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Homes for housing employees

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05/04/2012 2:49 pm

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05/04/2012 3:40 pm

Be honest this website would not allow it and in Tom words

We just like to differentiate between news and gossip and rumour.

Watch it or your be banned

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05/04/2012 4:39 pm

there have been quite a few scams by housing professionals helping themselves on the housing ladder.  Get down to work in London and just help yourself to the first property you can grab before it gets allocated to someone in the homeless list.

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Blair Mcpherson

Blair Mcpherson

Posts: 57

05/04/2012 4:54 pm

I don't know of any examples of this but obviously some jobs come with accommodation like the on site flat for the warden of sheltered housing. Some local authorities  offered accommodation to their managers and assistant mangers of old people homes in flats or houses with in the grounds and some HA's like Anchor Trust also offered this in some locations.

I can see that in some parts of the south of England where the housing shortage is a real problem and rents are unaffordable for low paid staff HA's might be willing to provide accommodation for some groups of staff. Didn't the government have a scheme where low paid public sector staff like nurses in London were to be offer local authority housing?

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Mike Wilkins

Mike Wilkins

Posts: 45

01/05/2012 5:47 pm

I'm not aware of any. However some housing associations may well have cases where, in exceptional circumstances, they have housed a member of staff. 

Under the old regulatory regime (with the Housing Corporation as regulator), 'benefits' of this kind were not allowed and could be considered a breach of the regulatory requirements.With newer regulation this hard and fast rule has gone, but associations still need to be very careful about providing non contractual benefits to staff.Helpfully the NHF Code of Conduct (Excellence in Standards of Conduct), spells out how a grant of a benefit like this should be done with a 'transparent',agreeed by the Board,full disclosure of any connection of the applicant to the association, any allocation only on the published criteria and no one personally involved with the individual being a part of the process. 

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Steve  Hicks

Steve Hicks

Posts: 1

04/05/2012 5:01 pm

Hi everyone,

Firstly I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Steve Hicks and I’m Chief Operating Officer of Gentoo Genie Ltd.

I though I would share with you a new and innovative product we have created which enables consumers to move into a new home without the need for a mortgage or a deposit.

Although this product wasn’t created just for our own employees, a number of them have seen the benefits and took advantage of the Genie Home Purchase Plan.

A long-term structured payment plan, the Genie Home Purchase Plan enables you to acquire a share of the home by making one residency fee payment each month.

The payment plan is flexible and lets you own up to 100% of a home over the 25-year term of the agreement.

One member of staff Lorri Haig and her partner David Newton had been privately renting for a number of years, but decided to move into Lorri’s parent’s house with their daughter Izzy, 1, last year to save for a deposit.

Lorri works in the Genie applications team and it was during her training that she realised Genie could provide the ideal solution to the family’s housing worries.

The family completed the applications process and moved into a three bedroom home at one of Gentoo’s developments in Sunderland in December.

Another staff member, Carl Hunter and his partner Lisa Gaines are also enjoying life in their new Genie home. Carl and Lisa had calculated that it would be around 5 years before they would have the deposit to qualify for a mortgage.

Visit to find out how the plan works and tell us where you’d like to see Genie available.

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