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CE, Scottish Federation of Housing Associations

Warnings over housing benefit devolution plan


Westminster’s promise to devolve housing benefit to Scotland is poorly thought through and needs greater examination, experts have warned.

Bedroom tax mps

Liberal Democrats set to vote for bedroom tax changes


Liberal Democrat MPs will be expected to vote for a bill that will water down the bedroom tax next Friday.


Council 'optimistic' on office-to-resi exemption after error admission


A London council claims it could be granted an exemption from rules allowing developers to convert offices to homes without planning permission after government officials admitted getting figures wrong.

Director of regulation, HCA

HCA calls for closure of 'non-profit' tax loophole


The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) is to ask the government to change laws to prevent profit-making businesses setting up non-profit subsidiaries as housing associations for tax purposes.

elderly care home

Private operator fined over care home death


A care home operator has been fined £85,000 after a resident with dementia was suffocated by an inadequately secured wardrobe.

Welsh Assembly

Welsh housing bill to receive Royal Assent


The first major piece of housing legislation for Wales created through devolved powers is expected to receive Royal Assent in three weeks.

Bedroom tax mps

Lib Dem MP attempts to water down bedroom tax


A Liberal Democrat MP will attempt to water down the bedroom tax as part of an ‘affordable homes’ private members bill to be debated in parliament next week.

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Theresa Mohammed, Trowers

Put bad practice behind you


Social landlords don’t know whether contractors are requesting payment for the right amounts, warns Theresa Mohammed

Chair, KHT

A good mix of skills


Collaboration is needed to ensure boards are diverse and useful

Jennifer Tate, Weightmans

An attempt to muzzle dangerous dogs


Anti-social behaviour powers should provide greater protections for housing staff, other visitors and even other dogs. But, asks Jennifer Tate, will it be enforceable?

Head of regulatory and governance, Croftons Solicitors

Think before merging


Mergers can work - but planning is everything, says Jo Savage

Cat and dog sharing from food bowl

Sharing made easier for social landlords


A legal change will boost Scottish social landlords’ shared equity sales

Kirsty Varley is a solicitor at Croftons

21st century digital landlord


The digital age comes with risks for social landlords as well as opportunities, cautions Kirsty Varley

Associate, Harper Macleod LLP

A new admin burden for landlords


Scottish landlords will have to cope with more complicated compliance

Ilo for use in Sustainable Housing, Summer 14

Lean and green


Social landlords can learn a green lesson from the private sector, says Natalie Owen

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