Thursday, 23 October 2014

Mass appeal

From: Politics watch

Sorting through hundreds of pages of Budget material is always a bit of a chore, so the Conservatives have come up with a solution – get you to do it.

The party has seized on the trendy concept of crowdsourcing – a bit like outsourcing, except you send stuff to lot of people and don’t pay them – for its Budget analysis.

In a ‘war room’ briefing party chair Eric Pickles appeals to supporters to log on to the Conservative website ‘and start picking out anything that might be misleading or hidden away’.

Quite what this has resulted in is a little unclear at the moment. The Tory website features lots of comment from senior Conservatives, including plenty of videos from the likes of George Osborne, but little evidence of mass participation.

Maybe you have to be a card carrying Tory to find out what is going on. Or maybe the concept of crowdsourcing is a bit new for party members.

If that is the case, the party’s more traditional approach to campaigning may work for them – a picture of Alistair Darling in a wedding dress, with the heading ‘My Big Fat Greek Debt’.

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