Friday, 21 November 2014

Housing crisis requires bold action

The time is now to act on the housing crisis and the people’s parliament debate this week is just the beginning, says Joseph Blake


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  • Crisis decisions

    22 October 2014

    A consultation on how the government could fund local welfare schemes will be received differently by charities and councils, Heather Spurr writes

  • Solutions for the housing crisis

    12 September 2014

    Ed Miliband’s ideas to solve the housing crisis need some backing up, argues Laura Tweedy

  • Drastic action

    8 April 2014

    Welfare reform is forcing landlords to help people manage their budgets before they even get offered a home, says Heather Spurr

  • No drama in this crisis


    George Osborne has said it’s likely the undersupply of homes in the UK will continue for at least a decade.

  • Action on poverty

    27 January 2014

    People across the UK are in crisis over rising housing costs and the poverty and homelessness action week is calling for a united front


  • Job interviews in housing: outside the box

    20 August 2014

    Some social landlords believe a traditional interview is not the way to find the best candidate for the job. Simon Brandon reports on how Bromford Group is using role-playing games to get to know prospective employees

  • Reaching crisis point


    Tenants on the verge of eviction are being helped to remain in their homes by a recently formed social enterprise that is saving their landlords significant sums in the process. Daniel Douglas finds out how

  • Housing lessons to learn


    With a week left to enter the Into Africa competition, Erick Kabendera reports from Dar es Salaam on the rise of affordable housing

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