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Government rejects social landlords' gas access call

24/10/2014 0:00 am

Campaign to allow housing associations greater access to homes to save £500m receives major blow

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Labour Party MP

Lyons' proposals will 'cost too much', experts warn

24/10/2014 0:00 am

A recommendation from a Labour-commissioned review that ‘affordable’ rents reflect local incomes will be too costly and difficult for councils to achieve, experts have warned.

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£1bn record surplus

G15: £1bn surplus is not solely down to sales

24/10/2014 0:00 am

Efficiencies and rents underpin record surplus, say London landlords

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Liberal Democrat MP, Brent Central

MPs to launch inquiry into 'revenge' evictions bill

24/10/2014 8:49 am

A group of MPs is set to launch an inquiry into a Liberal Democrat bill to outlaw ‘revenge’ evictions.

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EXCLUSIVE: Two G15 landlords enter merger talks

23/10/2014 11:49 am

Two G15 landlords are in advanced merger talks over a deal which would create a new 40,000-home landlord in London.

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Chair in dark room with bare light bulb

The housing inquisition

The Homes and Communities Agency is planning a major overhaul of the way it regulates housing associations. Carl Brown finds out how this new ‘forensic’ approach could impact landlords

Editor, Inside Housing

Out of sight, out of mind

Social landlords need to step up and make sure that social housing isn’t forgotten in the debates about the housing crisis

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Filling the void

Helena Partnerships was faced with a glut of three bedroom homes it couldn’t rent. So it turned to the private rental market for answers. Jess McCabe reports

Lyons review England

Seven things the Lyons review offers housing

So what clues does the Lyons Review offers us about housing up to 2020? Here are seven talking points the review raised.

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The private rented sector divide

Northern social landlords are starting to eye the private rented sector, but at the same time other social landlords are cancelling their PRS plans. Pete Apps investigates what this means for the sector

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  • The private rented sector divide

    Northern social landlords are starting to eye the private rented sector, but at the same time other social landlords are cancelling their PRS plans. Pete Apps investigates what this means for the sector

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  • Q&A: An investor talks

    Social landlords are trying to attract institutional investment to push into the private-rented sector. Andrew Appleyard, head of specialist real estate funds at Aviva Investors, talks to Jess McCabe about what investors want to see

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  • Does working in housing make you happy?

    A survey by Inside Housing and Altair has discovered that some housing professionals are more satisfied with their career than others - but training and support can make all the difference. Helen Clifton reports

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  • Reading between the Lyons

    After months of feverish waiting, Sir Michael Lyons has finally delivered his take on how a Labour government can meet their target of building 200,000 homes a year by 2020. Nick Duxbury spent an afternoon analysing the 180 page document so you don’t have to.

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  • Homelessness heroes celebrated

    The winners of the 15th Andy Ludlow awards showcase the most creative projects for homeless people in London. Simon Brandon reports

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  • Back of the queue for single homeless people

    A new report by Crisis has shown that opportunities to help single homeless people are being missed. Heather Spurr reports on the findings

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  • Pitch for the future

    An unauthorised Travellers’ camp on Bath’s greenbelt is to be redeveloped as a legitimate site. Alex Turner takes a closer look at the controversial plans

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  • Who's who in housing law

    Meet some of the leading lights in social housing law. We asked Gavriel Hollander, former business editor at Inside Housing, now news editor at Legal Week, to find out who they are and what they do

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  • The legal year ahead

    Experts in housing law flag up legislative changes that will affect the sector in 2015

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  • Passport patrol for renting a home

    Midland residents will soon have to produce passports and immigration documents in order to rent a home in the private or social rented sector. Dawn Foster looks at how this will hit vulnerable tenants and social landlords

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  • Solicitor, Clarke Willmott

    The right to freedom

    Associations beware a recent decision about people who lack capacity to make decisions about where they live and what care they receive

  • Julian Ashby small better

    Re-engineering regulation

    As regulation is overhauled, providers need to be ready for change too, says Julian Ashby

  • Innovation coach, Bromford

    When less could mean more for housing

    Debate about the sector’s form, as well as function, needs greater urgency

  • Mayor of Liverpool

    Cities can deliver solutions

    Let’s devolve powers to our 10 core cities and bring brownfield sites to life

  • Heather Spurr

    Crisis decisions

    A consultation on how the government could fund local welfare schemes will be received differently by charities and councils, Heather Spurr writes

  • JUles Birch small

    Poverty prism

    Who said this? ‘What is currently happening in the housing market epitomises our concerns about Britain becoming a permanently divided nation.’

  • david_scott_2

    Disabled rights

    The councillor whose disabled employment question to Lord Freud unleashed a torrent of criticism on the welfare minister writes a blog exclusively for Inside Housing

  • Nick Abbey

    Scratching the surface

    A strategy to increase the housing options for elderly people would have a positive impact on the young and old

  • Closed circuit small

    Eric Pickles arrives in Valhalla

    Winning Nick Atkin’s style, Dr Earth has a vision for Nigel Farage and Eric Pickles arrives in ‘Valhalla’

  • Kathleen Kelly

    Tackling poverty post Lyons

    The Lyons review paves the way for new homes, but Kathleen Kelly says we need more to ensure housing protects against poverty.



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