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Down the rabbit hole


The regulator’s approach to the length of housing association board tenure belongs to a fantasy world, argues Ann O’Byrne


Taken off the housing list

25/04/2014 | By Martin Hilditch

As our exclusive research reveals this week, a total of 113,049 people have been removed from waiting lists by 77 councils since June 2012

  • Safe as houses


    The health and safety of tenants is the most basic and important responsibility of any landlord, social or otherwise.

  • Pushing up prices


    A measured approach to economic recovery and a balanced housing supply is essential

  • Clearing confusion


    Fire safety procedures for those living in purpose-built blocks still need reinforcing

  • Asbestos awareness


    Those suffering from asbestos-related illnesses deserve more support

  • Swap shop


    As Guardian Care Homes and Barclays Bank settle their dispute, those in finance are left seeking clarification, says Natalie Singh

  • New model for eco homes


    The first 100 per cent affordable Passivhaus scheme for the UK shows prefab doesn’t mean poor quality, writes Daniel Douglas after a site vist

  • Full value


    With 13 months left until the general election, how can housing demonstrate its economic, social and political value?

  • The snoozing wage


    Find out which landlord HQ has a cake addiction, losing out living wage for snoozing and a blaze of innuendos on Twitter.

  • Living wage moral conundrum Video


    This week we reveal the results of a survey asking whether social landlords pay the living wage.

  • Asking the right questions


    Questioning employers about discrimination has become easier, says Sarah Lamont

  • The will to work


    Motivating staff is becoming increasingly tricky as pay falls in real terms and workloads increase, argues Inside Housing’s anonymous columnist

  • Time to pay a fair wage


    Social landlords are acutely aware that wages are not increasing in line with the cost of living.

  • Building bonanza


    Before the reforms to housing revenue accounts, there was speculation about the extent councils would use their powers to build.

  • Impact of council mergers on associations


    Plans to merge councils across Wales could also have a huge impact on housing associations

  • Worry over eco cuts


    A review of the energy company obligation could mean a step back for efforts to insulate hard-to-treat homes

  • Keeping things green


    New guidelines for environmental offences may mean hefty fines

  • The mansion tax mistake


    Reform of council tax would be a better alternative to the mansion tax, writes Colin Wiles

  • Dear Eric Pickles


    A Tory council has written to Eric Pickles, condemning a cut that will mean families are ‘forced towards loan sharks’, writes Heather Spurr.

  • Housing review offers complete picture


    As ever the new UK Housing Review offers a mix of authoritative statistics and some fascinating new insights on housing across all tenures.

  • Only Two Emma Reynolds


    The shadow housing minister met her (name) match and Closed Circuit gets traumatised by De’Ath