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Dealing with unreasonable tenants

28/04/2017 | By Kirsty Varley

It is important to take the correct approach with unreasonable tenants, says Kirsty Varley, of law firm Croftons

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We need to take a more active role in fighting poverty

26/04/2017 | By Martin Armstrong

The sector must renew its commitment to supporting people in hardship, says Wheatley Group’s Martin Armstrong

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Social sector evictions on the increase in Scotland, Shelter reveals

24/04/2017 | By Sophie Barnes

There has been a 24% increase in evictions from social housing in Scotland over the past two years, a new report by Shelter Scotland has revealed.

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Our new homelessness service explained


Thirteen Group is aiming to help prevent homelessness on behalf of five councils across the North East. The group’s director Chris Smith explains more


Government needs to look more closely at affordability

24/04/2017 | By Campbell Robb

The Housing White Paper’s affordable private rent model is a step in the right direction, but more needs to be done for those on low incomes, says Campbell Robb of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

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LHA cap: a sinking feeling Video


The LHA cap is set to leave Welsh landlords and tenants in a sticky situation. Jules Birch investigates what is likely to happen as a result

Overdue document

Welsh associations warn hundreds will be unable to pay rent under LHA cap

21/04/2017 | By Jules Birch , Pete Apps

Welsh social landlords in low-rent areas have revealed capping benefits at Local Housing Allowance (LHA) will leave hundreds of their tenants unable to pay their rent.


Homelessness must be an election issue

19/04/2017 | By Matt Downie

The next government could turn the tide on rising homelessness and end rough sleeping, says Matt Downie

Managing director,  Housing Partners

Making a choice

18/04/2017 | By Simon Hollingsworth

There is an urgent need for more flexibility in lettings cycles, says Simon Hollingsworth, managing director at Housing Partners


The data divide


Landlords must think again about how they allocate homes to meet need, says Barry Marlow


Click and pick


How two social landlords are looking to alter their approach to allocating homes


The trouble with leasehold

13/04/2017 | By Jules Birch , Jules Birch

Jules Birch looks at the problems encountered by leaseholders and suggests an alternative system.

Editor, Inside Housing

Ministers' listening on welfare reform must now give way to action

13/04/2017 | By Emma Maier

Ministers would do well to back a pilot of supported housing funding offered by housing associations, says Emma Maier

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Where the axe will fall Video

13/04/2017 | By Pete Apps , Sophie Barnes

Pete Apps and Sophie Barnes assess the potential impact of the forthcoming cut to housing benefit for young people


Increase in compensation claims for disrepair


The claims management industry is increasingly encouraging tenants to seek compensation from social landlords, warns Sian Evans of law firm Weightmans


The government needs to tackle the broader causes of homelessness

11/04/2017 | By Lord Gary Porter

Councils need powers and access to funding to build genuniely affordable homes, says Lord Gary Porter, chair of the Local Government Association.


Ministers must do something about ASB eviction process

10/04/2017 | By Matthew Bailes

Paradigm Housing’s chief executive Matthew Bailes calls for an easier and less costly method of evicting anti-social tenants

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Vulnerable people: a test for customer complaints

07/04/2017 | By Dame Clare Tickell

Dame Clare Tickell outlines the challenges facing social landlords as consumer complaints become more complex

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The politics of the benefit cap

06/04/2017 | By Jules Birch , Jules Birch

The perversity of the lowered benefit cap is that it trumps all other judgements about what is fair in the benefits system, observes Jules Birch

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Councils receive new powers to fine 'rogue' landlords

06/04/2017 | By Luke Barratt

Councils will receive new powers to deal with rogue landlords from today, the government has announced.


In praise of 'normal'

05/04/2017 | By Richard Peacock

Richard Peacock of Soha Housing writes in defence of the ‘bread and butter work’ associations like his do every day

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Government will not reconsider LHA rate freeze

03/04/2017 | By Luke Barratt

The government has refused to reconsider its decision to freeze the Local Housing Allowance (LHA), the rate which sets how much housing benefit can be claimed by private tenants.

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LHA: a reverse supermarket sweep

03/04/2017 | By Jules Birch , Jules Birch

The Local Housing Allowance was originally intended to help tenants ‘shop around’, but that has now all changed due to cuts, says Jules Birch

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Regulator and ombudsman talks are better late than never


As the HCA and Housing Ombudsman open talks about joint working, Leslie Channon of Tpas outlines the challenges they need to resolve


Why we must choose digital

03/04/2017 | By Catriona Simons

Digital services promote self-confidence and esteem among tenants, says Catriona Simons of The Guinness Partnership

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Ministers need to urgently rethink LHA


Welfare policy for private tenants no longer fulfils its basic aim, says Sam Lister of the Chartered Institute of Housing

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Mike Owen

DHPs cannot meet all the demands ministers place on them

31/03/2017 | By Mike Owen

Discretionary Housing Payments are seen as the ‘gift that keeps on giving’ but they are insufficient, argues Mike Owen of Merthyr Valley Homes

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New T-levels offer opportunities for housing associations

31/03/2017 | By Karyn Kay

Don’t underestimate the opportunities T-levels can offer for forward-looking housing providers, says New Charter Group’s Karyn Kay


One Housing to raise rents on key worker scheme by 40%

30/03/2017 | By Nathaniel Barker

A London housing association is set to start lifting rents by up to 40% at a key worker scheme in east London from next week, amid local opposition.

Mark Henderson NEW

Time to end rent controls in social housing

30/03/2017 | By Mark Henderson

Price controls often fail to achieve their objectives and hit supply, argues Home Group’s Mark Henderson

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Extra freedom, but a fresh burden too

30/03/2017 | By Steve Douglas

From next Thursday associations will face less regulation. But as consultant Steve Douglas explains, they will also take on the added burden of protecting the sector’s reputation

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Why we are considering building a cable car system

28/03/2017 | By Victor da Cunha

Housing association Curo will this week launch a consultation on the principle of building a cable car system for tenants. Victor Da Cunha explains more

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Relationship building is essential for the sector to thrive

28/03/2017 | By Liz Cook

Housing organisations need to change and make new alliances to survive the upheavals hitting the sector, says Liz Cook


Dementia code for housing launched by charity

27/03/2017 | By Pete Apps

A major dementia charity is calling for social landlords to sign up to a dementia charter to make housing friendly to sufferers of the condition.

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Scottish parliament

Scottish Government to cover the loss of housing benefit for 18 to 21-year-olds

27/03/2017 | By Sophie Barnes

The Scottish Government will extend its welfare fund to include all 18 to 21-year-olds hit by the removal of housing benefit, set to be introduced from April.

Council offices

Lambeth approves 1,300-home estate redevelopment

27/03/2017 | By Nick Johnstone

Lambeth Borough Council has approved the redevelopment of a council estate which could pave the way for up to 1,300 homes.


Housing before treatment

22/03/2017 | By Matt Downie

Housing homeless people before they receive treatment could end rough sleeping, but the policy must not disrupt existing allocations, says Matt Downie


Getting the allocations right


What choices are landlords making when they allocate housing - and how well are they working out? Inside Housing and Housing Partners surveyed industry professionals for answers

Terrie Alafat

Alafat: welfare reforms risk undermining housing aims

15/03/2017 | By Sophie Barnes

The government’s welfare reforms risk undermining its aim to make housing more accessible, the chief executive of the Chartered Institute of Housing has warned.

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We can improve housing conditions for BME communities

15/03/2017 | By Cym D'Souza

BME households are still subject to some of the worst housing conditions in the UK and they need someone to fight their corner, says Cym D’Souza

Cedric Boston 600

Stepping in to provide help for migrants and refugees


A hardening of public attitudes towards migrants and refugees has prompted Arhag Housing Association to widen its range of services. Chief executive Cedric Boston explains more


Scottish Government launches scrutiny guide for tenants

14/03/2017 | By Tom Wall

The Scottish Government has urged tenants to use a new guide to scrutinise social landlords in order to improve services.

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LGBT housing advice service given L&Q funding boost

14/03/2017 | By Tom Wall

Stonewall Housing, the housing advice service for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, has received a £180,000 boost from the L&Q Foundation to preserve its future after falling local authority funding.


Landlords are well-placed to support aspiration among tenants


We need to go beyond ‘bricks and mortar’ to help boost tenants’ potential, says Michael McDonnell of Choice Housing

Kevin Beirne 559

We are ready to talk with government about social care strategy


Housing is at the core of the solution on social care, says Kevin Beirne of One Housing

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The end of Right to Buy in Wales

13/03/2017 | By Jules Birch , Jules Birch

As Wales consigns the Right to Buy to history, Westminster seems hellbent on the destruction of value created in the past, says Jules Birch

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Lessons from Lakanal

10/03/2017 | By Sophie Barnes

As Southwark Council pleads guilty to four criminal charges relating to the Lakanal House fire, Sophie Barnes looks at what went wrong and whether it could happen again

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Testing the water Video


The ‘full-service’ Universal Credit roll-out is being road tested in pilots across the country. As an official at the Scottish local authority involved, Michael Lloyd has a front row seat

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Glasgow takes on the rogues Video

08/03/2017 | By James Andrew Smith

Glasgow’s Govanhill district has been described as Scotland’s “biggest slum”, with private sector properties in dire conditions. James Andrew Smith meets the people set on turning it around

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young homeless homelessness youth

Under-21 housing benefit cut 'could place 9,000 at risk of homelessness'

06/03/2017 | By Pete Apps

Removing housing benefit from young people could see 9,000 left unable to access accommodation and placed at risk of homelessness, a charity has estimated.

Brendan Sarsfield NEW

Merging can help us be closer to our residents

03/03/2017 | By Brendan Sarsfield

With housing associations growing larger through merger, the sector must do its best to retain its links with its tenants and local communities, says Brendan Sarsfield

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What the English Housing Survey report shows

02/03/2017 | By Jules Birch , Jules Birch

Jules Birch scrutinises the figures in the English Housing Survey, which was published this morning.


Social landlords need to be 'more open' to complaints, warns Scottish regulator

02/03/2017 | By Sophie Barnes

Some Scottish social landlords need to be “more open and responsive” to complaints, the Scottish Housing Regulator has cautioned.


Don’t hard sell to vulnerable tenants

01/03/2017 | By Mr Anonymous

A growing trend of high-pressure doorstep utility selling is causing headaches for tenants and housing officers, says Mr Anonymous

Abigail Davies

Valuers and lenders have not yet been heard in rent settlement debate

01/03/2017 | By Abigail Davies

As the sector prepares to debate rent-setting post-2020, Abigail Davies of Savills warns that a less consistent system could affect confidence in the sector


We need to better understand our customers

27/02/2017 | By Jane Ashcroft

Being able to measure and act on customer satisfaction scores is increasingly important given growing pressures on landlords, says Jane Ashcroft


LHA cap is just part of a much bigger issue

24/02/2017 | By Jules Birch , Jules Birch

The capping of housing benefit in line with Local Housing Allowance is just one part of a much wider issue, says Jules Birch

crime, anti-social behaviour, social housing

Breaking the cycle Video

24/02/2017 | By Steve Sampson

Gang violence is a growing problem in our inner cities but councils’ youth services budgets have been cut. Can housing associations fill the void? Steve Sampson finds out

Lord Richard Best 600

Homelessness bill is ground-breaking, but risks being undermined by cuts

24/02/2017 | By Lord Best

The Homelessness Reduction Bill comes before the House of Lords today. Lord Richard Best says this presents an opportunity to air some wider concerns.

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Government reviewing associations' powers to evict problem tenants

23/02/2017 | By Nathaniel Barker

The government has revealed it is undertaking a review of associations’ powers to evict anti-social tenants, as MPs heard calls for greater powers to protect neighbours yesterday.

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