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Landlords receive £4.5m energy efficiency boost


The Scottish government has today announced which organisations will receive £4.5m for more than 1,600 homes to be made more energy efficient.


Tenants trust social landlords for advice on energy savings


The study by the not-for-profit consultancy Sustainable Homes for the Department of Energy and Climate Change has found associations managing property are in the best position to offer help, ahead of energy charities and family and friends.

Emma Reynolds MP

Labour considers allowing councils to share borrowing capacity


Labour’s review of the housing sector is likely to recommend a sharing of council borrowing ‘headroom’ but not the removal of controversial debt caps.

Social development minister, Northern Ireland

Nelson McCausland loses post in reshuffle


Nelson McCausland has lost his post as Northern Ireland’s social development minister in a cabinet reshuffle.

Shadow secretary for energy and climate

Flint: Private rented homes should reach decent standard by 2027


A Labour government would require all private rented homes to meet a decency standard by 2027, Caroline Flint has announced.

CE, Town & Country Planning Association

Planners hit back at minister's 'urban sprawl' garden city jibe


A planning charity and house builder have hit back at the planning minister’s rejection of an award-winning garden cities proposal as ‘urban sprawl’.

Shadow secretary for energy and climate

In the news: Labour plans to insulate 5 million homes


Labour would insulate at least 5 million draughty homes to help families save cash on their energy bills, the Guardian has reported this morning.

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A man wearing a mask to lessen the effect of toxic, traffic pollution.

A lot of hot air


Paul Ciniglio reveals the results of research conducted by First Wessex and the Zero Carbon Hub into the installations of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery

Scotland will vote on their independence

Scottish referendum live blog Video


The Scottish voters have spoken. So what comes next? Follow our live blog today to get the housing sector’s reaction to the result.

Ilo for use in Sustainable Housing, Summer 14

Lean and green


Social landlords can learn a green lesson from the private sector, says Natalie Owen

Editor, Inside Housing

The real green deal


When David Cameron had a wind turbine installed at his house, experts estimated that it could save the PM-in-waiting up to 30% on his energy bills.

Managing director, Sustainable Homes

Let’s get retrofit for the future


Zero-carbon obligations can be met through ‘allowable solutions’

Simon Green large

Going green or going backwards


The government’s haphazard announcements on sustainability just before recess have left social landlords with a lot of questions

Director of property services, Trent and Dove Housing

Tackling fuel poverty


Social landlords should not wait for government targets in order to respond to fuel poverty, argues Steve Grocock

Associate, Harper Macleod

No dodging disclosure


Landlords in Scotland will have to reveal environmental data

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