Saturday, 25 October 2014

House building declined in 2012

House building declined in 2012 due to a sharp fall in public sector registrations of new homes, figures published today reveal.

Data from the National House Building Council shows registrations for new housing fell 9 per cent from 114,930 in 2011 to 104,510 last year. The fall was due to a sharp drop in public sector registrations, which fell 28 per cent from 38,680 to 26,390. Private sector registrations remained steady at slightly more than 78,000.

Public sector completions also fell slightly, from 36,990 to 34,280, while private sector completions increased from 76,890 to 80,270.

Mehban Chowdery, head of social housing at NHBC, said: ‘Over the course of the last year the final 2012 figures for the social housing sector were significantly down on 2011.

‘This decrease can be partly attributed to the delays in starting the affordable homes programme, which had a significant knock-on effect on the subsequent figures for the UK’s public sector housing numbers.’

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  • Chris

    Of course, the architect of the policy that delivered this result was unusually unavailable for comment - no doubt too busy sucking up to the multinational corporation upset by recent remarks by the PM - or perhaps he was jsut out getting the coffees in!

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  • It's a decade everybody from left to right to centre is talking about building new housing, governements, social landlords, housing associations, local authorities... And surprise surprise what what we end up with a decline... It looks like they are all too busy bashing and trampling on tenants to do anything else.

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  • There is a recession, grant rates are low, revenue funding is being cut, we have welfare reform to face, capital funding freeze, and increasing expectations of the regulator.

    Of course in our spare time we like nothing more than 'bashing and trampling' tenants. And giving ourselves big pay rises our of the rents you pay.

    Now, back in the real world...........

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  • Private completions increased… and there was going to be a drop in public sector completions as the Affordable Housing Programme was always end loaded. The problem with Affordable Housing is who is it affordable to? LA’s are cutting their waiting lists, people trying to buy S/O find they still can’t get a mortgage; most are forced into private rent which of-course is the governments plan.

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  • we all know who is to blame for this mess but remenber he has to pay for this new out of date rail link, there is no leadership for house building the lead for this is the HCA which is a department without a leader or direction its time it whent but where are the voices

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  • C'mon Sense

    HCA AHP back loaded. Waiting until 2014/15 and watch the completions come flying through!!!

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  • Chris

    Perhaps those waiting for the homes could huddle around some burning pallets whilst they wait C'mon Sense.

    We are in the thrid year of the Coalition government, who upon entry lampooned the previous government for their record low outputs, then went on to achieve lower outputs the next year, and lower still in 2012.

    I take it your forward optimism is ironic?

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  • Gavin Rider

    Ah, I see Chris is convoluting the concepts of a waiting list for subsidised housing and people who are homeless.

    Who ever would have thought it?

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  • afternoon Gavin - woke up from a catnap have we. cant see any mention of waiting lists or homeless in any of the above. what are you suggesting ??

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  • Gavin Rider

    PB - reference to people waiting for homes huddling around burning pallets - what else would that be an allusion to, if not homelessness?

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