Sunday, 26 March 2017

Another way

Living rent could save around £5.6bn a year and see more low-cost homes available to people on low incomes, says Helen Collins

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  • Javid comments are an important step - but there is a long way to go

    17 March 2017

    Javid comments on Housing First marked a crucial moment in Inside Housing’s Cathy at 50 campaign’s progress, says Martin Hilditch

  • We need more women to lead the way

    8 March 2017

    International Women’s Day is a timely reminder of why the housing sector needs more women at the top, says Joanna Vaughan of Family Mosaic

  • We will regulate in a mature way

    20 January 2017

    Fees, de-regulation and a new body are on the horizon, but the English social housing regulator will continue to be proportionate in its approach, says Julian Ashby

  • Finding a way

    9 December 2016

    Despite facing numerous challenges, the housing sector will find a way to keep building new homes, says Carl Brown

  • Lighting the way

    10 June 2016

    How social housing estates are lit has come under the microscope for perpetuating inequality. Jess McCabe reports

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