Friday, 28 April 2017

Credit crunch hits Hounslow

From: Closed circuit

Closed Circuit received an interesting press release from Hounslow Council last week. ‘Egyptians fly into Hounslow to remove hieroglyphics,’ it said. The visitors are not archaeologists, it turns out, but young volunteers on an exchange programme who are helping clean up graffiti, the lucky things.

The real surprise comes further down, when the release uncovers some shocking examples of celebrity homelessness: ‘The helpful Egyptians will join a local graffiti hit squad to remove a mile of graffiti from a notorious passageway in trendy Chiswick, home to such celebrities as Ant and Dec and Moira Stewart,’ it reveals.

The credit crunch must be worse than we thought.

The residents of Victoria Square retirement home in Manchester are due a visit from a quite singular choir this week.

In between appearances at the Manchester International Festival, the Young@Heart Chorus, a group from Massachusetts with an average age of 80, will drop in to the Northwards Housing-managed home to serenade their contemporaries with a repertoire that includes songs by Sonic Youth, the BeeGees and the Ramones.

Audience participation will be encouraged, and should be an affecting listen; there is presumably a different feel to songs such as ‘I Wanna be Sedated’ and ‘Stayin’ Alive’ when sung by people with most of their lives behind them. Closed Circuit hopes a good time is had by all.

Credit crunch - what credit crunch? ‘For a company like ours to decide to modernise its image is more than some sort of gimmick’ says John Gray, chair of contractor Diamond Build, following a reception at the Design Museum in London to mark the launch of his firm’s new logo. ‘I know there are no quick fixes.’ If there is one for the economic mess we are in, however, it must surely start with a green diamond atop some blue squares.

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