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Government will not reconsider LHA rate freeze

03/04/2017 | By Luke Barratt

The government has refused to reconsider its decision to freeze the Local Housing Allowance (LHA), the rate which sets how much housing benefit can be claimed by private tenants.

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Government scraps compulsory Pay to Stay

21/11/2016 | By Pete Apps

The government has scrapped its plans to force councils to charge higher-income tenants rents of up to market rates.

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A bright future

15/09/2016 | By Lord David Freud

The government will put in place a new funding model to ensure supported housing can continue to help vulnerable people, says Lord Freud

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Shared ownership keys house buy

New scheme to help tenants buy their social homes

11/08/2016 | By Pete Apps

One of the UK’s largest housing associations plans to discount tenants’ rents, freeze property prices and top up savings in a pioneering bid to help tenants buy their social home.

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From the frontline: Ellen Salkeld

04/08/2016 | By Jess McCabe

Ellen Salkeld talks about life as a financial inclusion manager at Viridian Housing

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Third of councils top-up DHP pots

07/07/2016 | By Pete Apps

A third of councils dug into reserve budgets to support struggling tenants as their government-allocated hardship funding ran dry.

For use in Inside Housing, 24 June 2016

Shared ownership 2 Video

23/06/2016 | By Nick Duxbury

As shared ownership finally gets its big break, exclusive new data reveals how the tenure performs for the first time. Nick Duxbury reports

For use in Inside Housing, 17 June 2016

The Best of times Video

17/06/2016 | By Jess McCabe

Efforts by the Lords to moderate the government’s Housing and Planning Act resulted in some victories. But will the concessions change the future of the sector? And what fights are still to come? Jess McCabe sits down with Lord Best


From the frontline: Suzana Karakashi

15/06/2016 | By Jess McCabe

Wandle’s resident support officer Suzana Karakashi talks to Jess McCabe about helping vulnerable residents and speaking four languages


Revolutionary welfare

17/05/2016 | By Lord David Freud

Universal Credit makes tenants responsible for their own affairs but some need help budgeting, says Lord Freud

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Paint job Video

11/05/2016 | By Reni Eddo-Lodge

On an estate in Northern Ireland, training female tenants in the trades is bringing residents together. Reni Eddo-Lodge finds out more


On track

10/05/2016 | By Ruth Cooke

Our use of technology to help tenants cope with Universal Credit typifies the resilience of the sector, says Ruth Cooke

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From the frontline: Jane Gould

20/04/2016 | By Jess McCabe

What’s it like to combine chasing rent with helping tenants save money on energy? Jane Gould, income recovery officer at Newport City Homes, talks to Inside Housing


TPAS: Pay to Stay is 'aspiration tax'

18/04/2016 | By Carl Brown

The government’s Pay to Stay policy is an “unfair tax on aspiration”, a body promoting tenant engagement has said.

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From the frontline: Scott Taylor


Scott Taylor talks through his work helping residents of Ongo to keep their tenancies


The long game

10/02/2016 | By Deborah Good

Good income management is crucial to helping tenants, argues Deborah Good

For use in Inside Housing, 29 January 2016

Shaping the future Video

28/01/2016 | By Martin Hilditch

After taking over the helm at Placeshapers, how will Aspire’s Sinéad Butters steer the ship through difficult times? Martin Hilditch reports

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Brendan Sarsfield NEW

Let's talk rents

01/01/2016 | By Brendan Sarsfield

We need to work out a solution for unaffordable rents, says Brendan Sarsfield

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12 DAY OF XMAS rent cut

Rent cut - 2015 highlights


Over the 12 days of Christmas, we are reflecting on the best of our news, analysis and opinions coverage on the website since 1 January 2015. Each day we pick a different topic. Today we focus on the rent cut

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'Nine in 10 Universal Credit tenants in arrears'

17/12/2015 | By Nick Duxbury

Nearly 90% of social tenants receiving Universal Credit are in rent arrears because of a seven-week wait for the first payment, a report has revealed.

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Brandon Lewis CIH housing 2015

Pay to Stay voluntary for housing associations

15/12/2015 | By Pete Apps

Pay to Stay will be voluntary for housing associations, after a government u-turn triggered by the desire to get the sector’s debt off the national balance sheet.

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Empty wallet

Charities warn of housing benefit cut impact

15/12/2015 | By Heather Spurr

More than four in 10 young people using homelessness services face losing their accommodation because of government benefit cuts, a survey has found.


Mind your language

11/12/2015 | By Martin Hilditch

If the semantic results of the government’s broadening of the definition of affordable housing are anything to go by we’re in a mess

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Housing's new dawn Video

10/12/2015 | By Alex Turner

A new dawn for the social housing sector, the Housing and Planning Bill is progressing through the House of Commons. Alex Turner looks for some clarity on some key points

Man in wheelchair

Calls to protect supported housing from LHA cap

03/12/2015 | By Heather Spurr

Ministers are facing calls to exempt supported housing from the Local Housing Allowance cap, following warnings that schemes for vulnerable people could be scrapped.

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For use in Inside Housing, 4 December 2015

Castle and keep Video

02/12/2015 | By Kate Youde

As older homeowners struggle with care costs, one council has a solution: rent their properties as temporary accommodation. Kate Youde reports


From the frontline

01/12/2015 | By Simon Brandon

Emildah Chabata has helped Thames Valley Housing tenants set up in business as bakers and stallholders in her role as resident training and employment manager. She talks to Simon Brandon


Energy company strikes deal with housing association

11/11/2015 | By Pete Apps

An energy company has struck an exclusive deal to supply a Merseyside housing association as it targets a major expansion into social housing.


Minimal wages

05/11/2015 | By Kevin Gulliver

With continued welfare reform and austerity, the Living Wage is not going to make life easier for tenants, says Kevin Gulliver

For use in Inside Housing, 23 October

Housing concern 'at 40 year high'

02/11/2015 | By Emily Twinch

Concern about housing in Britain is at its highest level for 41 years, according to an Ipsos Mori poll.

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From the frontline

30/10/2015 | By Simon Brandon

Hannah Buckley is a tenancy sustainment officer at Calico Homes. She talks to Simon Brandon about what the welfare reforms are doing to tenants


The work tax

29/10/2015 | By Jules Birch , Jules Birch

The impact assessment of the Housing Bill reveals two devils buried in the detail of proposals for a compulsory Pay to Stay

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Opportunities manager, Bromford

From the frontline

28/10/2015 | By Simon Brandon

Simon Brandon talks to Damian Carter, opportunities manager at Bromford, about the qualities necessary to help find tenants jobs


White knight

27/10/2015 | By Alison Gelder

We need homes people really can afford, says Alison Gelder

For use in Inside Housing, 23 October 2015

Casting a shadow Video

21/10/2015 | By Simon Brandon

As Universal Credit continues to be rolled out, Simon Brandon finds out how members of our welfare reform focus group are dealing with the changes

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From the frontline

01/10/2015 | By Simon Brandon

Gregg Peart, a welfare rights officer at Derwentside Homes, talks to Simon Brandon about helping tenants claim the benefits they’re entitled to


From the frontline

23/09/2015 | By Simon Brandon

Simon Brandon talks to David Hibbs, an income recovery officer at Spectrum Housing Group. Better known to his colleagues by his superhero alter ego, ‘Spreadsheet Man’


On credit

09/09/2015 | By Helena Franklin

Five things landlords should know before rushing to register consumer credit activities with the Financial Conduct Authority


From the frontline

13/08/2015 | By Simon Brandon

Ryan Dorrian is a money solutions assistant manager at Bron Afon. He talks to Simon Brandon about moving from the private sector to housing, the salary he’d pay MPs and “boom boom boom” music


Social landlord scheme to stem 'teacher exodus'

27/07/2015 | By Corin Williams

Catalyst Housing and Oxford City Council have invested £1.5m in an equity loan scheme for teachers in response to fears that many are unable to continue working in Oxford.

Carol Matthews

Secure loans are needed

24/07/2015 | By Carol Matthews

The poorest in society are the most vulnerable to illegal loan sharks. We need alternative credit solutions, says Carol Matthews

For use in Inside Housing, 3 July 2015

Proportion of social housing tenants in work rises in latest national survey

16/07/2015 | By Sarah Graham

The proportion of social housing tenants in work has risen sharply over the last ten years, the latest survey of the English housing sector has revealed.

Tom Copley 227px

What's in a name?

16/07/2015 | By Tom Copley

Affordable rent should be more than just a name, says Tom Copley

back to work

Back to work Video

30/06/2015 | By Alex Turner

One landlord in Bath is working closely with the Department for Work and Pensions to offer job training to its tenants. Alex Turner reports on how the project is paying off – for unemployed residents and for the housing association

'A third of tenant data is inaccurate'

24/06/2015 | By Jess McCabe

More than a third of data that social landlords hold on tenants is inaccurate or missing, according to a tech supplier to the housing sector.

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Helen Collins

Another way

19/06/2015 | By Helen Collins

Living rent could save around £5.6bn a year and see more low-cost homes available to people on low incomes, says Helen Collins


Role model?

18/06/2015 | By Jules Birch

If we have a Living Wage, why not a Living Rent? Well, now we do.

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Rents rise 10.7% year on year

15/06/2015 | By Carl Brown

Private rents have risen by more than 10% in the last year, according to figures published today.

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Packing cases

Possession claims continue to fall

05/06/2015 | By Carl Brown

The number of possession claims issued by social landlords has fallen year-on- year, statistics published by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) show.


Lack of supply drives soaring prices in least affordable areas

05/06/2015 | By Pete Apps

A lack of housing supply is driving soaring house prices in the most expensive places to buy a home in Britain, new research has revealed.


Make this work

04/06/2015 | By Steve Walker

Cash Incentive Schemes are a better alternative to Right to Buy, says Steve Walker

debt is down

Housing associations 'should consider funding new loan system'

04/06/2015 | By Carl Brown

Housing associations should consider providing funding for a new lending system to help low-income groups at risk of bad debt.

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Housing costs reach £133 billion a year

01/06/2015 | By Sarah Graham

The total cost of housing to households in England and Wales has reached almost £133 billion a year, with private rents accounting for more than a third (36 per cent) of all money spent on housing.

Michael Gelling

False profits

20/05/2015 | By Michael Gelling

Landlords should put the rent they earn from their properties back into those homes and provide a good repairs service, says Michael Gelling

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Rent fears as UK enters deflation

20/05/2015 | By Carl Brown

Landlords are fearing a rent squeeze after the United Kingdom this week entered negative consumer price inflation for the first time in more than 50 years.

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job centre

Benefit cut could hit 11,400 tenants

15/05/2015 | By Heather Spurr

Around 11,400 social housing tenants are likely to be hit by the government’s planned removal of housing benefit for young jobseekers.

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Learning to drive

Why is a housing association teaching tenants how to drive?


Reni Eddo-Lodge finds out how a social enterprise initiative is helping solve unemployment in the Welsh valleys

For use in Inside Housing, 20 March 2015

A new era for affordable rents?

18/03/2015 | By Nick Duxbury

The New Era estate hit the headlines after private tenants mobilised a massive protest against plans to increase rents. Now it is a test bed for a new type of fair rent that challenges the government’s - and the sector’s - definition of affordability. Nick Duxbury reports

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Southwark Council is reviewing its evictions

Social landlords issue 10,000 fewer claims for possession

06/03/2015 | By Carl Brown

Social landlords issued 10,000 fewer claims for possession last year as they work more closely with tenants to prevent arrears building up in the face of welfare reform.

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Cold spell

09/02/2015 | By Graham Duxbury

We shouldn’t overlook the crucial role charities and housing associations play in helping people stay warm in winter, says Graham Duxbury

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