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modular construction inflexible offsite

Social landlords increase use of offsite methods

04/03/2015 | By Carl Brown

Social landlords are increasing the proportion of homes they are building using offsite techniques in a bid to use new approaches to solve the housing supply crisis.

Empty land

HCA exceeds public land disposal target

04/03/2015 | By Emily Twinch

The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) has exceeded its target to release public land for nearly 18,000 homes a month early.

Aerial view of London

Housing is 'most important issue' for Londoners

04/03/2015 | By Carl Brown

Housing is the most important issue facing London today, a poll of people living in the English capital has found.

Building site

Housing zone developer pledges homes increase

04/03/2015 | By Pete Apps

The developer of the London housing zone with the lowest percentage of affordable housing has committed to increasing it as the scheme progresses.

David Cameron from Flickr

Tories confirm starter homes can replace affordable housing

03/03/2015 | By Daniel Douglas

The ‘starter homes’ planned by the Conservatives could replace affordable housing in planning agreements, the party has confirmed.

Peabody Estate in Thamesmead

Delivery to quadruple after housing zone status award

03/03/2015 | By Pete Apps

A housing association will build 2,300 more homes in a regeneration programme over the next decade than previously planned due to the scheme receiving housing zone status.

Olympic village site

PfP and Balfour Beatty sign Olympic legacy deal

02/03/2015 | By Heather Spurr

One of Britain’s largest housing associations and a giant infrastructure company have signed a deal to build 1,500 homes at the Olympic Park.

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Jules Birch

Starters’ orders

03/03/2015 | By Jules Birch

So the national housing strategy now comes down to this ahead of the election: think of a big number and double it.


Housing zones

03/03/2015 | By Richard Blakeway

Without doubt, one of the most dramatic moves made by a housing association in recent years has been Peabody’s acquisition of Thamesmead, says Richard Blakeway

Colin Wiles small

'The myth of the housing crisis'

26/02/2015 | By Colin Wiles

Simon Jenkins is at it again. Colin Wiles responds.

Reporter, Inside Housing

Broken promises

25/02/2015 | By Pete Apps

Lies, damned lies and Right to Buy figures


Right to Buy: a clarification Video

24/02/2015 | By Jules Birch

Oops. The final Right to Buy stats before the election show that the reinvigorated policy is delivering less than half the new homes the government previously claimed: one for every 11 sold.

Chief executive, Coastline Housing

Proof in the pudding

23/02/2015 | By Allister Young

Why pragmatism should be a key word in the housing sector

Chris Pedder

Modelling in practice

20/02/2015 | By Chris Pedder

What is the potential of Building Information Modelling for social landlords?

Colin Wiles small

Plan it, Thanet

19/02/2015 | By Colin Wiles

Thanet is one of the most deprived places in the south east. Housing providers could play a big role in rejuvenating it.

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