

Social landlords in Wales are modelling the impact of an English-style rent cut, as the Welsh Government considers following George Osborne in tearing up the rent formula.

Mike Owen

Status quo

04/08/2015 | By Mike Owen

We have to show our government a rent cut in Wales would not be the best for our communities, says Mike Owen


Fair trading

31/07/2015 | By Darren Watmough

Our ‘customer’ is the government – not our tenants, says Darren Watmough

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