Thursday, 18 September 2014

Affordable homes development falling in London

The Olympics is boosting house building in London but development of affordable housing has reduced, according to consultancy Drivers Jonas Deloitte.

DJD’s London Residential Crane Survey, which details every scheme of 50 units or more across the capital, reveals that more than 11,000 units are under construction in east London.

Anthony Duggan, head of research at DJD, said: ‘The survey paints a fairly positive picture of the residential development landscape in Greater London – nowhere more so than in the east.

‘There is clear evidence of a significant rise in overall construction levels at a time when economic conditions could have led to developers holding back.’

The report shows a 40 per cent increase in construction activity year-on-year but there has been a fall in the number of starts.

The survey also shows a fall in affordable housing development, down to less than 40 per cent of new schemes from more than 50 per cent. A DJD spokesperson said: ‘Ongoing uncertainty about changes to the funding mechanism for affordable housing is likely to cause delays in homes being consented and completed.’

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  • F451

    This can not be correct as both Johnson and Shapps are claiming to have achieved the reverse.

    In fact, in Tory la-la propaganda land, nobody is homeless, the waiting lists have been housed, there are now 9 Million social homes nationwide, and rents are at there most affordable since the 1930's, whilst first time buyers are finding the extra mortgage options and government packages a wonderful boost to their ownership aspiration.

    It would be humourous but for the fact a growing portion of the public are actually believing the hype and are preparing to celebrate the 'success'. Shapps may be a lying Tory, but he is not a stupid one.

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  • Is this talking about affordable (social rent) homes, or the unaffordable "Affordable" homes? Not the same thing.

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  • Fear & Loathing

    Fewer affordable homes? Hardly a surprise. There are fewer unaffordable ones being built too.

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  • Gavin Rider

    F451 - post a reference please to any Tory 'propaganda' saying there are 9 million social homes nationwide.

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  • F451

    It is an exageration of Shapps's claim of 8 Million social homes.

    It may have escaped your notice but all of the 'la la' claims in my post are exagerations of claims by Tory Ministers - or did you think all the other statements were true!

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  • Gavin Rider

    F451 - post a reference please to Shapps' claim of million social homes.

    It hasn't escaped my notice that virtually everything in your posts is an exaggeration and an unquantified expression of your own warped opinion, usually mixed in with the occasional unprovoked attacks on the morals or ethics of others who you know nothing about.

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  • Gavin Rider

    ...8 million

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  • F451

    Yep - that's after he claimed that there were 4 Million (although that is slightly more acceptable if you include all RSL property, including shared ownership) but the conventional wisdom would round the social housing figure at 2 million.

    But then who am I to bandy figures about - surely the Housing Minister knows his brief better than some old housing sector worker!

    As for the linkage - just check the press, this site and you will see the quotes.

    I never knew you felt so protective of the Housing Minister Gavin - I don't think the regard will be mutual, but I could be wrong.

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  • Gavin Rider

    F451 - I'd like an independent reference to him having said there are 8 million social homes, please. If he said something inaccurate like this I will challenge him directly, not just throw pointless criticism about it around this forum.

    You frequently criticise others for their "half-truths" and lack of any facts and figures to back up what they say in here. So, I am calling on you to provide some hard evidence to show that you have not just made this up for the sake of another of you rants.

    I am certainly not a fan of the Housing Minister, but I am also not a fan of people who invent things purely to criticise others. Such nonsense prevents proper, informed discussion of very serious issues.

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  • F451

    Gavin - take a look at the back issues of IH, at the record in Hansard, at the quotes on Conservative Home even, and you will see references to 2 Million Council (social) homes, 4 Million Social Homes, 8 Million Social Home Tenants and variations of those figures, subscribed to the Housing Minister.

    As for your threat to directly confront Grant Shapps, do get over yourself Gavin, you are a Parish Councillor, 1 in an ocean of voters. Yes, each and every one of us has the right and power to call the Minister to account, but he is not compelled to listen other than to those he prefers.

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