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    Live blog - 5th March

    Key stories 

  • Live blog - 4th March

    Key storiesSocial landlords are increasing the proportion of homes they are building using off-site techniquesThe developer of the

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    Live blog - 3rd March

    Key storiesThe Scottish Housing Regulator has written to all housing association chief executives to warn about fraud following an increase in contractor payment scamsWelsh social figures are disappointed that the Welsh ...

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    Live blog - 2nd March

    Key storiesPlanning rules come in exempting developers from section 106 when building ‘starter homes’ and prime minister David Cameron to announce he wants an increase in the number of the 20% discount homes for first-time buyers under ...

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    Live blog - 27th Feb

    Key storiesThe amount of time landlords have been waiting to receive rent under universal credit has jumped – to the alarm of the National Housing FederationThe United Kingdom’s largest social landlord Sanctuary

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    Live blog - 26th Feb

    Key storiesAffordable rent in London has now hit £1,000 month for new builds, according to exclusive figures seen by Inside HousingThe

  • Housing Live logo

    Live blog - 25th Feb

    Key storiesCornwall Council has started only 15 replacement homes using Right to Buy receipts, despite originally telling the government it had begun more than 1,000Several landlords

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    Live blog - 24th Feb

    Key storiesNearly a quarter of social housing staff are worried about taking mobile devices out of the office for fear of losing tenants’ data, a survey has found.Crawley Council tenants react

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  • Minority rule

    04/03/2015 | By Jules Birch

    How do flawed policies that are opposed by a majority of MPs manage to survive unscathed?

  • Grey Pride

    04/03/2015 | By Jane Ashcroft

    Housing is crucial to solving the problems faced by older people – so why is it not a priority? asks Jane Ashcroft

  • The landlords' voice

    03/03/2015 | By Alan Ward

    Landlords are already taxed, rent control would not tackle the real problem and landlords are not ‘at war’ with their tenants, says Alan Ward

  • Starters’ orders

    03/03/2015 | By Jules Birch

    So the national housing strategy now comes down to this ahead of the election: think of a big number and double it.

  • Housing zones

    03/03/2015 | By Richard Blakeway

    Without doubt, one of the most dramatic moves made by a housing association in recent years has been Peabody’s acquisition of Thamesmead, says Richard Blakeway

  • Housing's Netflix

    03/03/2015 | By Paul Taylor

    The housing sector itself must rethink social housing policy and find its own Netflix, argues Paul Taylor

  • Moving on

    02/03/2015 | By Bill Randall

    More supported and move-on housing is needed. This would make long-term savings for the public purse, argues Bill Randall

  • Ready, set, go

    27/02/2015 | By Gemma Bell

    How should English social landlords prepare for the new regulatory framework?, asks Gemma Bell

  • Easing the renting pain

    27/02/2015 | By Alex Hilton

    A rebalancing of power between landlords and tenants is long overdue, says Alex Hilton

  • Cathy: champion scrounger

    27/02/2015 | By Mr Anonymous

    Cathy Come Home would have a very different name today due to the constant pandering to prejudice, writes our anonymous columnist

  • Rights and wrongs

    27/02/2015 | By Emma Maier

    A government release this week claimed that 33,000 new home owners have been created through Right to Buy since 2012

  • 'The myth of the housing crisis'

    26/02/2015 | By Colin Wiles

    Simon Jenkins is at it again. Colin Wiles responds.


  • Closed circuit small

    Poets, toy houses and selfies

    Closed Circuit is not always up to speed with the latest jargon around ‘tech’ and social media, but it at least knows what a ‘selfie’ is – or so it thought.

  • Closed circuit small

    Whale-y funny jokes

    Cat traps, a tardy IDS and whale jokes feature this week.

  • Closed circuit small

    Let it go

    A new Big Issue seller, suggestions of a housing romance and tuneless power ballads feature in this week’s Closed Circuit

  • Closed circuit small

    Oompa loompa

    A journalist is hounded to repair her staircase which isn’t broken, Paul Taylor throws open his lab doors a la Willie Wonka and Westminster Council appears to be making a small saving with business cards

  • Closed circuit small

    Poor health

    A ‘legendary’ housing band announces split, advice to help workers not live too long and just who is this Kris Hopkinson?

  • Closed circuit small

    Pickles, points and poverty porn

    Pickles promotes a burger van, hilarity ensues on Twitter with some creative road names and a newspaper reaches a new low with the headline ‘The Great British Chav Off’

  • V

    Know your enemy

    Three politicians - one underprepared, one badly dressed and one (possibly) Scrooge-like, feature in this week’s Closed Circuit

  • Closed circuit small

    Caught on camera

    Intrusive cameras, arrest of a housing CEO and casino banking for housing feature in this week’s Closed Circuit

  • Closed circuit small

    The psychology of front doors

    Steamy pictures, front door colour choices and an intervention from a baggy legend feature in this week’s Closed Circuit

  • Closed circuit small

    Saving Face

    David Orr tells of a time he managed to stay calm during a TV interview which was sabotaged and Paul Taylor hits back at the technophobes

  • Closed circuit small

    Tea equality for all

    Jiving with John Prescott, conference anecdotes and women-only coffee rotas in the days before gender equality

  • Closed circuit small

    Keeping it complex

    Complex questions, tardy Smart and the sector’s alleged hard-left tendencies feature in this week’s Closed Circuit

  • Closed circuit small

    Working for sweeties

    An association is offering up chocolate as a reward for hard work and a landlord is challenged by readers as to whether it can organise a ‘PRS-up’ in a brewery

  • Closed circuit small


    Closed Circuit started a trend and Grant Shapps’ humanitarian efforts remembered

  • Closed circuit small

    Art of Living businesses

    New names for housing associations and another Guinness World Record attempt by Bruce Moore

  • IHTV camera

    Not in my back yard

    The tragic tale of Mark and Brenda Voss, who built their million dollar home on a neighbour’s plot, and the tough regime set by Lyons

  • Closed circuit small

    Eric Pickles arrives in Valhalla

    Winning Nick Atkin’s style, Dr Earth has a vision for Nigel Farage and Eric Pickles arrives in ‘Valhalla’

  • IHTV camera

    Tony Blair - property tycoon

    Lord German mixes up bedroom tax policy points with his shopping list and life post Downing Street hasn’t been too hard for the Blairs’

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