Inside Housing has run campaigns on issues including fire and gas safety, empty homes, and welfare reform. Our most recent campaign, Housing Benefits, aimed to bust myths about housing and show how it positively impacts other sectors.


Housing benefits

Housing benefits busts negative myths about housing and shows the positive impact it can have on other sectors.

Homes Work

Homes Work shouts about the good work that the housing sector is already doing, while pushing organisations to deliver more.

We want to encourage young people to think about a career in housing and construction – and help people of all ages obtain the skills they need to find sustainable employment.

Into Africa

Into Africa is a competition organised by Inside Housing and charity Homeless International

Grant Britain Homes

Run ahead of the June 2013 spending review, Grant Britain Homes called for long-term grant funding for sub-market rented housing

Green light

Green Light sought access to vital green subsidies for social landlords so they can continue to combat fuel poverty

Get on our land

Get on our land's aim was simple: to free up land on which to build homes

What's the Benefit?

Launched in response to government plans to cut the £21 billion housing benefit bill, What's the Benefit? sought to put pressure on the government to find a fairer way of reducing housing benefit costs.

House Proud

A campaign launched in the run up to the 2010 general election, calling for greater political recognition of the importance of good housing and its role in ensuring the wellbeing of society as a whole.

Safe as Houses

Launched in the wake of the fire that killed six people at Lakanal House, Camberwell in 2009, Safe as Houses sought a range of measures to stop preventable deaths from gas and fire.

Empty Promise

Empty Promise was launched in January 2009. It called on the government to take a range of steps to tackle the scandal of empty homes.