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Chief executive, OVH

Crisis-hit association joins landlord in rescue deal

30/01/2015 | By Carl Brown

A housing association threatened with insolvency has amalgamated with another landlord in a deal that saves 1,300 homes from the risk of being seized by lenders.

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Regulator drops on-lending permission proposal

30/01/2015 | By Carl Brown

The English social housing regulator has dropped a proposal to require associations to seek specific permission when on-lending to non-social housing subsidiaries.

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DWP cuts discretionary housing payments by £40m

30/01/2015 | By Carl Brown

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has slashed funded for an emergency hardship fund by £40m.

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Landlords face 'tough negotiations' as SHPS consultation closes

29/01/2015 | By Pete Apps

Housing associations are facing ‘tough negotiations’ over the future of the sector’s £2.3bn pension scheme, as a consultation on its future closes this week.


Landlord to sell homes 'left empty by the bedroom tax'

29/01/2015 | By Martin Hilditch

Accent Group plans to sell 160 homes near Durham on the open market after attempts to offload them for £1 so they could stay in the social sector were unsuccessful.

Chair, Centre for Social Justice and Liberal Democrat council leader, Eastleigh

House-Elphicke review 'hamstrung by terms of reference'

29/01/2015 | By Pete Apps

A review of councils’ role in house building was ‘hamstrung’ by limitations on its scope and ignored the ‘elephant in the room’ of borrowing restrictions, the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) has said.


Government to double fines for non-prosecuted fraud cases

29/01/2015 | By Carl Brown

Plans to more than double the maximum fine for benefit fraud that can be offered instead of prosecution will be debated in Parliament today.

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Landlord issues record-breaking own name bond

29/01/2015 | By Carl Brown

The long term cost of housing association debt has continued to plummet, as another association secured a record-breaking own name bond.

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Landlords to face higher costs for eviction claims

28/01/2015 | By Heather Spurr

Landlords face a hike in eviction costs for a second successive year under government proposals that will cost the private and social housing sector an extra £15m a year.

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Editor, Inside Housing

Raising more questions


This week’s Elphicke-House report raises more questions than it resolves

Deputy chief executive, CIH

Bid for freedom


Council should be freed up to build more themselves as well as enabling others, says Gavin Smart

Partner, Shakespeares

Saving the section 106 deal


By talking to housing associations early on, and adopting standard language, developers can prevent housing associations walking away from section 106 deals at the last minute


Body of evidence


Almost one year ago, the English social housing regulator wrote to 160 landlords warning them to improve the way they assessed value for money.

Senior associate, Penningtons Manches

Beware unlawful donations


Social landlords should review donations from their subsidiaries, says James Went

Executive director, futures, Orbit Group

Back to the future


The housing sector needs to look to evolution not revolution if it wants to succeed in the future, says Boris Worrall


Wot? no social housing


London’s housing market is aimed at investors, says Darren Johnson, highlighting a controversial ad for a luxury tower block in Greenwich for which ‘no social housing’ is down as a selling point

Chair, JV North and CE, Wythenshawe Community Housing Group

Reasons to be cheerful


The extension of the next Affordable Homes Programme should bring more players to the table

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