What's the benefit?


Inside Housing launched this campaign back in 2010 to find a fairer way to reduce the £21 billion housing benefit bill than the proposals to cut housing benefit.

The government announced in the Budget of 2010 it was to make a range of cuts to housing benefit, including setting Local Housing Allowance rates at the 30th percentile of local rents.


History repeating


The impact of welfare reform on social housing tenants will depend on where they live. Keith Cooper investigates if the localisation of the welfare system marks a return to the 19th century poor law


Tenants on direct payment pilots pay rent on time

17/08/2012 | By Carl Brown

The majority of tenants of two landlords taking part in direct payment pilot projects have made their first rent payments on time.

Publicising discretionary hardship fund criticised

17/08/2012 | By Carl Brown

A call on councils to more aggressively promote a hardship fund by the Department for Work and Pensions has been criticised.

Stock pic of homeless man in London

Disappointment at homelessness strategy

16/08/2012 | By Emily Twinch

Homelessness organisations have expressed disappointment at the long-awaited government strategy for preventing homelessness.

Piggy bank

Landlord urges tenants to use 'jam jar' accounts

15/08/2012 | By Tom Lloyd

A west midlands landlord is encouraging tenants to set up ‘jam jar’ accounts with a local credit union to help them manage their finances once welfare reforms come into force.

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