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Associations 'missed decimal points' in data errors

13/01/2016 | By Pete Apps

Housing associations missed decimal points and entered monthly figures as years in a range of errors in official statements submitted to the English social housing regulator.

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Report finds mismanagement at Welsh landlord

06/01/2016 | By Corin Williams

A Welsh Government-commissioned report into housing association Tai Cantref found evidence of mismanagement, Inside Housing understands.

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Housing association downgraded over auditing

16/12/2015 | By Carl Brown

A Norfolk-based housing association has had its governance rating downgraded over concerns about a new auditing system.

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Councils hand back £46m RTB cash

05/02/2016 | By Pete Apps

Town halls have handed almost £50m in unspent Right to Buy cash earmarked for replacement council housing to the government, claiming rules make it impossible to spend.

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Temporary solution

05/02/2016 | By Kate Youde

Over-stretched accommodation and rising rents in London are leading to councils considering temporary homes as a potential fix. Kate Youde finds out more

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DHP allocations announced

05/02/2016 | By Carl Brown

The Department for Work and Pensions has announced individual local authority Discretionary Housing Payment allocations for 2016/17.

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Gas safety

Landlord failed to carry out gas safety checks

27/01/2016 | By Heather Spurr

A housing association has been criticised by the English social housing regulator for failing to carry out gas safety checks on 160 properties.


New standards for all Welsh association homes

18/01/2016 | By Pete Apps

The Welsh Government is planning to introduce new mandatory quality standards for all social landlord homes.

Northern Ireland Housing Executive

Call for 'agreed approach' on NI flags

05/11/2015 | By Jonathan Bunn

Northern Irish housing associations have called for an “agreed approach” to deal with a mounting problem of new developments being targetted with sectarian flags.

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