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Social sector evictions on the increase in Scotland, Shelter reveals

24/04/2017 | By Sophie Barnes

There has been a 24% increase in evictions from social housing in Scotland over the past two years, a new report by Shelter Scotland has revealed.

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Breaking the cycle Video

24/02/2017 | By Steve Sampson

Gang violence is a growing problem in our inner cities but councils’ youth services budgets have been cut. Can housing associations fill the void? Steve Sampson finds out


MPs to debate associations' duties to private neighbours

22/02/2017 | By Nathaniel Barker

Ministers will be asked to require housing associations to offer compensation to neighbours affected by their tenants at a House of Commons debate later today.

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Man in hooded jacket

Scottish landlord criticised for lack of ASB policy

29/07/2016 | By Sophie Barnes

A housing association has been criticised by the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) for failing to have an anti-social behaviour (ASB) policy in place for its supported housing.

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Room of cannabis plants

Senior judges block tenant's eviction despite cannabis farm

07/07/2016 | By Pete Apps

A housing associations’ bid to evict a tenant who had 300 cannabis plants in her spare bedroom has been dismissed by senior judges.

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Lighting the way Video

10/06/2016 | By Jess McCabe

How social housing estates are lit has come under the microscope for perpetuating inequality. Jess McCabe reports

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Illegal highs Video

06/06/2016 | By Alex Turner

As legislation comes into force outlawing so-called legal highs, young tenants of a North East landlord are delivering a peer education programme about these ‘new psychoactive substances’. Alex Turner reports

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Masking the cuts Video

15/01/2016 | By Robert Cusack

Will housing’s anti-social behaviour superheroes face the chop in the forthcoming cuts? Robert Cusack finds out


From the frontline

05/01/2016 | By Simon Brandon

Working in anti-social behaviour is rewarding for Lee Godfrey, tenancy relations co-ordinator at Broadacres Housing Association. But as Simon Brandon finds, it’s an increasingly tough job

Domestic violence

Landlord did 'not follow' risk policy in murder case

08/12/2015 | By Sophie Barnes

A housing association failed to follow its own risk policy in its treatment of a tenant who was later murdered by her partner, a review has concluded.

Northern Ireland Housing Executive

Call for 'agreed approach' on NI flags

05/11/2015 | By Jonathan Bunn

Northern Irish housing associations have called for an “agreed approach” to deal with a mounting problem of new developments being targetted with sectarian flags.

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Safe as houses

26/08/2015 | By Roger Jarman

Laws around the private rented sector must be tightened to stem the rise of increasing crime linked to this tenure, says Roger Jarman


From the frontline


Michelle Kent is a community safety team leader at Melin Homes. She talks to Simon Brandon about the highs and lows of working in anti-social behaviour.


Burglary 'likely to be more common' in PRS areas

20/08/2015 | By Carl Brown

Burglary is likely to be more common in areas with higher levels of private rented housing than in social housing neighbourhoods, according to a report by an independent thinktank today.


Housing Heroes 2015 Video

10/07/2015 | By Chloë Stothart

Who are the inspiring housing staff and tenants who have won this year’s Housing Heroes Awards? Chloë Stothart reports

Airbnb carousel

Holiday profit Video

01/07/2015 | By Alex Turner

Short-let holiday sites such as Airbnb are coming under fire for reducing the supply of housing where resources are scarce. Is this a problem for the UK’s social landlords? Alex Turner investigates

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A new direction Video

05/06/2015 | By Alex Turner

A new breed of civil injunctions is designed to help landlords tackle the root causes of anti-social behaviour. Alex Turner finds out how the legislation has been settling in

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Day in the life of an ASB intern Video

04/06/2015 | By Steve Sampson

Steve Sampson meets Alice Chandler, a law student on a highly unusual internship with the anti-social behaviour team at RHP


Manchester social landlords to issue ASB orders

07/05/2015 | By Pete Apps

Housing association staff across Greater Manchester will take on the power to hand out new legal orders aimed at quelling anti-social behaviour (ASB).

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Breaking the cycle

01/05/2015 | By Daniel Douglas

As part of our Housing Benefits campaign to detail the wider impact of social landlords, Daniel Douglas looks at how the sector has tackled crime and anti-social behaviour

Mike Owen

Poor of power

30/04/2015 | By Mike Owen

We need to review the model of landlord and tenant power sharing to really give tenants a voice, says Mike Owen

Police line do not cross

Hand grenade attack on social landlord property

30/03/2015 | By Heather Spurr

A police investigation has been launched following a hand grenade attack on a housing association property in Greater Manchester.

Magnifying glass

7 studies that show housing benefits

26/03/2015 | By Heather Spurr

Social landlords have been assessing their impact in key policy areas. Here are some of the key studies

Matthew Wilson Clarke Willmott

Injunction nation

20/03/2015 | By Matthew Wilson

A new injunction for anti-social behaviour is launched next week. It allows landlords to include ‘positive requirements’, but will that be a blessing or a curse?


Timeline: Scotland's housing history Video

05/03/2015 | By Derek Hogg

How has Scotland’s housing policy changed since devolution? Take a click through time with this interactive timeline by Derek Hogg, a partner at law firm Harper Macleod

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A rundown estate in Bradford

Delayed ASB injunctions to come into force

18/02/2015 | By Daniel Douglas

New laws on anti-social behaviour, originally expected to come into force in October last year, will now be introduced on March 23, the Home Office has confirmed.

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Two fists with "Love" tattooed on each one

Stopping ASB before it starts

10/02/2015 | By Laurna Robertson

While impending legal reforms will change the way housing associations deal with anti-social behaviour cases, Laurna Robertson finds out how one landlord hopes to change young people’s attitudes and stop the problem before it starts

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Tech away menu

05/02/2015 | By Nick Duxbury

Landlords have been awaiting the arrival of a tech-revolution in housing for years. A survey by Inside Housing and asset management and digital software provider, Capita, asks is it any closer, and will organisations put their money where their mouths are and invest? Nick Duxbury reports

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Private eyes

20/01/2015 | By Alex Turner

Serious and intractable anti-social behaviour cases can make tenants’ lives hell – and give landlords a major headache. Is calling in private eyes the answer? Alex Turner investigates

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Solicitor, Weightmans

Shared blame

07/01/2015 | By Matthew Lake

Anti-social behaviour can be used to justify an eviction, even if the perpetrator is not the main tenant

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The future of ageing

03/12/2014 | By Dawn Foster

The population’s ageing, but what will the future generation of older people look like, and what does this mean for housing providers? Dawn Foster crunches the numbers

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Down and out

02/12/2014 | By Heather Spurr

Increased use of arcane vagrancy laws is just another sign that homelessness is yet to become an election issue, says Heather Spurr

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Association 'could not have prevented' machete attack

28/11/2014 | By Heather Spurr

A landlord has said it did everything in its power to protect residents following criticism by the daughter of a resident attacked with a machete in sheltered accommodation.

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Figures of hate

14/11/2014 | By Daniel Douglas

Daniel Douglas investigates a recent increase in racist incidents in Northern Ireland and how housing providers are dealing with it

Landlords to predict arrears with 'big data'

11/11/2014 | By Nick Duxbury

A housing charity is leading a consortium of social landlords to make the sector’s first foray into using ‘big data’ from half a million homes to predict properties at risk of rent arrears.

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Hostel window on a wall

Woman dies in 'cannibalistic' attack at homeless hostel

07/11/2014 | By Dawn Foster

A man in a Caerphily homeless hostel died in a police raid after allegedly killing a woman in a cannibalistic attack on Thursday morning.

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Man in hooded jacket

Study finds anti-social behaviour a symptom of homelessness

28/10/2014 | By Daniel Douglas

Anti-social behaviour is often a consequence rather than the cause of homelessness, according to research by Northumbria University.

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Welsh housing

Welsh Government releases hate crime guidance for landlords

20/10/2014 | By Daniel Douglas

The Welsh Government has issued guidance on dealing with hate crime for social landlords with Tai Pawb, an equality focussed Welsh landlord.

Cat and dog sharing from food bowl

Housing association backs down over pet ban

14/10/2014 | By Daniel Douglas

A housing association has apologised to more than 40 tenants for telling them to rehome their pets.

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Giles Peaker

Giles Peaker's corner

08/10/2014 | By Laurna Robertson

Giles Peaker is a partner at Anthony Gold. His day-to-day work is representing tenants. But he is famous for something else: blogging. Laurna Robertson meets the man behind Nearly Legal

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NIHE condemns attack on staff after offensive mural removed

08/10/2014 | By Daniel Douglas

The Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) has condemned an attack on a member of staff after a mural considered to be detrimental to community cohesion was removed.

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Delay in ASB law throws landlords' plans into disarray

Delay in ASB law throws social landlords' plans into disarray

03/10/2014 | By Daniel Douglas

An unexpected delay in new injunction laws coming into force will disrupt social landlords’ efforts to combat anti-social behaviour (ASB), experts have warned.

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A rundown estate in Bradford

New anti-social behaviour laws delayed

30/09/2014 | By Daniel Douglas

The government has delayed the introduction of new anti-social behaviour injunctions in order to ensure minors have access to legal aid to challenge them.

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Lesley Griffiths is the new cabinet minister in Wales responsible for housing

Minister commits to tackling anti-social behaviour

16/09/2014 | By Daniel Douglas

Welsh housing minister Lesley Griffiths today committed to tackling anti-social behaviour (ASB) and domestic violence with her first statement in her new role.

Authour of Policy Exchange report "The Estate We're In"

Success stories from our toughest estates

05/09/2014 | By Gavin Knight

Targeted and imaginative tactics can turn lives around - but sustained action is necessary

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TV aerials

BBC series to shadow Britain's housing officers

28/08/2014 | By Daniel Douglas

A BBC series documenting the challenges faced by housing officers up and down the country is to broadcast its first episode next week.

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Jennifer Tate, Weightmans

An attempt to muzzle dangerous dogs


Anti-social behaviour powers should provide greater protections for housing staff, other visitors and even other dogs. But, asks Jennifer Tate, will it be enforceable?

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A rundown estate in Bradford

'National embarrassment' estates need 10-year plan

26/08/2014 | By Heather Spurr

The government needs to commit to a 10-year programme to clear up the worst estates in Britain, a report has argued.

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Troubled families

Government's troubled families programme to be expanded

21/08/2014 | By Carl Brown

The government’s troubled families programme is set to be expanded to focus on 500,000 households.

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Anonymous columnist

Moral dilemma for housing officers


Inside Housing’s anonymous columnist is in a dilemma about whether to follow the rulebook or his moral compass

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Associate, Weightmans

Power to tackle anti-social behaviour


You’ve got the power but new guidance on anti-social behaviour does not provide all the answers, says Jane Plant

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