Getting the allocations right


What choices are landlords making when they allocate housing - and how well are they working out? Inside Housing and Housing Partners surveyed industry professionals for answers

Terrie Alafat

Alafat: welfare reforms risk undermining housing aims

15/03/2017 | By Sophie Barnes

The government’s welfare reforms risk undermining its aim to make housing more accessible, the chief executive of the Chartered Institute of Housing has warned.

cym d'souza 600

We can improve housing conditions for BME communities

15/03/2017 | By Cym D'Souza

BME households are still subject to some of the worst housing conditions in the UK and they need someone to fight their corner, says Cym D’Souza

Cedric Boston 600

Stepping in to provide help for migrants and refugees


A hardening of public attitudes towards migrants and refugees has prompted Arhag Housing Association to widen its range of services. Chief executive Cedric Boston explains more


Scottish Government launches scrutiny guide for tenants

14/03/2017 | By Tom Wall

The Scottish Government has urged tenants to use a new guide to scrutinise social landlords in order to improve services.

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LGBT housing advice service given L&Q funding boost

14/03/2017 | By Tom Wall

Stonewall Housing, the housing advice service for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, has received a £180,000 boost from the L&Q Foundation to preserve its future after falling local authority funding.


Landlords are well-placed to support aspiration among tenants


We need to go beyond ‘bricks and mortar’ to help boost tenants’ potential, says Michael McDonnell of Choice Housing

Kevin Beirne 559

We are ready to talk with government about social care strategy


Housing is at the core of the solution on social care, says Kevin Beirne of One Housing

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The end of Right to Buy in Wales

13/03/2017 | By Jules Birch , Jules Birch

As Wales consigns the Right to Buy to history, Westminster seems hellbent on the destruction of value created in the past, says Jules Birch

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Lessons from Lakanal

10/03/2017 | By Sophie Barnes

As Southwark Council pleads guilty to four criminal charges relating to the Lakanal House fire, Sophie Barnes looks at what went wrong and whether it could happen again

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Testing the water Video


The ‘full-service’ Universal Credit roll-out is being road tested in pilots across the country. As an official at the Scottish local authority involved, Michael Lloyd has a front row seat

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Glasgow takes on the rogues Video

08/03/2017 | By James Andrew Smith

Glasgow’s Govanhill district has been described as Scotland’s “biggest slum”, with private sector properties in dire conditions. James Andrew Smith meets the people set on turning it around

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young homeless homelessness youth

Under-21 housing benefit cut 'could place 9,000 at risk of homelessness'

06/03/2017 | By Pete Apps

Removing housing benefit from young people could see 9,000 left unable to access accommodation and placed at risk of homelessness, a charity has estimated.

Brendan Sarsfield NEW

Merging can help us be closer to our residents

03/03/2017 | By Brendan Sarsfield

With housing associations growing larger through merger, the sector must do its best to retain its links with its tenants and local communities, says Brendan Sarsfield

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What the English Housing Survey report shows

02/03/2017 | By Jules Birch , Jules Birch

Jules Birch scrutinises the figures in the English Housing Survey, which was published this morning.


Social landlords need to be 'more open' to complaints, warns Scottish regulator

02/03/2017 | By Sophie Barnes

Some Scottish social landlords need to be “more open and responsive” to complaints, the Scottish Housing Regulator has cautioned.


Don’t hard sell to vulnerable tenants

01/03/2017 | By Mr Anonymous

A growing trend of high-pressure doorstep utility selling is causing headaches for tenants and housing officers, says Mr Anonymous

Abigail Davies

Valuers and lenders have not yet been heard in rent settlement debate

01/03/2017 | By Abigail Davies

As the sector prepares to debate rent-setting post-2020, Abigail Davies of Savills warns that a less consistent system could affect confidence in the sector


We need to better understand our customers

27/02/2017 | By Jane Ashcroft

Being able to measure and act on customer satisfaction scores is increasingly important given growing pressures on landlords, says Jane Ashcroft


LHA cap is just part of a much bigger issue

24/02/2017 | By Jules Birch , Jules Birch

The capping of housing benefit in line with Local Housing Allowance is just one part of a much wider issue, says Jules Birch

crime, anti-social behaviour, social housing

Breaking the cycle Video

24/02/2017 | By Steve Sampson

Gang violence is a growing problem in our inner cities but councils’ youth services budgets have been cut. Can housing associations fill the void? Steve Sampson finds out

Lord Richard Best 600

Homelessness bill is ground-breaking, but risks being undermined by cuts

24/02/2017 | By Lord Best

The Homelessness Reduction Bill comes before the House of Lords today. Lord Richard Best says this presents an opportunity to air some wider concerns.

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eviction 394

Government reviewing associations' powers to evict problem tenants

23/02/2017 | By Nathaniel Barker

The government has revealed it is undertaking a review of associations’ powers to evict anti-social tenants, as MPs heard calls for greater powers to protect neighbours yesterday.

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Tenant Desposit Scheme, generation rent, lettings

Time running out to win £500 vouchers in our lettings survey


Inside Housing readers who complete a survey about their organisation’s approach to letting properties have the chance to win £500 in Marks & Spencer vouchers.


MPs to debate associations' duties to private neighbours

22/02/2017 | By Nathaniel Barker

Ministers will be asked to require housing associations to offer compensation to neighbours affected by their tenants at a House of Commons debate later today.

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New Era: one year on Video

22/02/2017 | By Sophie Barnes

A year ago, the new landlord of a Hackney estate ripped up the rental rulebook. Sophie Barnes returns to Hoxton to find out how the personalised rents model has bedded in

Howard Nankivell 600, social housing, funding

The potential impact of LHA cap on sheltered housing is devastating


The government’s proposals for supported housing funding risk breaking part of the market that is currently working, warns Howard Nankivell of Anchor

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rent standard cover 559

NHF warns of 'significant risks' in deal-based rents approach

20/02/2017 | By Pete Apps

The National Housing Federation (NHF) has warned of “significant risks” to a deal-based approach for future rent settlements.

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Susan Hickey 559

Our commercialism enables us to expand social purpose


As the HCA reveals a surge in commercial activity, Susan Hickey explains why Peabody is building more homes for market sale

rent standard cover 559

Government considers development commitments in return for rent increases

17/02/2017 | By Pete Apps

The government is considering deals with housing associations to link rent increases to commitments to increase housebuilding in its post-2020 rent settlement.

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Government needs to convince sector new rent settlement will last

17/02/2017 | By Martin Hilditch

After the shock of the 2015 rent cut, ministers need to be convincing on the new settlement if associations are going to deliver, says Martin Hilditch


Rent increases in return for delivery would be just the start


The rent-setting negotiation with government is an opportunity for the sector to get around the table, says Placeshapers’ Sinéad Butters

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IH Top 50 columnist

Customer first should trump digital first

17/02/2017 | By Chan Kataria

The move to digital shouldn’t be at the expense of tenants’ best interests, says Chan Kataria

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Wisdom of crowds Video

16/02/2017 | By Kate Youde

Crowdfunding has allowed millions of people to raise money for causes they care about, including homelessness. But what role is left for charities and social landlords in the age of direct action? Kate Youde finds out


Wigan Council set to scrap ALMO

15/02/2017 | By Nathaniel Barker

Wigan Council is expected to take back control of housing stock from its arm’s-length management organisation (ALMO), after a report concluded the move would save £5.5m.

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Martin Armstrong 600 new

Creating employment opportunities for tenants

15/02/2017 | By Martin Armstrong

Apprenticeships and skills training can provide a vital leg-up for those most in need, says Martin Armstrong

Viv Davies, family mosaic, social housing, IDS, universal credit, welfare

Is Universal Credit really helping people to help themselves?


Vivian Davies of Family Mosaic questions whether Universal Credit in its current form is fulfilling its true goal


Birmingham changes expected to remove 4,000 from housing waiting list

14/02/2017 | By Nathaniel Barker

Birmingham City Council is set to remove an estimated 4,000 households from its housing waiting list by changing its allocation policy.


White Paper should have focused on people at all stages of life

10/02/2017 | By David Cowans

OPINION: While there is a noticeable shift in improving standards in the private rental market, housing options for people at all stages of their life should have been a focus of the Housing White Paper, says David Cowans

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Forty years of co-operation Video

08/02/2017 | By Michael Lloyd

Lister Housing Co-operative in Edinburgh was founded by activists 40 years ago. Michael Lloyd finds out what happens when direct action hits middle age


Barwell: no tenancy length increases for buy-to-let landlords

08/02/2017 | By Pete Apps

WHITE PAPER: The government has no plans to force or encourage buy-to-let landlords to increase the length of their tenancies, the housing minister has confirmed.


Barwell: longer PRS tenancies in White Paper

06/02/2017 | By Pete Apps

The government will look to increase the availability of longer rental tenancies as it seeks to boost institutional investment in Build to Rent in tomorrow’s Housing White Paper.

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Stephen Chapman 600

Helping tenants hit by the cap


As the lowered benefit cap completes its roll-out this week, Riverside’s Stephen Chapman explains what his association is doing to help tenants cope

waiting lists 559

Areas with rising waiting lists see falls in social housing

24/01/2017 | By Luke Barratt

Councils with the fastest rising housing waiting lists are areas which saw above average decreases in the amount of social housing coming available, exclusive Inside Housing analysis shows.

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Beds in sheds

'Rogue' landlords receive £2.3bn in housing benefit

23/01/2017 | By Tim Clark

One in every £10 spent on housing benefit in England goes to a private landlord letting a sub-standard home, according to new analysis by the Labour Party.

Tenant’s eye view

Council-owned homes drop by 10% in six years

16/01/2017 | By Sophie Barnes

The number of council-owned homes has dropped by more than 10% in six years, with a 1.9% decrease since last year.

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Scottish parliament

Universal Credit to be paid more regularly in Scotland

13/01/2017 | By Sophie Barnes

The Scottish Government plans to use its new social security powers for the first time to make Universal Credit payments more regular, it has announced today.

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social tenancy new

Government reveals councils on fixed-term tenancies working group

12/01/2017 | By Sophie Barnes

The government has revealed the names of the 20 councils it is working with to look at how to implement fixed-term tenancies.

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Leaked letter reveals Circle repairs overhaul could run until September

12/01/2017 | By Pete Apps

Overhauling the long-standing repairs issues affecting former Circle Housing stock could take until September, a leaked letter has revealed.

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RTB pilots: one in four express interest but sales limited

11/01/2017 | By Pete Apps

A quarter of eligible tenants expressed an interest in buying their homes under the Right to Buy extension pilot, but affordability acted as a major drag on actual sales.

Shared ownership keys house buy

Association tenants exposed to 'significant financial risk' under RTB

11/01/2017 | By Pete Apps

Housing association tenants are taking on huge financial risk to buy homes through the extended Right to Buy, with high street banks offering mortgages of more than five times their income.

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Lakanal 559

Council prosecuted by fire service over Lakanal House blaze

04/01/2017 | By Sophie Barnes

Southwark Council is facing prosecution for breaching fire safety regulations following the deaths of six people in the Lakanal House fire.

Jules Birch

'10 things about 2016': part one

23/12/2016 | By Jules Birch

NEW YEAR REFLECTIONS: Jules Birch looks back at the events of 2016 in the first of a series of end-of-year comment pieces


Sheltered accommodation provider warned over quality concerns

22/12/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

A sheltered accommodation provider has been issued a regulatory notice for failing to meet the Decent Homes Standard and “significant” repairs and maintenance issues.

Shared ownership keys house buy

LGA: social housing drop prevents young buying

22/12/2016 | By Luke Barratt

A huge drop in social housing building means homeownership rates among 25-year-olds are less than half what they were 20 years ago, council leaders warned today.

Troubled families

‘No evidence’ government programme helped troubled families

20/12/2016 | By Luke Barratt

Government claims that it has “turned around” 120,000 troubled families were “misleading”, and there is no evidence the programme created for this purpose has had any significant impact, MPs have said.

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Overdue document

Universal Credit arrears soar in Scottish council

19/12/2016 | By Luke Barratt

The introduction of Universal Credit has caused a dramatic rise in rent arrears in eastern Scotland, according to a local council report.

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Mike Owen

Rent rethink

16/12/2016 | By Mike Owen

We need to stop thinking of rent as a financial vehicle to extract value and instead look at how lower rent levels create a springboard out of poverty, argues Mike Owen

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Inside Housing pictures of the year

Pictures of the year 2016


Our art editor Sonny Dhamu picks his favourite Inside Housing pictures from 2016

gavel law legal challenge

LGA seeks legal advice for councils caught in water bill scandal

15/12/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

The Local Government Association (LGA) is seeking legal advice on behalf of councils exposed to multimillion pound compensation claims for overcharging tenants for water.