Grant Britain Homes was a campaign run by Inside Housing ahead of the spending review on 26 June 2013. Its aim was to convince the government of the benefits of affordable housing, and the campaign called for a long-term commitment to grant funding for sub-market rented homes.

The campaign was a success, with the government committing £3.3 billion over three years to building affordable homes in the spending review. It also attracted a host of high-profile backers from within the housing sector and beyond.

Mark Prisk

Landlords face fresh scrutiny to access £3.3bn pot

27/06/2013 | By Nick Duxbury

The housing minister has revealed that landlords taking part in the new £3.3 billion round of affordable rent will have to enter into ‘something for something’ efficiency deals with the government.

Danny Alexander

Treasury's £3 billion for 165,000 affordable homes

27/06/2013 | By Michael Haddon

The government has unveiled its plans for ‘the biggest public housing programme for over twenty years’ by offering £3 billion to deliver 165,000 new affordable homes.

Grant Britain homes graphic

Osborne grants Britain homes

27/06/2013 | By Nick Duxbury

Inside Housing’s Grant Britain Homes campaign won a major victory yesterday as chancellor George Osborne announced plans to invest more than £3 billion in building affordable homes.

Peter Schofield

CLG warns sector not to expect more grant

25/06/2013 | By Carl Brown

A leading official from the Communities and Local Government department has hinted it is unlikely more grant funding will be announced in the government’s spending review tomorrow.


Affordable rent threatens house building goal

25/06/2013 | By Emily Twinch

The London mayor’s homes target for 2015 may have to be extended as landlords struggle to build homes through the affordable rent model, a report out today says.

Labour leader

Miliband targets land banking in building drive

24/06/2013 | By Pete Apps

Ed Miliband will warn developers to ‘use it or lose it’ if they continue sitting on land with planning permission under his government.

RICS president elect, CE, Broadland Housing

RICS: benefit reforms offputting to investors

21/06/2013 | By Michael Haddon

Welfare reform is undermining investment in the housing sector, according to an expert commission set up by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Stuart MacDonald and Simon Hughes MP at HM Treasury

Our campaign marches to Whitehall to lobby Osborne

21/06/2013 | By Nick Duxbury

Liberal Democrat deputy leader Simon Hughes this week took Inside Housing’s Grant Britain Homes campaign for grant funding to build affordable homes to the Treasury.


£3.5bn of loan guarantees for affordable homes

20/06/2013 | By Michael Haddon

The government has revealed that £3.5 billion of its new loan guarantee scheme will be made available for affordable homes.

Welsh housing

Completions and social housing sales rise in Wales

13/06/2013 | By Michael Haddon

House building completions in Wales increased 3 per cent during the first quarter of 2013 while the number of housing starts in the country remained stable, according to official statistics.

Stuart Macdonald

Over to Osborne

21/06/2013 | By Stuart Macdonald

The spending review gives the chancellor a range of options for improving the supply of affordable housing

Roy Yusuff

Making a difference


On Wednesday chancellor George Osborne announces the future of the housing sector in his spending review. Inside Housing has been campaigning to persuade him to continue direct funding with its Grant Britain Homes campaign. This week, Simon Brandon investigates the benefits subsidised housing has brought to communities across England

Chancellor of the exchequer

Sector poised as Osborne plans future


George Osborne is due to reveal his spending priorities on 26 June but, with austerity set to continue into the next parliament, many social landlords fear affordable house building will not be one of them. Michael Haddon examines four big issues to look out for in Wednesday’s review

Richard Best

A better balance


We need a mix of grant and benefits to fund more homes and reduce the housing benefit bill


Making a point


Inside Housing’s Grant Britain Homes campaign is acting as a cheerleader for continued government funding for affordable housing. Chloë Stothart explains why the chancellor should be grant subsidy’s number one fan

Tom Murtha

Clear direction


What would it take to cause the same public outcry over our current housing crisis as Cathy Come Home did in the ‘60s, asks Tom Murtha

Stuart Macdonald

A step too far?

07/06/2013 | By Stuart Macdonald

After taking on increased debt to fund affordable rent landlords may lack the appetite for another high-risk house building scheme

Welsh and Scottish flags

The celtic connection


Last week Inside Housing launched Grant Britain Homes - a campaign to persuade George Osborne to provide grant funding for affordable homes in 26 June’s spending review (see campaign objectives below). Now, Nick Duxbury sends the chancellor a postcard from Scotland and Wales to show how England’s neighbours have prioritised funding affordable housing since the 2010 spending review cuts

Jules Birch

Help to Build

03/06/2013 | By Jules Birch , Jules Birch

So, George Osborne, what about some Help to Build to go with all that Help to Buy?

Alison Thain

Half term report

31/05/2013 | By Alison Thain

On the first day of the Whitsun half term George Osborne toured TV studios to trail the progress of negotiations for the long-term public spending review

Stuart Macdonald

A simple equation

31/05/2013 | By Stuart Macdonald

The housing sector must convince the government of the need to invest in affordable homes in the spending review

Grant Britain Homes masthead

United front


On 26 June the government will reveal its spending priorities - and many in the social housing sector fear affordable house building will not be one of them. To convince George Osborne of the benefits to the economy and society of government funding Inside Housing today launches a new campaign, Grant Britain Homes. Nick Duxbury reports