Sunday, 31 July 2016

AHF issues £194m guaranteed bond

A government-guaranteed bond has raised £194m for seven housing associations at one of the lowest interest rates ever seen in the sector.

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  • AHF issues £191m bond at record low rate

    28 July 2016

    A bond aggregator has taken advantage of a sharp drop in the cost of government bonds to raise £191.4m for five landlords at a record low all-in rate.

  • Latest AHF bond raises £161m

    26 May 2016

    A bond aggregator has raised £161m of development finance at record low rates, despite a slowdown in trading ahead of the EU referendum.

  • Association in £100m guaranteed debt deal

    11 April 2016

    A housing association has received £100m of government-guaranteed debt to build 645 new homes.

  • Warrington Council issues £150m bond

    25 August 2015

    A council has issued a £150m bond after pledging to use capital market cash to finance the building of new homes locally.

  • Record £208m guaranteed bond issued

    4 August 2015

    A new government guaranteed bond has raised £208m of development finance for six landlords at the lowest interest rate seen in the sector, despite recent government reforms.

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