Saturday, 30 August 2014

Room for dignity

A new toolkit aims to help smaller housing associations address the needs of residents suffering from dementia. Caroline Thorpe reports


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  • Designing homes for dementia sufferers


    Building homes specifically for people who are affected by dementia can provide independence and tailored care. Kate Youde discovers how

  • The right frame of mind


    The sector needs to learn how to support people with dementia in general needs housing

  • The tipping point


    The government has become a many-headed beast that is pushing people to the limit of their endurance, says Julie Fawcett

  • Compulsory training certificates for care workers

    6 May 2014

    Training certificates are to become a requirement for care workers within 12 weeks of beginning a job, it has emerged.

  • Inquest into 19 unexplained deaths in care home

    11 September 2013

    During an inquest into the unexplained deaths of 19 residents at a care home, a court heard that a 77-year-old stroke victim’s health deteriorated after she started living there.


  • Express yourself


    A research study in Merseyside aims to prove that artistic therapy can help people with Alzheimer’s and their families cope better with the disease. Ciara Leeming investigates

  • Acting out to tackle domestic abuse


    An interactive training course is helping housing professionals in the south west identify and tackle domestic abuse. Lydia Stockdale finds out how

  • Changing lives


    The Andy Ludlow Awards celebrate the very best homelessness services in London. Simon Brandon reveals this year’s winners

  • At the heart of health


    Halton Housing Trust is at the centre of local decision-making on healthcare, but its enviable position is no accident. Austin Macauley finds out how the 6,400-home landlord became involved in more than just housing

  • The key to recovery


    Can living in general needs homes give drug and alcohol abusers a better chance of recovery? Caroline Thorpe reports on the three-year pilot study in Northamptonshire that tried to find out

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