Thursday, 23 October 2014

Landlords warned to use secure deposit schemes

Private landlords must make sure they pay tenants’ deposits into government backed tenant deposit schemes or risk losing out, the director of Landlord Action has said.

Paul Shamplina was speaking out after a case in which tenants trashed an apartment and abandoned it owing three months rent. Despite this their landlord ended up paying them more money after taking them to court because she had not paid into a tenancy deposit scheme as required.

Mr Shamplina added: ‘Our advice to landlords is to think seriously about paying the deposit into the scheme, even if it’s late, before issuing a claim at court.

‘More and more judges are allowing compensation to tenants if deposits are not paid in the schemes correctly.

‘In this case it is, unfortunately, the landlord who has been punished for not correctly paying the deposit into the government bonded scheme and has been awarded against in a counterclaim, which has been offset against his claim.’

Readers' comments (1)

  • Typical, the tenant wins again! I recently had a case where clearly the tenant had damaged the landlords property, the inventory and check out inspection proved that, together with photographic evidence ....yet the tenant was still awarded 2 thirds of their deposit back by an adjudicating officer at the DPS because she felt it was wear and tear......absolutely disgusting, the DPS and the courts need to change their views and consider the landlord for a change, if tenants cause damage these adjudicating officers have no right to rule otherwise, if tenants don't pay their rent, they need evicting, not pitying - for god sake, the councils do their utmost to gatekeep these people forcing them into the private sector so private landlords need as much help and support they can get. Whoever passed these deposit schemes need shooting

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