Thursday, 26 May 2016

BME executives under-represented

Only 19 out of more than 500 executives in the UK’s largest housing associations are black or minority ethnic (BME).

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    11 November 2015

    England’s largest tenant body is under threat of closing within months due to a shortage of funds.

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    A supported housing provider may no longer have a future as a viable, independent business following a liquidity crisis, the social housing regulator has warned.

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    22 July 2015

    People from more than 250 housing associations, arm’s-length management organisations and councils have so far taken part in Inside Housing’s inaugural Innovation Index research to find the landlords with the most creative organisational cultures.

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    23 June 2015

    An umbrella body of landlords will seek to almost double the size of the black and minority ethnic housing association sector within 10 years.

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    23 June 2015

    BME landlords are plotting their future, Martin Hilditch found out more.

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