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Repairing trust

17/04/2015 | By Pete Apps

When Circle Housing entered into a £350m repairs contract in 2013, little did it know that within 18 months the deal would be cancelled amid blistering criticism of ‘chronic failure’ from the regulator. Pete Apps reports

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Landlord downgraded after risking covenant breaches

02/04/2015 | By Nick Duxbury

Asra Housing Group has had its governance and viability rating downgraded by the housing regulator after it was exposed to covenant breaches.

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Regulator slams giant landlord for 'chronic' repairs failings

02/04/2015 | By Pete Apps

‘Chronic failures’ resulting in ‘exceptionally poor provision of repairs’ has seen one of the UK’s largest social landlords ranked non-compliant by the sector watchdog.

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The Supreme Court final court of appeal in Parliament Square London

Councils' strategies to avoid homeless duties 'shameful'

17/04/2015 | By Daniel Douglas

Two London councils acted ‘shamefully’ in their attempts to avoid taking legal responsibility for a vulnerable homeless family, a High Court judge has found.

House keys

Savills questions £4.5bn Right to Buy sell-off calculation

17/04/2015 | By Martin Hilditch

The Conservative Party’s suggestion that £4.5bn could be raised by selling high value council homes to part fund its planned extension of Right to Buy to housing associations is highly questionable, according to research by Savills.

Paul Hackett, director of the Smith Institute

Make up, don't break up

17/04/2015 | By Paul Hackett

Governments and councils need to work together to tackle the housing crisis - rather than conduct phoney bidding wars on phantom housing targets, says Paul Hackett

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Gas safety

Landlords downgraded over gas safety

25/02/2015 | By Carl Brown

Three housing associations that missed gas safety checks have been given regulatory downgrades but still comply with the Homes and Communities Agency’s governance standard.

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Number of owner-occupiers falls while private renter stats rise

25/02/2015 | By Pete Apps

The number of owner-occupiers has fallen while those renting privately continue to rise, according to the latest government analysis of the English housing market.

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Gas safety

HCA raps another landlord over gas safety

19/02/2015 | By Carl Brown

A Gloucestershire housing association has become the latest English landlord rapped by the regulator for failing to carry out annual gas safety checks.

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