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In July 2009, fire tore through three storeys of Lakanal House in London, killing six people. As investigations into the blaze continued, Inside Housing launched its Safe as Houses campaign, to stop preventable deaths from gas and fire.

The campaign ran until early 2010, and achieved success on its three demands:

  • To require builders to hardwire carbon monoxide detectors into new homes with gas appliances
  • Emergency procedure notices in every corridor of high-rises
  • A national database of all UK tower blocks

More than 100 social landlords have pledged to put fire notices on every landing of tower blocks, and in November 2009 regulator the Tenant Services Authority promised to start a national database of all UK tower blocks, listing their most recent fire risk assessments.

Then in March 2010 the government announced it is to change building regulations to require carbon monoxide alarms to be installed in all new homes with solid fuel heating systems.

Despite the success of the campaign, preventable deaths from gas and fire remain a concern and Inside Housing will continue to focus on the issue.

Lakanal House


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