Friday, 25 April 2014

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  • Miliband to promise councils £20bn

    Eric Blair's comment | 08/04/2014 11:50 am

    It's curious. Looked at one way neither Cameron nor Miliband are really what they appear to be. Both, following on from Thatcher, Blair and Brown, are neo-liberals with corporatised agendas and huge faith in free market economies. Supermarkets are great - entrepreneurs are just as wonderful. God bless America! Mega-stores are great even if they chronically underpay their staff and work them like donkeys... just because.

    Conversely, people of conscience are to be treated with suspicion (they encourage others to think for themselves). If you're some kind of archetypal fat little greengrocer (hello Mr Pickles!), you're in. If you're a trade unionist - oh, the horror! If you're an artist, that's cool as long as you're Tracy Emin: she's a Tory - it's terribly fashionable but a little disappointing.

    If you're any other kind of 'creative' then your funding will be limited because 'You're of little real benefit to society'. Think of razor cuts to Arts Council funding. Works which proliferate ideas leading to positive social changes are being smothered at birth. That's how great Britain really is.

    All very strange as, according to Cameron Plc., 'Britain is fighting back. The bulldog spirit is alive and well.' Perhaps, if you're a software developer in possession of nothing more than the standard set of received ideas passed on to you by popular Kulture.

    In other words, if you run with the pack and don't care about your neighbours you're well fitted for the future. No amount of funding can address such a wrong-headed way to engage with the world. There are no radicals left in British politics, just nodding dogs. And beneath their clothes they're all wearing star spangled banners... Show me some new ideas, not your cash.

  • Miliband to promise councils £20bn

    Eric Blair's comment | 08/04/2014 11:06 am

    Devolving powers to local authorities.... Mmmm, sounds familiar.

  • 'Welfare cheats' could lose homes under new government plans

    Eric Blair's comment | 07/04/2014 4:18 pm

    I can't wait of May 2015 when, I hope, IDS will need a CV.

  • Boroughs lose fight against Boris' affordable rent plan

    Eric Blair's comment | 25/03/2014 2:36 pm

    Perhaps the answer is for old fools to go and live in rusty Lamborghinis and subsist on dog food. Then again, perhaps the real answer is to provide genuinely affordable homes instead of fake ones.

  • Bedroom tax-hit tenants urged to start business in spare room

    Eric Blair's comment | 17/03/2014 10:09 am

    I suppose if Earl Attlee found an accident victim lying by the road he would sidle over to them and suggest they start their own hospital.

  • Remembering Bob Crow

    Eric Blair's comment | 13/03/2014 12:02 pm

    In Bob Crow's shoes, and on his salary, I would have opted to move out of my council home. But I think focusing on that is entirely ridiculous, and it's just a ploy to avoid discussing what he achieved for his union's members. Everyone has faults, preferences and affiliations. So what? That's what it means to be human - and we are supposed to have a choice, given that we live in a democratic society. The current government is stripping those choices away like a child pulling the wings off a butterfly.

    Where there are good people there will instantly be hordes of hyenas trying to pull them down. I have nothing but contempt for them because these individuals achieve precisely nothing. RIP Bob Crow. I don't think there's anyone to take his place, but we can hope.

  • Freud and IDS stonewalling bedroom tax fund request

    Eric Blair's comment | 11/03/2014 4:46 pm

    It is indeed barbaric Paul, and I'm 100 per cent confident that this is the case. What makes England great is compassion - not cashable savings, accountancy uber alles or the national anthem. I think some significant pressure must be brought to bear on Mssrs. Freud and Smith, and the sooner the better. Whatever happens to them can't be worse than the vulnerable people they are passively destroying.

  • Report finds 'work doesn't pay' due to welfare cuts

    Eric Blair's comment | 11/03/2014 11:15 am

    I wonder how long it will take before DWP - and key Government ministers - actually heeds the advice of its own select committees? That is, after all, part of the system of checks and balance we have in what is sometimes ironically called our 'democracy'.

    If there really is a problem here, how will it be addressed now that we know from a leaked document that DWP has to make £1bn. of efficiency savings (okay then, cuts)? Answers on a poptart to

  • Lyons review will focus on areas 'locked by inertia'

    Eric Blair's comment | 10/03/2014 11:47 am

    I think the most depressing things about modern England are the incredible lack of vision, an abandonment of anything other than continuing austerity (clearly this isn't going away - ever) and the way that truly progressive ideas have been quitely killed.

    Career politicians have no idea about how the other half live. They are like aliens running England from Whitehall and, if their outrageous statements are to be believed, they actually believe their own lies and half-truths.

    In 30 years we'll still have the same housing problems we've got now. We sure can TALK about solutions though. And we publish nice looking documents into the bargain. Affordable homes aren't affordable.

  • 'Daft' food handouts ban binned

    Eric Blair's comment | 04/03/2014 4:46 pm

    Good God Chris! That would mean that people would have to broaden their minds and actually consider each other as fellow human beings instead of objects. Progressive!

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