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A2 Dominion issues £150m retail bond

Clarion reports reduced surplus to investors

26/04/2017 | By Pete Apps

The UK’s largest social landlord is expecting a reduced annual surplus this financial year due to a planned smaller sales programme.

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Hertfordshire housing association secures £65m Lloyds lending

24/04/2017 | By Nick Johnstone

A South East social housing provider has secured a £65m funding package from Lloyds Bank Commercial Bank to help deliver plans to build 800 new houses.


Snap election unlikely to halt bond deals, experts say

18/04/2017 | By Nick Johnstone

The snap general election on 8 June is unlikely to have the same chilling impact on the housing association bond market as the 2015 poll, finance experts have said.

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Barratt boosts profits despite dip in homes built

22/02/2017 | By Pete Apps

The UK’s largest house builder has announced boosted profits in the six months to the end of December, despite a dip in the number of homes it built.

Helen Rourke Trafford Housing Trust social housing finance

Why we embarked on a £275m refinancing deal

01/02/2017 | By Helen Rourke

Trafford Housing Trust’s director of finance, Helen Rourke, explains the thinking behind the major deal announced last week

Paragon issues £250m bond

AHF secures £114.8m record low bond

12/01/2017 | By Nick Johnstone

Two housing associations have secured a £114.8m bond at a record low rate under the government’s guaranteed finance scheme.

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Digital bank enters shared ownership market

07/12/2016 | By Simon Brandon

A UK-based digital-only bank has become the latest mortgage lender to enter the shared ownership market.

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Clarion Group formed as mega-merger completes

30/11/2016 | By Pete Apps

Affinity Sutton and Circle Housing Group have completed their long-awaited ‘mega-merger’, joining forces to become Clarion Housing Group, the UK’s largest housing association and one of its biggest house builders.

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PRS bond raises £265m at 1.75%

18/11/2016 | By Pete Apps

A government guarantees programme for the private rented sector has issued its long-awaited £265m bond, with a coupon of 1.75%.

A2 Dominion issues £150m retail bond

Pioneering social housing REIT raises £350m

16/11/2016 | By Nick Johnstone

Civitas Social Housing Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) has announced that it has raised £100m more than its planned fundraising of £250m, as it prepares to float on the London Stock Exchange on Friday.

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Grainger forecasts £50m profit

11/10/2016 | By Pete Apps

The largest listed private landlord in the UK has told investors to expect profit of more than £50m for the year after strong growth despite stamp duty changes and the EU referendum.


Sovereign credit rating downgraded ahead of merger

04/10/2016 | By Pete Apps

A South West-based housing association has had its credit rating lowered ahead of a major merger due to “revenue pressure stemming from rent cuts”.


Major London landlord downgraded by credit agency

04/10/2016 | By Pete Apps

A major London housing association has had its credit rating downgraded due to its increasing exposure to sales and rising debt.

house prices going up

Property prices rise in East of England

13/09/2016 | By Chloë Stothart

The East of England saw the highest growth in house prices during the past year, government figures reveal.

Aerial view of London

House builders warn of tax impact on London market

06/09/2016 | By Pete Apps

Two of the United Kingdom’s largest house builders have today warned that tax changes are having a negative effect on London’s housing market.

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Kier launches joint venture model

01/09/2016 | By Pete Apps

A major developer has launched a joint venture model in a bid to form partnerships with Northern housing associations and build 1,000 homes in three years.

Paragon issues £250m bond

AHF issues £191m bond at record low rate

28/07/2016 | By Carl Brown

A bond aggregator has taken advantage of a sharp drop in the cost of government bonds to raise £191.4m for five landlords at a record low all-in rate.

Stock market

Swan secures cheap bonds as rates sink post-referendum

08/07/2016 | By Gavriel Hollander

Swan Housing Association has taken advantage of the falling price of government debt in the wake of the EU referendum to issue £60m of retained bonds.

For use in Inside Housing, 1 July 2016

Meet the Top 50 Biggest Builders Video

01/07/2016 | By Jess McCabe

Going up or doing down - how many homes will the UK build? Jess McCabe takes a look into the future with the Top 50 Biggest Builders in the sector

For use in Inside Housing, 1 July 2016

Has build-to-let got a future? Video

30/06/2016 | By Caroline Thorpe

When the chancellor unexpectedly raised stamp duty for institutional private sector landlords, did it spell the end of the build-to-let market? Caroline Thorpe reports

A2 Dominion issues £150m retail bond

Millions wiped off house builder shares after Leave vote

24/06/2016 | By Gavriel Hollander

Millions of pounds have been wiped off the value of house builders as shares plummeted in the wake of the Leave vote in the EU referendum.

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Bank waives LOBO loan interest rate hikes

23/06/2016 | By Gavriel Hollander

Barclays has agreed to waive its option to increase interest rates on a set of loans taken out by housing associations in the wake of the financial crisis.

For use in Inside Housing, 24 June 2016

Shared ownership 2 Video

23/06/2016 | By Nick Duxbury

As shared ownership finally gets its big break, exclusive new data reveals how the tenure performs for the first time. Nick Duxbury reports


CEOs warn of negative Brexit impact for sector

20/06/2016 | By Pete Apps

An overwhelming majority of housing association bosses to respond to an Inside Housing survey believe leaving the European Union would harm their businesses.

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The Best of times Video

17/06/2016 | By Jess McCabe

Efforts by the Lords to moderate the government’s Housing and Planning Act resulted in some victories. But will the concessions change the future of the sector? And what fights are still to come? Jess McCabe sits down with Lord Best


Dispatches from Cardiff

28/04/2016 | By Pete Apps

Ahead of next week’s elections, Pete Apps reports on all the major talking points from #TAI2016 in Cardiff

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Risk 643px

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water… Video

11/03/2016 | By Nick Duxbury

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the market… Nick Duxbury investigates the hidden risks of building more homes for sale


The subsidy sandwich Video

10/03/2016 | By Nick Duxbury

Government’s solution to the lack of affordable housing is to sell Starter Homes at a 20% discount. Nick Duxbury explains the recipe for subsidising this form of sub-market housing

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Commercial compassion


Housing associations should be celebrated as both successful businesses and caring enterprises, says Kate Davies

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Moody's issues Brexit warning

22/02/2016 | By Pete Apps

A credit agency, which provides ratings to most major housing associations, has warned it would consider putting the UK on negative outlook if it exits the EU.

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For use in Inside Housing, 5 February 2016

From homeless hostel to backpacker's paradise Video

02/02/2016 | By Simon Brandon

When One Housing found out its central London homeless hostel must shut due to funding cuts, it turned the property into a money-spinner. Simon Brandon reports

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For use in Inside Housing, 11 December 2015

Splash down Video

11/12/2015 | By Nick Duxbury

Behind the scenes, lenders and builders are concerned that David Cameron’s 200,000 ‘Starter Homes’ will distort the housing market. Nick Duxbury reports


Housing's new dawn Video

10/12/2015 | By Alex Turner

A new dawn for the social housing sector, the Housing and Planning Bill is progressing through the House of Commons. Alex Turner looks for some clarity on some key points


Cuts improve association's credit strength

27/11/2015 | By Carl Brown

Cuts to operating costs and a scaling-back of development has led to an improved credit profile for a Somerset-based housing association, Moody’s has said.

For use in Inside Housing, 6 November 2015

Preparing for the future Video

06/11/2015 | By Pete Apps

Pete Apps has trawled through the financial statements of the biggest 75 housing associations in England, to reveal the key financial trends in the sector.

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Stock market

L&Q prepares to issue bond

12/10/2015 | By Pete Apps

London’s largest housing association is talking to investors this week, as it prepares to issue the sector’s second bond since the Budget.

For use in Inside Housing, 9 October 2015

The end of cheap bond finance? Video

09/10/2015 | By Pete Apps

Last month’s bond issue by Metropolitan saw investors demand an increase in bond prices. Pete Apps asks if the era of extremely cheap housing association bonds is coming to an end


Rating agency says voluntary RTB deal 'credit positive'

06/10/2015 | By Pete Apps

A voluntary deal to extend the Right to Buy is likely to be viewed positively by lenders, the leading credit agency for housing associations has said.

Stock market

Rise in bond price 'could hit development ambitions'

01/10/2015 | By Pete Apps

A “very substantial” rise in the cost of the first housing association bond since the Budget could further reduce housing associations’ development ambitions, experts have warned.

Moody's warns credit rating

Moody's: Budget changes 'credit negative' for associations

09/07/2015 | By Pete Apps

The ‘unexpected reversal’ of the rent formula in yesterday’s Budget is ‘credit negative’ for housing associations, a leading ratings agency has said.

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Financial district

Landlords borrow at cheaper rates than UK government

29/05/2015 | By Pete Apps

Two housing associations have borrowed money under the government guarantees scheme at a cheaper rate than the cost of UK government debt.

Financial district

Fitch issues warning over market sale exposure

19/05/2015 | By Pete Apps

A credit rating agency has warned housing associations could face downgrades.

Moody's warns credit rating

Strong rating for PRS guarantees scheme

08/05/2015 | By Pete Apps

Moody’s has awarded a high rating to the government guarantee scheme for new private rented sector (PRS) housing.

Sanctuary Group secures European Investment Bank funding

Largest associations pledge £13.1bn of investment

14/04/2015 | By Pete Apps

A 46% surge in financial commitments since 2012 could leave landlords struggling to raise the necessary finance without breaching covenants.

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Paragon issues £250m bond

Essex landlord agrees £40m private placement

13/04/2015 | By Pete Apps

An institutional investor has loaned £40m to an Essex-based landlord in a 30-year private placement.  

A2 Dominion issues £150m retail bond

MPs 'uneasy' over housing associations’ derivatives exposure

25/03/2015 | By Daniel Douglas

Housing associations’ exposure to the derivatives market could become a ‘matter of serious public concern’ in the next parliament, according to a report by the Communities and Local Government (CLG) committee.

Orbit issues £250m bond

Orbit £250m bond continues cheap sector debt trend

18/03/2015 | By Carl Brown

Orbit has raised £250m on the bond market at an interest rate of 3.5%.

Stock market

The name is bond

11/03/2015 | By Caroline Thorpe

Housing associations are relying more and more on the bond markets to raise long-term debt. But how is the debt priced - and are landlords getting a good deal? Caroline Thorpe reports

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Moody's warns credit rating

Moody's: 'No distinction' between traditional and LSVT credit strength

10/03/2015 | By Pete Apps

Stock transfer housing associations are on an equal footing with traditional landlords in terms of credit strength, a major credit agency has said.

Orbit to issue its first public bond

Orbit to raise £250m in its first public bond

10/03/2015 | By Pete Apps

A housing association will issue its first ever public bond after receiving an A1 rating from Moody’s.

Paragon issues £250m bond

Swan secures £250m bond

27/02/2015 | By Pete Apps

An Essex-based housing association has secured a £250m bond at an interest rate of 3.625%.

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Moody's warns credit rating

Moody's gives landlord high rating despite warning on shared ownership

23/02/2015 | By Pete Apps

A 22,000-home landlord has been given a strong credit rating, despite negative comments from a credit agency about its growing exposure to shared ownership and outright sale.

Paragon issues £250m bond

Essex landlord could become smallest ever to issue bond

23/02/2015 | By Pete Apps

A 3,000-home housing association could become one of the smallest landlords in the sector’s history to issue an own-named bond.

Belfast homes for sale, Northern Ireland house prices

Tory homes gift pledge 'could spook investors'

17/02/2015 | By Pete Apps

Investors could be driven away from the sector if the Conservatives push ahead with plans to ‘gift’ housing association homes to tenants.

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Financial district

Clydesdale provides first sector loan in three years

16/02/2015 | By Pete Apps

Clydesdale has marked its return to the social housing sector with a £50m loan to a Home Counties landlord.

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piggy bank funding

United Welsh secure £50m private placement deal

10/02/2015 | By Pete Apps

A south Wales landlord has borrowed £50m from an institutional investor to build 600 properties over two years, increasing its stock by more than 10%.

Chief executive, Liverpool Mutual Homes

Landlords in merger talks to create largest landlord in north west

06/02/2015 | By Pete Apps

Two landlords have agreed to enter talks about a merger deal which would create a mammoth 56,000-home landlord in the north west.

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Financial district

Institutional investor commits £1.5bn to regen schemes

27/01/2015 | By Pete Apps

A major institutional investor has announced plans to invest £1.5bn in regeneration projects across the UK, including for rented housing.

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Paragon issues £250m bond

Wheatley issues record breaking retained bond

26/01/2015 | By Pete Apps

Scotland’s largest social landlord has secured the cheapest own-named bond ever issued by a UK landlord, in a follow up to its £250m deal last year.

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A2 Dominion issues £150m retail bond

Landlord secures £20m at 2.2%

23/01/2015 | By Pete Apps

A Midlands landlord has become the latest to cash in on historic low borrowing rates and smash the sector’s plummeting record for long-term debt.