Tuesday, 30 May 2017

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VIDEO Q&A: Taking stock

Ian Burnett, chief executive of United Living, tells Inside Housing what the Brexit vote means for the immediate outlook of house building in Britain

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    21 December 2016

    The director Roger Spottiswoode’s filmography features box office hits including Tomorrow Never Dies , starring Pierce Brosnan as 007, and the Tom Hanks comedy Turner Hooch alongside smaller films covering topics such as the AIDS epidemic, Hiroshima and the Rwandan genocide. His latest cinematic release, A Street Cat Named Bob, tells the story of a homeless busker and Big Issue seller in London who befriends a stray cat while recovering from heroin addiction. Inside Housing spoke to Mr Spottiswoode about portraying homelessness on screen

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    25 July 2016
  • VIDEO Q&A: Speeding up delivery

    29 June 2016

    Neil Barker, divisional manager at LHC explains why developers are increasingly turning to off-site construction as a way of speeding up delivery of new homes

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    29 June 2016

    John Doyle, managing director of Housing Contact explains to Inside Housing how technology is helping social landlords tackle rent arrears in the face of welfare reforms

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