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Featuring regular blogs from housing sector experts and the Inside Housing team, plus contributions from individuals working in all aspects of social housing.

Director of property services, Trent and Dove Housing

Tackling fuel poverty


Social landlords should not wait for government targets in order to respond to fuel poverty, argues Steve Grocock

Director, Stockwell Park Community Trust

Divided we stand


Brixton might have become trendy, but that doesn’t mean existing communities have benefited, argues Julie Fawcett

  • The future of social housing


    This week the Homes and Communities Agency and Greater London Authority (GLA) both published details of the funding they have allocated through their affordable homes programmes

  • Well-eeled Boris' gaffe


    ALMO improvisation, Boris Johnson’s gastronomic adventure and Twitter heavyweight Brandon Lewis

  • A word about bonds


    Take care before entering into complex funding arrangements, says Patricia Grinyer

  • The winning combination


    Social value can be created in a co-operative ‘virtual supply chain’

  • 'Slow burn' PRS doesn't add up


    Providing private rented sector homes might fulfil a housing association’s social purpose but it doesn’t make financial sense, Pete Apps writes.

  • Rising above hate


    Threats and abuse will not prevent Orbit Group from providing essential services

  • Why we need our surpluses


    London’s biggest landlords are responding well to the economic climate and the changing needs of Londoners

  • Survey story - part two


    Here’s the second part of my blog on some key themes emerging from the latest English Housing Survey.

  • Anything you can do we can do better Video


    Political bickering over which government has the better house building record is perennial and inevitable. But who is right and who is wrong? Daniel Douglas takes a closer look at the statistics.

  • Six of the best from the English Housing Survey – part 1


    It’s time again for a welter of new information about housing in England. Here’s the first of a two-part blog on what caught my eye.

  • Is social housing a failed brand?


    We should be careful what we wish for, writes Colin Wiles

  • Leaving on a jet plane


    Experts are divided on homelessness charities helping to forcibly remove rough sleepers from the UK, Heather Spurr writes

  • Mitigating welfare reform


    Welfare reform has been a challenge for landlords, however Citizens Advice has been looking at ways the downsides are being mitigated

  • DWP's comedy double act


    Lord Freud’s unlikely lookalike, making annual reports sexy and the brave cowboy of NLA

  • What's on in the housing sector this week


    A round up of what’s happening in the housing sector this week - 21 to 25 of July.

  • A room of their own Video


    What does the Lib Dem change of heart mean for the future of the bedroom tax?