Friday, 30 January 2015

Judge to rule on soup kitchen's legal challenge against council

A judge will rule next week on whether a soup run can bring a legal challenge against a council that has forced it out of a town centre.

Last year Waltham Forest Council ordered Christian Kitchen to leave Walthamstow High Street, due to concerns it was helping to sustain ‘street lifestyles’ and encouraging anti-social behaviour.

The soup run, which has served cooked meals in a car park by the high street for more than 20 years, feeds around 50 people per night.

Christian Kitchen denies it is a hub for anti-social behaviour and has applied for a judicial review against Waltham Forest Council’s decision.

The high court judge will rule on Christian Kitchen’s application for judicial review on 26 February.

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  • Chris

    Soup is for life not just for starters.

    Hoping for a pro- soup outcome and a future where it remains legal to feed those who are hungry, clothe those who are naked, and shelter the homeless from the storms.

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  • so it is ant-social to be homeless and hungry according to WFC. maggie must be glowing with pride as she surveys her offspring fighting the good fight.

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  • I doubt she would PB - WFC is Labour-controlled!!

    I would be interested to know why WFC made this judgement in the first place. There must have been grounds for it; I can't see a council just doing something like this, and then taking the trouble to fight any opposition to the decision, without being comfortable with its position.

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  • on the contrary Michael she would be delighted to see a labour council - A LABOUR COUNCIL doing her work so admirably

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  • Whether you are pro or against soup runs, the fact they are necessary in this day and age should send a message the equivalent of a slap in the face. We are suppose to be a caring society, a forward thinking country and yet WFC are actually talking about whether we should feed our fellow human being.....what is wrong with you people...!!?!?!?!?!?!

    In the words of a great man, Nelson Mandela:

    "..Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of human beings...."

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  • Presumably this is to keep the homeless out of sight of shoppers. Will this mean they are out of mind?

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  • oh well the idiots are alive and well and yet again not in my
    back yard, they keep the tourist away and we do not want
    it to look like NEW YORK who are these people who make
    these daft rules ? Council Officers or Councillers and what harm
    is it doing or are they saying its bad hygene i hope some one

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  • I guess it would be interesting to learn what the reasons for the council's actions were - was there a noticeable increase in crime or ASB associated with the soup kitchen?

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  • Daniel Sweeney

    If this is part of the groups Christian Ministry and outreach work, the Council may be falling foul of both the Human Rights Act and the Equality Act. As an agnostic I find it odd to be arguing that a social help programme should have to include an element of religion, but maybe its one way past these jobsworths.

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  • Chris

    Don't forget Daniel - it was under the Tudors that 'The Dole' was ended. An unintentional side effect of demolishing all those monasteries and seizing church wealth for the crown and the selected few. As a further outcome came the State (albeit Parish level) funded Poor Law which proved unfit for purpose, and unaffordable to those wealthy in the Parish. Thus the true State funded welfare system arose - only to now be 'scrapped' - yet those same Tories doing the scrapping appear determined to not allow the Church nor the Parish to help directly, preferring the parishioners to have to pay through taxes (which of course the wealthy can avoid) laundered through the big state and doled out as it sees fit and how it determines deserving?

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