Thursday, 27 April 2017

How can we tell our story better?

Housing associations are held in high esteem by their peers but refusal to address wider perceptions spells danger, says Stuart Ropke

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  • Merging can help us be closer to our residents

    3 March 2017

    With housing associations growing larger through merger, the sector must do its best to retain its links with its tenants and local communities, says Brendan Sarsfield

  • We need to better understand our customers

    27 February 2017

    Being able to measure and act on customer satisfaction scores is increasingly important given growing pressures on landlords, says Jane Ashcroft

  • How we can learn to love planners again

    4 October 2016

    The Neighbourhood Planning Bill may shift the balance in favour of development and ensure affordable homes are built, says Toby Lloyd

  • Jez we can

    7 September 2016

    Jeremy Corbyn should be applauded for breaking with the disastrous Tory and New Labour obsession with homeownership, says Glyn Robbins

  • “I think what we need to do better is present the human story.”

    13 July 2016

    Homeless Link has just gone through a huge expansion after merging with Sitra. But a huge threat hangs over its members in the Local Housing Allowance cap. Patricia Arthurs asks its chief executive where it goes from here

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