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Green deal plans up by 14% Video


3,234 homes had green deal plans in progress by the end of June - a 14% rise from the end of May.

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Government's fuel poverty proposals slammed


The government has been slammed by fuel poverty campaigners over plans announced today to target fuel poverty.

Electricity pylons

Poll finds 75% of renters have never switched energy supplier


More than 75% of bill payers living in rented accommodation have never switched their energy supplier, a poll has revealed.

Loft insultation

£4.5m energy-efficiency pot available for Scottish landlords


Social landlords in Scotland are now be able to apply for a chunk of the £4.5m fund to improve energy-efficiency measures in their homes.

solar panels, right time for social landlords to invest in energy efficiency

Green light for £5m 1,500-home solar panel project


Warrington Borough Council has approved £5.25m investment to provide 1,500 properties with solar panels and three sheltered housing schemes.

House of Commons Westminster what's on in housing this week

What's on in the housing sector this week


A round up of what’s happening in the housing sector this week - 14 to 18 July.

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Energy bill complaints double


The number of complaints to the ombudsman about customers’ energy bills more than doubled in the first six months of this year, according to new figures.

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Packing cases

What's on in the housing sector this week


A round up of what’s happening in the housing sector this week - 21 to 25 of July.

Director, Adecoe

Power struggle to supply tenants' energy


Landlords that become energy suppliers must do so for the right reasons


Villages will die without housing


To kick off rural housing week, Jonathan Layzell lays down the case for developing affordable homes in the countryside

Jeremy Kape

Removing the eco shackles


The social housing sector needs a different approach to financing retrofitting than the current government policy, says Jeremy Kape

Nigel Banks small

Lessons from lifting people out of fuel poverty


As a preview of his Chartered Institute of Housing conference event, Nigel Banks discusses tackling the nine million households in fuel poverty with lessons he’s learned.

DIrector, Association for the Conservation of Energy

Crushing carbon


The push for carbon zero homes is welcome, but there are still some apparent flaws

JUles Birch small

Gardeners’ question time


Just about everyone agrees that we need to build new garden cities – but that’s the easy bit. What comes next?


Queen's speech: Same old story


After the upheaval of last week’s European elections there was a return to the norm this week in the Queen’s Speech.

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