Belfast homes for sale, Northern Ireland house prices

Survey reveals deep dissatisfaction with landlords

01/09/2014 9:35 am

Most social housing tenants do not believe their landlords listen to them or care about them, a survey has found. 

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elderly care home

Report reveals future care funding fears

01/09/2014 4:12 pm

More than seven in 10 people lack confidence they will be able to afford care services in the future, a survey has found.

Commonwealth Games site, Glasgow

Tenants to benefit from Commonwealth Games furniture

01/09/2014 2:58 pm

Tenants in Glasgow are to benefit from a massive collection of furniture from the 2014 Commonwealth Games’ athletes’ village.

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roof repairs

Contractor signs £5m deal with Hyde

01/09/2014 9:32 am

A contractor has signed a £5m repairs and maintenance deal with a London housing association. 

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For use in 29 Aug 2014

Flight to buy: why councils are buying, rather than building

An Inside Housing investigation reveals how much councils intend to spend buying existing homes to reduce their waiting lists.

Pete Apps

Changes to grant allocations: the numbers

In 2011, the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) allocated 146 different providers a share of the £1.8bn of grant funding to build new affordable homes by 2015.

Jules Birch

About time

Sellafield. Parental help. Mortgages lasting 40 years. Welcome to housing affordability in the 21st century.


Notting Hill Carnival: behind the scenes

How do you deal with a street parade with a million visitors, while keeping your residents happy? Dawn Foster finds out

For use in 22 Aug 2014

Avoidance tactics

An Inside Housing survey last week revealed voids are dropping. Carl Brown investigates why

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  • Bill Randall

    Keep our doors open for abuse victims

    Cuts to refuges for women are endangering lives, says Bill Randall

  • Theresa Mohammed, Trowers

    Put bad practice behind you

    Social landlords don’t know whether contractors are requesting payment for the right amounts, warns Theresa Mohammed

  • IHTV camera

    Flo-nest mistake

    DCLG makes a questionable listicle about ‘incredible landlords’ and hats off to Steve White

  • Editor, Inside Housing

    Leader: planning for a solution

    While some councils buy up homes to boost their social housing stock, boroughs in London are struggling to spend government money for developing or improving gypsy and traveller sites (news, page x). Two prominent councils have handed back £900,000 saying that planning constraints have made their schemes impossible.

  • Chair, KHT

    A good mix of skills

    Collaboration is needed to ensure boards are diverse and useful

  • Board director, London Communications Agency

    Moving on up

    Councillors in London are putting housing higher on their list of priorities

  • Hard sell

    As sales pass 20,000, what’s been the impact of England’s ‘reinviograted’ right to buy so far?

  • Jennifer Tate, Weightmans

    An attempt to muzzle dangerous dogs

    Anti-social behaviour powers should provide greater protections for housing staff, other visitors and even other dogs. But, asks Jennifer Tate, will it be enforceable?

  • Heather Spurr

    Ideas Exchange

    A Policy Exchange report on social housing is heavy on criticism but light on facts, says Heather Spurr

  • Minister for welfare reform

    Universal credit under control

    The key to the smooth running of the universal credit rollout is a universal approach, says Lord David Freud



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