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A new era for affordable rents?

18/03/2015 | By Nick Duxbury

The New Era estate hit the headlines after private tenants mobilised a massive protest against plans to increase rents. Now it is a test bed for a new type of fair rent that challenges the government’s - and the sector’s - definition of affordability. Nick Duxbury reports

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The Supreme Court final court of appeal in Parliament Square London

Court rules disability eviction cases could go to full trial

12/03/2015 | By Jess McCabe

Landlords could be taken to full court hearings if tenants argue they are being evicted as a result of problems related to their disability, after a landmark ruling by the Supreme Court yesterday.

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Cloud house

27/03/2015 | By Keith Cooper

Cloud storage poses opportunities – and risks – for social landlords. Keith Cooper reports

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The big data experiment

25/03/2015 | By Simon Brandon

Social landlords are in the midst of a great experiment with ‘big data’. Once they collect together their information, what will they do with it? Simon Brandon reports

Chief executive, Amicus Horizon

Tenant power

24/03/2015 | By Paul Hackett

Involving tenants really does pay, says Paul Hackett. This follows a report released yesterday saying resident participation could save the sector millions.

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Chief executive, Stockport Council

Q&A with Eamonn Boylan

24/03/2015 | By Stuart Macdonald

Eamonn Boylan may have been the chief executive of Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council since January 2010, but his heart is still 100% housing.

Richard Blakeway

GLA considering housing zone programme extension

17/03/2015 | By Pete Apps

The Greater London Authority (GLA) is considering extending its housing zones programme as it announces the two latest sites for its £400m scheme.

Jo Boaden 177

Call of the north

10/03/2015 | By Jo Boaden

The north is distinct from the south and within it has diverse issues, says Jo Boaden. It needs its own housing commission to develop bespoke policy

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Sanctuary Group secures European Investment Bank funding

Housing associations eye PRS guarantees fund

23/03/2015 | By Pete Apps

Housing associations are eyeing up cheap debt to build thousands of private rented sector (PRS) homes through a government guarantees programme.

Stock pic of eviction order

Parliament passes law to ban 'revenge evictions'

17/03/2015 | By Daniel Douglas

A law to ban ‘revenge’ evictions was passed by the House of Lords after a long campaign spearheaded by housing charity Shelter. 

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southwark council houses

Anger over plans to limit PRS licensing

12/03/2015 | By Emily Twinch

Campaigning groups have slammed government plans to stop city or borough-wide private rented sector (PRS) licensing schemes.

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Magnifying glass

7 studies that show housing benefits

26/03/2015 | By Heather Spurr

Social landlords have been assessing their impact in key policy areas. Here are some of the key studies

Matthew Wilson Clarke Willmott

Injunction nation

20/03/2015 | By Matthew Wilson

A new injunction for anti-social behaviour is launched next week. It allows landlords to include ‘positive requirements’, but will that be a blessing or a curse?


Timeline: Scotland's housing history Video

05/03/2015 | By Derek Hogg

How has Scotland’s housing policy changed since devolution? Take a click through time with this interactive timeline by Derek Hogg, a partner at law firm Harper Macleod

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