Managing director,  Housing Partners

Making a choice

18/04/2017 | By Simon Hollingsworth

There is an urgent need for more flexibility in lettings cycles, says Simon Hollingsworth, managing director at Housing Partners


The data divide


Landlords must think again about how they allocate homes to meet need, says Barry Marlow


Click and pick


How two social landlords are looking to alter their approach to allocating homes

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Where the axe will fall Video

13/04/2017 | By Pete Apps , Sophie Barnes

Pete Apps and Sophie Barnes assess the potential impact of the forthcoming cut to housing benefit for young people


Birmingham changes expected to remove 4,000 from housing waiting list

14/02/2017 | By Nathaniel Barker

Birmingham City Council is set to remove an estimated 4,000 households from its housing waiting list by changing its allocation policy.

waiting lists 559

Areas with rising waiting lists see falls in social housing

24/01/2017 | By Luke Barratt

Councils with the fastest rising housing waiting lists are areas which saw above average decreases in the amount of social housing coming available, exclusive Inside Housing analysis shows.

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manchester town hall

Bernstein: Rethink the role of social housing

29/06/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

The chief executive of Manchester City Council has said local housing associations face a “big challenge” to rethink the role of social rented housing.

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Shared ownership 2 Video

23/06/2016 | By Nick Duxbury

As shared ownership finally gets its big break, exclusive new data reveals how the tenure performs for the first time. Nick Duxbury reports

Shared ownership keys house buy

'LHA cap': landlords toughen criteria for under 35s

16/06/2016 | By Simon Brandon , Jess McCabe

Nearly three in four housing associations to respond to an Inside Housing survey plan to change their allocations criteria for under-35s in response to the “Local Housing Allowance cap”.

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Joanne Roney 600

Limited options

09/05/2016 | By Joanne Roney

The government’s homeownership drive could be threatening the quality of choice for tenants, says Joanne Roney

High Court

Allocations policy favouring workers ruled unlawful

22/04/2016 | By Heather Spurr

A council’s policy to ringfence 20% of its lettings for people in work has been found discriminatory and unlawful by the High Court.

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Applicants barred by local connection rules

11/03/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

More than half of councils to respond to an Inside Housing survey have imposed new local connection rules to slash their waiting lists.

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Lottery for a postcode

11/03/2016 | By Martin Hilditch

Back in January, the Local Government Ombudsman reported that complaints about councils’ housing allocations policies had jumped by 13% in a year. It found fault in 42% of cases of such complaints it investigated.

Pic of house held by two hands

EU deal tightens social housing rules

23/02/2016 | By Heather Spurr

Councils will be told to bar people from social housing if they have lived in the borough for less than four years, under fresh government guidance.

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Fall in social housing under-occupation

18/02/2016 | By Carl Brown , Sophie Barnes

The proportion of social housing households under-occupying their homes according to overcrowding standards has fallen to the lowest level on record.


Data protection

10/02/2016 | By John Marsden

Tenancy verification tools can help create a more efficient housing system, says John Marsden

High Court

Judge orders council to review allocations scheme

05/02/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

A council has been ordered to review its housing allocations policy after a judicial review claimant argued it was discriminatory against Gypsies and Travellers.

HCA regulator social housing

Scottish association remains under supervision

02/02/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

A Scottish housing association that was criticised by the regulator for its governance and financial controls will continue to be overseen by an external manager, following a review.


Increase in complaints about allocations

27/01/2016 | By Carl Brown

Complaints and enquiries about councils’ housing allocations policies have increased 13% in a year, prompting concern from a local government watchdog.

Man in wheelchair

Increase in disabled people on waiting lists

23/12/2015 | By Sophie Barnes

The number of disabled people on council housing waiting lists has increased by 17.3% in the last five years, research by charity Leonard Cheshire Disability has revealed.


Housing's new dawn Video

10/12/2015 | By Alex Turner

A new dawn for the social housing sector, the Housing and Planning Bill is progressing through the House of Commons. Alex Turner looks for some clarity on some key points

social tenancy new

Government plans to scrap lifetime tenancies

29/10/2015 | By Heather Spurr

The government is planning to scrap lifetime tenancies for new social housing tenants in favour of fixed-term contracts.

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Understanding the refugee housing crisis Video

02/10/2015 | By Nick Duxbury

The UK government has committed to resettling 20,000 Syrian refugees over the next five years. Nick Duxbury investigates the challenge faced in housing the victims of war

Northern Ireland Housing Executive building on Adelaide Street in Belfast

NI 'intimidation points' policy could be scrapped

25/08/2015 | By Corin Williams

A social homes allocations policy in Northern Ireland that priorities those who claim to be victims of intimidation could be scrapped in response to widespread concerns the system is open to abuse.


Ownership Plan B

21/08/2015 | By Nigel Turner

Is graduated ownership a better alternative to shared ownership? asks Nigel Turner

High Court

Landmark ruling to hit council waiting list rules

18/08/2015 | By Heather Spurr

Councils could have to overhaul residency requirements for social housing or risk a High Court challenge, following a landmark legal judgement.


Dramatic departure

23/07/2015 | By Jennie Bibbings

Jennie Bibbings looks at the impact of ‘distinctive’ new homelessness legislation in Wales

David Cameron from Flickr

Cameron vows to tackle 'segregated social housing estates'

20/07/2015 | By Heather Spurr

The government will tackle ‘segregated social housing estates’ as part of a drive to combat extremism, David Cameron has said.

Natalie Elphicke

Lifetime tenancies 'only for those in long-term high need'

20/07/2015 | By Pete Apps

Lifetime tenancies should be limited to those with ‘long-term high housing’ needs, such as the ‘highly disabled’ and people in ‘extreme old age’.

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Packing cases

Landlord defends planned commune eviction

03/07/2015 | By Pete Apps

A housing association has issued a lengthy-defence of its decision to move out residents of ‘communes’ in London, claiming it is simply ‘carrying out its responsibilities as a landlord’.

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gentoo army

Housing association launches Armed Forces pledge

23/06/2015 | By Pete Apps

Returning members of the Armed Forces should be given priority in housing allocations, under a new ‘pledge’ launched by a housing association today.

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Young, trans and homeless

06/05/2015 | By Jane Fae

Young trans people are at great risk of homelessness, yet councils and housing associations are not set up to meet their needs. Jane Fae reports

Canongate empty flats 05

Landlords call on ministers to review sex offender strategy

24/04/2015 | By Heather Spurr

A group of 15 housing associations is calling on Scottish ministers to carry out a ‘fundamental’ review of the government’s strategy for housing sex offenders.

The Supreme Court final court of appeal in Parliament Square London

Councils' strategies to avoid homeless duties 'shameful'

17/04/2015 | By Daniel Douglas

Two London councils acted ‘shamefully’ in their attempts to avoid taking legal responsibility for a vulnerable homeless family, a High Court judge has found.

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Doing the right thing

16/04/2015 | By Ann Santry

It’s becoming harder to do the right thing when it comes to who we house, says Ann Santry. But we can do it by working with our residents and understanding their challenges

Editor, Inside Housing

Placing the blame

10/04/2015 | By Emma Maier

There was a time when, if you stopped a passer by on the street and asked them about ‘council housing’ allocation, the stereotypical answer would probably focus on single teen mums jumping the queue


Council advertises social homes privately after waiting list cut

09/04/2015 | By Daniel Douglas

A West Midlands council is advertising local social housing on the open market after slashing its housing waiting list.

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Shared ownership week 2014

Black households 'under represented' in shared ownership

08/04/2015 | By Emily Twinch

Black and minority ethnic (BME) groups are ‘under represented’ in shared ownership housing, an equality report by a London borough has found.

The Supreme Court final court of appeal in Parliament Square London

Landmark case tightens rules on out-of-borough placements

02/04/2015 | By Daniel Douglas

A milestone judgement handed down today sets out new legal requirements for councils when placing homeless families outside their local authority boundary.

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A new era for affordable rents?

18/03/2015 | By Nick Duxbury

The New Era estate hit the headlines after private tenants mobilised a massive protest against plans to increase rents. Now it is a test bed for a new type of fair rent that challenges the government’s - and the sector’s - definition of affordability. Nick Duxbury reports

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The Supreme Court final court of appeal in Parliament Square London

Court rules disability eviction cases could go to full trial

12/03/2015 | By Jess McCabe

Landlords could be taken to full court hearings if tenants argue they are being evicted as a result of problems related to their disability, after a landmark ruling by the Supreme Court yesterday.

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Packing cases

Pickles outlines 'right to move' for social tenants

09/03/2015 | By Carl Brown

Social tenants who move for work will be prioritised in the allocation of social housing, the government has announced.

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IH Top 50 columnist


06/03/2015 | By Cym D'Souza

The debate about housing and immigration needs to change, says Cym D’Souza

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Inside Aberdeen's housing crisis

03/03/2015 | By Annie Woolridge

The oil industry means demand for homes in Aberdeen is high. But as Annie Woolridge reports, it hasn’t made the city any more affordable for those on a mid-range or low income

Features editor, Inside Housing

A fair enough deal?

03/02/2015 | By Jess McCabe

Would Labour’s proposals to help tenants faced with ever increasing rents go far enough? asks Jess McCabe as she joins the march for affordable homes

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Bournville Village Meeting Hall

Origin story

28/01/2015 | By Jess McCabe

Many housing associations were founded with a religious purpose. But how relevant is faith in housing today? Jess McCabe reports

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Who lives in social housing: the quiz

Quiz: Who lives in social housing?

23/01/2015 | By Daniel Douglas

The question of who lives in social housing has become politically heated and entwined in the debate about immigration, and all that’s wrong with the welfare system. But how do the myths stack up against the reality? Take this quiz by Daniel Douglas to see if you know your facts

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empty homes small

Big Issue investment arm agrees £10m empty homes loan

12/01/2015 | By Pete Apps

The Big Issue will turn empty properties into 400 ‘good quality’ affordable homes in London, after Boris Johnson today agreed a £10m loan.

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Barnet Council

Public inquiry to investigate misuse of compulsory purchase orders

09/01/2015 | By Lia Sanders

A public inquiry is set to investigate Barnet Council over the planned regeneration of the West Hendon estate.

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revealed the extent of single homeless

'18% of homeless applications from private renters'

07/01/2015 | By Lia Sanders

Nearly one in five homeless applications (18%) in Scotland came from the private rented sector, according to a report published today.

Stats blog: Allocations and ethnicity Video

19/12/2014 | By Daniel Douglas

New social lettings figures from the DCLG have shown that lettings are down to BME households. Daniel Douglas looks at the data behind the story.


Fall in social housing lets to black and minority ethnic households

19/12/2014 | By Daniel Douglas

DCLG figures show dip in BME allocations, but drop is less than anticipated

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Calendar with circled date

Percentage of affordable rents goes up

16/12/2014 | By Pete Apps

Affordable rent tenancies account for more than a fifth of general needs lettings by housing associations, the latest government data has revealed.

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Ilo of hand behind window

Council allocation policies challenged by court ruling Video

14/11/2014 | By Heather Spurr

Court of Appeal ruling could have implications for English councils

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Figures of hate

14/11/2014 | By Daniel Douglas

Daniel Douglas investigates a recent increase in racist incidents in Northern Ireland and how housing providers are dealing with it

Landlords to predict arrears with 'big data'

11/11/2014 | By Nick Duxbury

A housing charity is leading a consortium of social landlords to make the sector’s first foray into using ‘big data’ from half a million homes to predict properties at risk of rent arrears.

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Association creating home swap app

11/11/2014 | By Nick Duxbury

A social landlord is developing the housing sector’s answer to dating app Tinder in order to help tenants swap homes.

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Filling the void

24/10/2014 | By Jess McCabe

Helena Partnerships was faced with a glut of three bedroom homes it couldn’t rent. So it turned to the private rental market for answers. Jess McCabe reports

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High court

Landmark appeal against out-of-London placements refused

22/10/2014 | By Pete Apps , Daniel Douglas

Councils can house tenants outside of London without carrying out a detailed assessment of all the available properties nearby, a landmark court ruling has confirmed.

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Passport patrol for renting a home

10/10/2014 | By Dawn Foster

Midland residents will soon have to produce passports and immigration documents in order to rent a home in the private or social rented sector. Dawn Foster looks at how this will hit vulnerable tenants and social landlords

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