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An in depth look at the development of social and affordable housing, planning rules, section 106 agreements, regeneration and sustainable construction.

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Popular support for social house building

02/09/2014 | By Carl Brown

Only 15% of people are opposed to more social housing being built in the UK, a left-leaning thinktank has found.

Chair, Redrow Homes

Redrow reports 80% rise in social house builds

02/09/2014 | By Carl Brown

Redrow has today reported an 80% increase in social housing completions and soaring profit and turnover.

house building homes building construction new homes

Unique self-build project moves forward

02/09/2014 | By Carl Brown

An Oxfordshire council has finalised a deal to purchase a 187-hectare site for 1,900 self-build homes in a unique project.


Scottish regulator admits potential tension with government

29/08/2014 | By Heather Spurr

Scottish ministers and the social housing regulator could in future be at odds on the subject of rent levels, a senior regulatory figure acknowledged yesterday.

One in three councils hunts for homes on open market

29/08/2014 | By Kate Youde

Increase in number of councils buying homes rather than building

Philip Hogg

Scottish builders warn exhausted mortgage scheme could slow housing market

28/08/2014 | By Pete Apps

House builders have warned the Scottish Government that improved activity in the housing market could be constrained due to the funding for the Help to Buy scheme running dry.

Chief exceutive, Housing 21

Six-figure payout to ex-Housing & Care 21 chief executive

28/08/2014 | By Nick Duxbury , Jess McCabe

A chief executive who departed a housing association after assuming responsibility for the loss of £30m in a bungled regeneration project has received a six-figure payout.

Theresa Mohammed, Trowers

Put bad practice behind you


Social landlords don’t know whether contractors are requesting payment for the right amounts, warns Theresa Mohammed

Editor, Inside Housing

The battle for hearts and minds

22/08/2014 | By Emma Maier

The scale of the crisis in housing supply is increasingly well rehearsed, writes Emma Maier

Chief executive, Gateway Housing

Smaller landlords are ready to step up

22/08/2014 | By Sheron Carter

Smaller landlords such as Gateway are in a position to step up delivery under the 2015-18 grant programme

Jules Birch

Falling short Video

21/08/2014 | By Jules Birch

Today’s house building figures show welcome progress but four years after taking power the coalition is still many miles away from matching its bold promises.

Colin Wiles small

Bungalow Brandon Lewis

19/08/2014 | By Colin Wiles

The new housing minister’s call to build more bungalows is misguided, writes Colin Wiles


Giving cities planning freedom


If part of London’s success is its ability to make its own planning decisions, perhaps it’s time we let urban centres do the same, says Jon Neale

Editor, Inside Housing

Funding the future of social housing

15/08/2014 | By Emma Maier

Danish bank Danske has become the latest to set out plans to lend to English housing associations.

Leader, Brighton's Future

Voice of renters

15/08/2014 | By Isabella Fox

Campaign group Brighton’s Future says not enough is done by politicians to tackle the housing crisis

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